“Ninja Surprise”


21 – 15 – 9 – 15 – 21  Reps For Time

  • KB Swings (53#)(35#)
  • Row (kCal)
  • Sandbag Clean (70)(50)


Post results to comments.

Silent Ninjas
ACF Team WOD League Summer 2010 Winners, the Silent Ninjas.

(Left to Right) Julia M, Ian "Vegas", Summer and Crazy Carl

Check out Arnold's ACF Beach Bash 2010 Album.  (Thank you!)

40 Responses to ““Ninja Surprise””

  1. Bonnie B

    great pics! looks like an awesome day at the beach!
    20:48 (35#, 40#first round then scaled to 25#)

  2. Jared M

    Awesome job Ninjas! Way to go.
    26:08 (rx) this W.O.D. just seemed to keep going. Hope your hands feel better Fam. Those sandbags were brutal.

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    22:08 RX
    Congrats Ninjas! Great job ducks too.
    Great party Sunday… Nice programing Coach Jim aka Macho Ranger. Thanks Grace and others for throwing the event… definitely one of the funnest things of the year. I went last year too… not to be missed.

  4. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Congrats Ninjas!
    Happy Anniversary HD! Way to go:)

  5. dianna

    35#KB,40#SB My kind of WOD.
    Enjoyed the BeachBash. Thanks to G and all of you who made it happen.
    HeatherD, you were once a newb? Maybe someday I can work it like you do 🙂

  6. Barbella

    Congrats on your 1YR HeatherD!!!
    you ARE “one of them” now! Inspiring. =0)
    29:57 (35#KB, 40#SB) ugh ugh ugh

  7. Dar

    Awesome HD! Happy Anniversary!!
    Great pics, Arnold! Good times. =)

  8. Vegas

    22:42 RX
    Congrats to my teammates. You guys were awesome. Glad to be part of team Silent Ninjas.
    Note to the afternoon folks tape your fingers individually or you’ll end up like me. Ripped fingers are no fun.

  9. Freakin' PR

    Congrats Heather!!! woohoo!!
    23:14 (Rx)
    Awesome 930 crew as always!!

  10. She-Ra

    250 M row
    10 FS 95#
    15 GHD
    20 BJs 20″
    RX 24:18?
    OHS PR- 150! 😀

  11. Summer

    28:20 RX 50# is heavy. Thank u noon class for cheering me on towards the end. Thanks to my Silent Ninja teammates I had so much fun with u guys this summer, and great job to all the other teams I had a blast every Saturday. Congrats Heather on your 1 year.

  12. Julia

    I had so much fun working out with Ninjas! Thanks Carl, Summer and Ian for encouraging me every week. It was great working out with ya’ll. I can’t wait for the next team league! Hopefully by the next summer league I’ll be RX!
    Thanks G for thinking of me to be on the Ninjas.
    Congrats HD on 1 year!

  13. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    24:12 (40lbs) awesome work Firebreathers! Good job April! you need to workout at 4pm often okay?! keep it up Ingrid! thanks G as always!

  14. Billdozer

    19:54(RX) That ended badly for me. Laid out in the rain for a while, then walked around and had a tiny bit of puke come out. Another good day at the box.

  15. chrissy c

    Couldn’t make it to the box tonight – so I worked out in my garage. Did 1/2 of last Tuesdays WOD:
    5 Rounds of:
    5 Dead Lifts
    5 Hanging Power Cleans
    5 Front Squats
    5 Push Press
    5 Back Squats
    5 OH Squats
    See ya’s tomorrow!

  16. Nisha

    26:20 (40#sb)
    I actually enjoyed this workout…KBs got a little heavy at the end but it was all good..even the sandbags felt okay..but kept hearing Grace shout “widen your stance…” guess I gotta work on that 🙂

  17. TC

    That was a lot harder than I originally thought it would be! Good work 5 pm. Thank you Silverback for pushing me on my last 3 reps I was dead!!!!
    21.21 Rx

  18. April

    Congrats to the Silent Ninjas to be the first summer team tournament winners! Congrats to Heather D on all of your accomplishments over this past year.
    Zen Jen–thank you for the push today. See you tomorrow at 4.
    23:46 (40lb SB Clean)

  19. sean

    15:50 (50#sb)
    It’s been awhile for some of these exercises, so I went with the lighter bag, that 70# looked tough with all those reps.

  20. Ruel

    good job guys…congrats…NINJAS!!!
    Got some blisters from the SB but it was worth it…thanks to the rain we had occasional cool breeze at 4pm… silverback was flying on this WOD…but everbody was awesome…GOOD JOB 4PM crew..

  21. Andrea aka Genie

    Missing 3 weeks is no joke!!
    29:19 (40# SB)
    It was great being back in the Box!

  22. Andrea aka Genie

    Missing 3 weeks is no joke!!
    29:19 (40# SB)
    It was great being back in the Box!

  23. H the B

    Congrats to the Ninjas on the win. You guys are an awesome team to work with.
    Heather D great work.
    20:58(44 kb, 50 sb)
    Good to be back after a long weekend

  24. Keith Fogle

    Congrats Silent Ninjas!
    Congrats Heather on your anniversary!
    28:30 (50#SB, 44#KB)
    Awesome WOD!!
    Thanks to G and Coach Jim and everyone else involved for putting on the beach bash, it was a blast!!!

  25. Sharon

    19:37 – 25# sand bag
    So the sandbag and I are nemeses when it comes to cleans, so i went light so I could keep moving – I think that worked well. Will go heavier next time.
    Great job 5:00 class. Thanks for letting me go in your spot with the boys aaron 🙂

  26. Dar

    28:02 40#sb
    Great advice TC: “marathon not a sprint”. Took my time with those cleans and kept my form(well, mostly). Just wish I could keep form and stamina up on the rower…
    Nice seeing some new faces in the 7pm class!

  27. dub

    21:50(rx) I tried to keep up with speedy j but she was just too quick for me! Congrats HD!

  28. G

    Ninjas, congrats! Kudos to all the teams and their subs during the summer league tournament. Dawgs, we haven’t forgotten about you. Way to hang tough Jack Rabbit!
    Great to see you come by the beach Jolecelle. LA, who is always too shy to attend our social gathering, also made it to the beach this weekend. Cool!
    We will do the beach bash every year in appreciation of our athletes. Glad everyone enjoyed it!
    Jules, you’re welcome….I figured you have a warrior attitude worthy to be a ninja.
    Welcome back Lopez and Chi!!!
    Good job on your first WOD, Blake!
    Good to see Miles, Josh P, RHABd, April K, Sean S, The Barbarian, MadMax and Genie back in action.
    HeatherD, I’ve seen you transform into a stronger well-rounded athlete in a year’s time and achieve the bonus of loosing weight and getting toned! You are a dichotomy of femininity and somebody who can handle roughing it out. You are a tough chick! Congrats on your 1 year! Thanks for all you do in getting our social events together. Keep up the good work!

  29. Andrea aka Genie

    Missing 3 weeks is no joke!!
    29:19 (40# SB)
    It was great being back in the Box!