“Photogenic Cheese”

21 – 15 – 9 Reps For Time


Dumbbell Thrusters (40#)(30#)

Pistols (alternating legs)


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Famelicious Sept 9
Happy Birthday Fam, aka "Famelicious"!  Sixteen months of consistency, perseverance on form and hard work has given Fam lots of milestones, setting awesome PRs (personal best records) and confidence ("can do" attitude) worthy of "As Prescribed" or "RX" status on majority of our WODs.  Way to go Fam! 

68 Responses to ““Photogenic Cheese””

  1. Macho Ranger

    Fam, you define the term “CrossFitter” Happy B-day!

  2. heatherd

    Great working out with all the ladies at 5:30 this morning…and Connor:) 6:40- 25#, unassisted pistols.
    Happy Birthday Fam…you are one strong chic!!!

  3. Jen C

    Happy Birthday Fam!
    4:36 (25#-2 rds., 20#-1 rd., grn band)
    500M Run
    Nice small group this morning! Great to meet you Bonnie!

  4. Bonnie B

    6:05 (25#, thin white band)
    Finally…some girls to workout with! Nice to meet yall! 🙂

  5. Miguel

    Miguel Here from Ranger CrossFit, Been following your WODs once a week, awesome WOD today. And you have some good athletes, seen it in person with Kenny Ochoa, who comes and represents you all very well. Keep up the great WODs always looking for butt kicking WODs. Time on todays WOD: 5:36 (45#DB) didnt’ have 40#s
    Coach Miguel
    Ranger CrossFit, McAllen, Texas

  6. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Fam! Always a treat to see you in the A.M.
    6:45(45#DB, Pole Assist Pistols) Actually am starting to get close to getting a pistol, just no way I was gonna figure it out by the time for this one. and 45# db’s are no fun.

  7. todd

    happy birthday, FAMELA. Virgos rock, by the way. (I posted that on your facebook too. I’m so re–dundant). 🙂

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Fam! Love your dedication and attitude.
    5:59 (35#DB, Pole Assist Pistols)

  9. Ramrod

    Happy day of birth Fam!
    5:12 rx– going from thruster to pistol sucked

  10. Julia

    4:59 (20# DB and Green Band)
    So happy I had a group of girls to run with this morning!
    Happy Bday Fam!!!

  11. Coach Jim

    Hey Miguel! Kenny said he had a great time visiting your box! Make sure you come compete in our Hammer and Chisel Challenge November 6th! Sign-up page will be open soon!
    Nice work on the WOD and stay in touch!

  12. Julia

    Oh, and if you are doing the Lululemon WOD Saturday and want to ride together we are meeting at the box at 7:45 a.m. 🙂

  13. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    7:11 (25#,band assit pistol-uuggllyy)
    Happy Birthday Fam Fam!!! Nice to see ya today!

  14. Coach Jim

    ….or instead of doing the Lulululul whatever you could learn how to lift a barbell better 😉

  15. Kyle S

    With the lulu workout and the barbell clinic Saturday, is there still going to be a WOD that morning, 7:30?

  16. heatherd

    OR, just be an overachiever and do the Lululemon WOD, then haul ass back to the box for the clinic 🙂 Nothing like a full day of CF!!

  17. Summer

    Happy Birthday Fam!!!
    5:55(20#,green band) I think I found my worse fear at crossfit PISTOLS could not stop shaking to do it with out the band, and I was still shanking with that. Great job nooners.

  18. dianna

    G: you always catch my BAD reps? I was trying to rock this WOD. Huge thighs have to be good for something. 🙂
    6:12 25#, Pole Ass.

  19. dianna

    Happy Birthday Fam!
    Your face is burned into my brain from my 1st day @ACF. Is that a good thing?

  20. Coach Jim

    Yes, There is still a WOD at 7:30. If we don’t get 6 people signed up for the barbell clinic it will be canceled. Right now we are at 3…

  21. Julia

    Sorry Jim, I’d race to the barbell clinic after the lulu WOD, but I’ve go to get my hair did on Saturday afternoon. Otherwise I’d be at clinic! 😉

  22. Miguel de la fuente

    Awesome, I am there. I was waiting for Kenny to give me the date. So I gotta step up my training then huh? lol.. Thanks much.. will keep in touch

  23. MARLON

    Happy Birthday!!!! Keep up the good work, you keep looking younger as time goes by.

  24. Miguel de la fuente

    I am in, I am signing up now. Now is there a promotion Code or just sign up like that? I am getting some other of my athletes to join me too. We have been waiting to do some but keep missing the comps. I am hostin gone in december as well. Details later.

  25. HeMan - Original Team BadAss Member

    Happy Birthday Famelicious!!! It’s been an awesome expereince getting stronger,faster and competing with you the last 16 months… here’s to many more years 🙂

  26. Vegas

    Coach Jim are we allowed to sign up for the competition?
    If we are do i sign up for standard or scaled?

