“Jacked Rabbit”

Warm-Up:  "Agility Drills"

WOD courtesy of Insular Gym

"Jacked Rabbit"

Perform as many reps as possible in 9 minutes

Squat Cleans (135)

       During the 9 minutes

       EMOTM (every minute on the minute) — Perform 4 reps "Double Push" Hop-Over Burpees (Burpee with an extra push-up then hop laterally over the barbell for the jump)


Team "Light" Karen (14)(10)

Teams of 3 complete 150 WallBall as fast as possible.  Cut-off 8 minutes.

Post results to comments.


ACF TEAM WOD LEAGUE – SUMMER 2010 (4 of 7 teams pictured below):

Silent Ninjas

Team Name:  Silent Ninjas

Left to Right:  Toddsky (sub), Summer, Julia and Hernan (The Barbarian)

Stud Ducks
Team Name:  Stud Ducks

Left to Right:  Juan (BB4), Aida (Freakin PR), Ivannah and Kenny (T.I.)

Team Name:  Commandos

Left to Right:  Stephanie (Arnold), Michael (Bravo), Fam  and Matt

Team Name: POW!

Left to Right:  Billy (Billdozer), Darlene (Dar), Janet (Speedy J) and Daniel (Ramrod)

36 Responses to ““Jacked Rabbit””

  1. Rosie

    Good luck to all the Teams this wknd!
    Arthur/Nathan/Rosie= 4:31 (RX)

  2. Bullhorn

    27 RX
    forgot out wall ball time but it was 4:?
    Bobby and I are needing 2 girls for our team so if you are going to be there sunday morning and are interested let me know.

  3. T-RX (JUDY)

    aww should’ve taken team pics at the beginning, but then the teams have changed since then. Bullhorn, Not sure if my fellow Pirates are reuniting for the Sunday Wod, but I’ll be there

  4. Macho Ranger

    30 (Rx)
    The bar got harder to pick up. Funny how that works.

  5. Alice S.

    Thanks G for not letting me miss the WOD…. Thanks to the 0830 crew for keeping up with me!!! Nice working out with you guys!!! Great job on the wall ball – Jacky and Summer!!!
    Have a good weekend to all!!
    Good luck to all the teams!!
    Be safe!!!

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    35 (Rx)
    Who is Macho Ranger? Coach Jim?
    Pleasantly surprised with my numbers today, glad I came instead of taking a rest day.
    Good luck to Silent Ninjas and Stud Ducks… I hope you tie.
    4:27? Wall ball time with Sledge and ?(sorry I forgot your name.. new guy)

  7. Vegas

    4:14 wb two man team. Nice working with you Logan.
    TI I’m ready for you this sunday.

  8. Billdozer

    45(RX) I thought I could cruise to 60 reps after my 1st round of 14, but my progress was slowed considerably by those burpees. It is nice to edge out Silverback every once in a while though.
    Cal, I was going to make a comment about your score, but I won’t, it’s labor day weekend.
    I am also excited for our beach football and volleyball games. Also if you are in fantasy football, we will be drafting on Sunday. Please bring any draft materials you need. I will be getting us an official draft board to put our picks up.

  9. Silverback

    42 (Rx)
    Just like Billy, at the end of the first round I thought I may be shooting triple digits…but then the burpees and the second round hit like a ton of bricks.
    Great work and competition at noon today.
    150 WBs – 4:21 with the Last men (Face & Robert). They were really moving during this one.

  10. Silverback

    For those of you that don’t know, when I played high school football, it was before they had grass, so we played on sand. I also was quite adept at catching coconuts thrown long distances (again, this was before the invention of the oblong, leather football). Keep this in mind Sunday if you’re the one picking teams for beach football…

  11. dianna

    yeah i was there. sorta made up a number since anything involving burpees tanks me.
    recovered for wallball. thanks Kara.

