Brandon Bright back to college Ohio

Brandon Bright is going back to college in the Buckeye State.  See you next summer Brandon B!


Special WOD tomorrow, Saturday, 7:30am

In memory of the heros and victims of 9/11, we are holding an Epic Non-team WOD tomorrow.  The workout will be individual similar to the weekday WODs.


A small group is going with HeatherD and Julia to an event at Lululemon.  They meet at the box before 7:45am.


Sunday Run:

Meet us and park at Lost Creek Park, 3703 Lost Creek Blvd, Sugar Land, TX (map) at 7:00am.  We will begin the run at 7:15am.  Call Coach G at 281-794-6698 if you have any questions.

One Response to “Announcement”

  1. Toddzilla

    Sadly cant make wod tomorrow.
    Hard to forgive but lest we never forget the heinous act of cowardice and terrorism from these vermin scum. I wish i could be alongside everyone to do an all-American wod.