  27. toddsky

    6:43 w band-assisted pistols. Didn’t like this wod. Not my fave. Seemed like a Grace’contrived WOD.
    However, today wasn’t all amiss, I had a good time prowling around with bobo, TI, monty, and ruel.

  28. Ruel

    6:28(i think) 35db, pole assist pistols
    Thanks Toddsky for adding the prowling at the end.. just didnt have enough for my second round…legs were like jelly…but ill get the hang of it…we should do it again…hehehe

  29. T.I. (Kenny)

    5:48 (40# and Pole dancing, so says G). Good job JB. Toddsky good job on the Prowler. I’ll get you next time….Miguel, good to hear from you bro. See you in a few weeks.

  30. T-Rex (JUDY)

    6:36? 30# jumping squats, pole asst pistols. 800m run. Thx for running w/ me Ruel! Fun w/ the firebreathers today =)

  31. Jared M

    Happy birthday Fam! Hope have a good one.
    Super fast times today. Decided to This one at home. 11:53(80 barbell)+10:02(1.5 run) decided to go crazy after I zsaw how fast the times were, and added a mile and half run. Need to get on everyone else’s level.

  32. Keith Fogle

    8:15 40# DB first 18 reps, then switched to 35# DB, Pole Assist Pistols. A little too ambitious with the DB’s…
    Happy Birthday Fam!!

  33. ingrid

    6:52 20#(2rds),15#(1rd)
    6″green band assisted pistol
    first time to do DB thrusters-it’s very hard and the pistol after…well I’m in glorious pain..I don’t think I can squat again soon.
    Thanks Coach Ramrod…great job nooners

  34. The Nomad

    Happy B-day Fam.
    7:42 (30#-rd. 1, 25#-rd.2,3) Pole Asst.
    With Keith on this one…too ambitious on DB thrusters.

  35. chrissy c

    6:30 (15#DB; Box pistols with PVC)
    It took me so long to do this one because I did one extra pistol to make it even on both legs.

  36. T.C.

    Happy birthday Fam!!!
    4.49 pole assist pistols plus 2 50m prowler pushes!

  37. Beast (aka JA)

    4:50 I couldn’t find 30# dumbbells and Teach was already calling, so I picked up 25# instead. Started with regular pistols and pole assisted on some.
    Warm-up: 200m 40# baby sandbag run.
    800m run with Dar.
    Realized that John won’t be hiring me soon based on my sledge-hammering skills.
    Thanks G and Teach.

  38. Teach

    This was my kind of WOD!
    Great job tonight everyone! Always a good time on Thursday nights!
    Dar- way to fight through this one.
    Sharon- great job sticking with those 25# DBs!
    Contra, Nomad and John- you are all hired to come and chop wood and build fences for me 🙂
    April- way to go on getting pull ups with the band! Pretty soon, no more ring rows EVER!
    The 6:00 group was graced by Playboy’s presence today….thank you Playboy 😉

  39. She-Ra

    Happy birthday Famalicious!! 🙂 Miss ya, see ya soon 😉

  40. Dar

    6:03 25#db, pole assist(and ugly)
    Thanks G and Teach for the push. 25# got heavy real fast. But next time, I’ll have to rethink my music choice. Tough to “bring it” with MICKEY YOU’RE SO FINE. Ha!

  41. G

    Good to see Conor at 5:30am, such discipline coming from a Senior! Good luck on your baseball game this weekend!
    HD, I thought you grabbed the 30# and had the 25# just for back-up. Next time….
    Good to see Gina, Justin C, Monty, Contra, Ian M, Beast and Teach back in action.
    Ian M still has his strict Muscle-Ups (3 in a row) after almost 3 weeks off due to school and wrestling. The coaches can help you to develop kipping MUs so you can use them in a WOD.
    Dianna, pistol depth police in effect 🙂 Your range of motion is getting so much better nowadays. Keep working hard. Remember our little chat about the FUZZ effect, stretching in the morning and full range of motion?
    TI, yes…pole dancing..Fight Club, too! You are something else…got you some WOD the other day then immediately off to the airport and today just off the airplane and came directly to the box to get another WOD.
    Toddsky, despite the fact the you don’t like pistols I gotta give you props for showing up anyways and embracing it. This was entirely Jim’s brain child.
    Kristina, looking forward to your visit.
    Miguel (Ranger CrossFit), looking forward to meeting you.
    Fam, I still remember the days at the Globo 🙂 You have changed a lot since then. It’s so cool to see. Glad you are enjoying your Bday.

  42. Freakin' PR

    Teach and G….you guys rocked it!! I’m a little jealous, but I’ll get over it!! Awesome!!
    Fam…you did awesome too!!! Happy Birthday!
    6:19 (Rx)

  43. T.I.(Kenny)

    I told the pilot to haul ass because I had a 4:00 PM CrossFit workout to attend!!