  12. Barbella

    27 (65#)
    4:12 ?? WallBall w/Chris & HANDSOME Rob was fun =0)
    Liked a warm down for a change…
    Have fun ‘Beach Bums’!!

  13. Bullhorn

    Bill, I was not really feeling it this morning, this week has been real tough for me. i am taking a much needed rest week next week. i know my score was pathetic. did not want to bring to much attention to it, but thanks billy.

  14. Summer

    32(70#) went light today for the team WOD this weekend.
    4:? For wall ball with Jackie and Alice.

  15. JohnnyB

    26 (RX) Team WB 4:20 (RX)
    WTH?! Double push hop over BURPEES…
    Ruel & Peter.. Nice execution on the WB!
    Thanks Coach J & Coach G!

  16. T.I. (Kenny)

    33(Rx): 4:12: Good job Aida and Billy.
    Ian, HA! Bring it!

  17. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    41 reps (65) pleasure partnering with you Taz as always! Thanks for the push:D
    4:09 (10#-100 reps ) with Taz
    Have fun this weekend teams! Have to work the holiday weekend! Stay safe!
    Josh-thanks for the push!
    Thanks mucho Coaches Jim and G! meow!

  18. Freakin' PR

    28 (105#)
    Awesome job nooners!!
    Now ready for Sunday!! Can’t wait!!
    Go STUDS!!!!

  19. Taz

    38 (65#)
    4:09 (10#) 100 WB team up with ZenJen
    Way to push it ZenJen! It’s always fun keeping up with you. Struggling to keep a quick movement on my squat cleans…’guess I was still guarding my sore quads. Great teamwork on the wallballs. Thanks Josh for cheering on us. Have fun ya’ll.

  20. Ramrod

    48 rx
    Holy hell.. Thanks Jim, silverback, Joe for pushing me. Definitely would have stopped probably around 44. Haven’t felt like that after a wod in a while. Loved it.
    Ps my first pick of the draft is going to be.. Silverback ..

  21. Julia

    24 (65#)
    Fun working out with HD and Judy! Sorry I kept messing up the transitions! I love getting hit in the face with the wall ball!
    Can’t wait till Sunday!! Let’s go NINJAS!!!!

  22. Ruel

    46(95#) I thought of going heavy but just like G said….form comes first…I was very happy with my performance, thanks peter, johnnyB, josh, G and coach jim for keeping me going…Great team WOD as well…
    Good Luck to Studs and Ninja’s this Sunday and Carl and Bravo this Saturday…I would love to see the competition but it’s my holliday to work…so enjoy…

  23. A.O.

    Ramrod, you made a mistake not picking me. Were you not impressed with my Carioca? Linebacker size with QB smarts and DB agility. You are the Matt Millen of cross fit coaches based on your draft record.
    25 reps at 115#. I gave it my all- no complaints. See you all on Sunday.

  24. Jen C

    28 (75#)
    This was ugly! Great partnering with you, Fam and Gatekeeper! See you Sunday!

  25. T-Rex (JUDY)

    27(105#). 4:47 w/ Julia and HD WB team, Girl Power! Glad to run post-wod 800m w/ you Jules =)

  26. G

    43 (105#) Thanks for the push Ramrod. Always a big fan of Squat Cleans and Burpees, although Daniel thought my lateral hops were pitiful looking. This was a really good WOD for a Friday, Jim. Awesome to workout with the 5pm crew.

  27. G

    Good to see Nathan C, Robert L, C-Note, Sarah, Ingrid and Josh M back in action.
    Ruel, you are right on the approach on form first before adding weights!
    Ivannah, you earned the additional weights 🙂
    Hang in there Karina!

  28. Josh M

    That was a crazy WOD! It was my first time doing squat cleans so my form was terrible. I might have finished only 15-20 (lost count) at 65#.
    It was nice to meet a bunch of new people. Thanks Silverback, Coach Jim, and Ramrod for all the help!