“Fruit of the Loom”

3 Rounds For Time


  • 20 Box Jumps (24")
  • 20 Pull-Ups (Static)
  • 20 Wall Ball (20#)
  • 20 Push-Ups (Hands leave the ground at the bottom)

– No knee push-ups for RX


Post results to comments.

No heel strike
Notice how Samuel runs landing flat footed (forefoot) and not with his heel (heel strikes).  The Pose Method of running suggests that to promote less impact on the body upon contact with the ground compared to heel strikes.

Samuel running (photo of Samuel, courtesy of Gatekeeper)

This coming Sunday, September 12th, we are organizing our first Sugar Land running group.  Let's meet at Lost Creek Park (map) in Sugar Land, TX for a 2.25 mile run (trail map).  We will get creative and figure out how to add .75 mile in the route one day.

48 Responses to ““Fruit of the Loom””

  1. Beast (aka JA)

    Meet my 40# “baby sandbag.” I love them pudgy airborne feet!

  2. Macho Ranger

    15.57 Rx
    Good Work Cody and Bobby on the 20# Mile afterward. That 4th lap do take a bite don’t she?

  3. Macho Ranger

    Signed up for Beaumont. Men’s Standard…I sure hope 135# OHS don’t come out of the hopper! I guess I should start working on those!

  4. mikey

    Beast & Gatekeeper, Cute kid!
    BTW- can someone explain this variant of a pushup “Hands leave the ground at the bottom”? I’ve just started noticing this, maybe I was oblivious to it previously.

  5. Macho Ranger

    While you are at the bottom of the push-up lift both hands off the ground so you entire body is resting on the ground momentarily then press your entire body as a single unit to the top of the push-up. This ensures full range of motion to the bottom. Increases difficulty significantly.

  6. Bonnie B

    14:something? (20″,RR,14#,knee pu’s)
    thanks for the Friday Hip-Hop! 🙂 much appreciated!

  7. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Excited about this WOD! May try kipping on a few pull-ups if Jim will let me!
    Precious picture Beast and Gatekeeper!
    Oh yeah…GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    16:14 (30static/30kip)
    Brruuutaaal… for me.
    11th wod in 12 days; and, 16th in 19 days. My body is telling me it’s time for some rest.
    Sledge, nice trying to keep pace with you.. great job on the RX. Fun 9:30 class.
    T. I. very strong time, way to go.

  9. Julia

    I’m down for Sunday, what time??
    Can’t wait to try the pushups (hands leaving the ground) tonight in the box.. they were brutal in the sand!

  10. Sledge

    Easy Rider-Don’t forget your yoga breathing at the end. Inhale-Positive life force, Exhale-All that other crap.
    This was probably my last 9:30 class for a while. Switching to days at work. Have fun without me.

  11. JUDY

    my body is telling me to rest today, overstretched side ain’t no joke with the PUs and WBs (maybe I will listen). Let me know what time is the run on Sunday, isn’t the volunteer meeting the same day too, 10am?

  12. dianna

    flushing out all the lactic acid accumulated this week!
    15:38 10#WB, RR, 20#box step.
    (No KPU’s)

  13. Summer

    20:29( first round little purple band, last 2 round kips 10# ball) Great Job nooners!!!

  14. mario c

    mario c 16:52 Scaled 12 reps per round; #14 WB; 20″ step ups)

  15. bryan g.

    “brutal in the sand.” that sounds like a bad eighties pop song.

  16. Silverback

    12:37 Rx
    Although that many static PUs were a bitch, these are a relative strength of mine so they didn’t kill my time. Full box at noon. Alot of sweat angels at the end.

  17. G

    Excuse me Ms. Ivannah! Good try but the statement was: “I’m only 90-95% paleo. The 5-10% is ice cream or milk.”
    TC / Judy, as far as the run on Sunday, I was thinking maybe 7am or 7:15am.
    Judy, Hammer & Chisel volunteer meeting for the committee chairmen is Sunday after Open Gym. Not sure about the subgroups of volunteers.
    Signing up for the CF Beaumont Showdown as well….standard…we’ll see how I rank amongst the young chicks competing there 🙂

  18. Lauren

    19:19 I think… (first round kips, then statics and kips with 1/2 white band; 20″ box, 10# wb)
    Felt great to do my first kips in a WOD. Got to 20(!!), but the last two took a few minutes and I probably had 15 extra attempts that didn’t clear the bar… Silverback got a full round ahead of me. Totally worth all the work, pain, sweat and blood.
    What’s the Sunday run meet up time? And Todd, are you still doing those track running wods at Memorial?

  19. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Love my baby boy’s pose running! He’s fast too! 🙂
    23:10 Rx. Had to redo some PUs and push-ups to achieve rx.
    Great job nooners and thanks for the push!
    Thanks G!

  20. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Love my baby boy’s pose running! He’s fast too! 🙂
    23:10 Rx. Had to redo some PUs and push-ups to achieve rx.
    Great job nooners and thanks for the push!
    Thanks G!

  21. Jack Rabbit

    I will be trying to join the running group when I get back.

  22. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    9:44(scaled to 12 reps due to tight back/triceps-20″,10#WB)thanks for suggesting to scale the reps Coach G instead of not showing up. I didn’t want to miss the pull ups and wall balls:)AWESOME job FIREBREATHERS! the box was full!
    cute little Sam!

  23. Beast (aka JA)

    G…go show those “young chicks” how it’s done, and don’t let anybody call you “mother hen!”

  24. Keith Fogle

    22:06 Rx
    Yet another workout that looked real easy when I saw it online this morning….great wod!

  25. Johnnyb

    11:50 (20″Box, Kipps, Regular PU)
    No RX for TWO WEEKS, period!
    Toddski & Daniel- Great Job both!!
    Coach G, seems it’s working for not lifting heavy weights & be very selective with daily WOD. Amazingly, I felt better for almost two days now. No pain medications needed & I slept like a baby! LOL
    Jen – Hope you will feel better too..
    Well done, 4 peemers!

  26. Toddzilla

    17:07 (prescribed). “Eh” with my performance today.
    Daniel Ramrod Redrum Ward was simply too fast.
    JohnnyB, take it nice and easy on your back, bro.
    @Lauren, if you’re talking about THIS Todd, i dont think i have ever done track wods at memorial park, but thanks for making me sound interesting.

  27. Billdozer

    22:something about 30 seconds behind Grace, it was a nice little battle. Static pull-ups are tough for me but its nice to tackle a weakness.
    Also, For those of you who are thinking about going and doing a wod at a place that charges 70 dollars for shorts that don’t fit people over 6 ft. tall tomorrow instead of enjoying a Sat. at the box, I would reconsider, there is a masterpiece planned.

  28. The Nomad

    I really wanted Rx on this one but, my body wouldn’t cooperate.
    21:25 (Kips)
    Had fun with the 4 o’clock crowd. Everybody have a great weekend.

  29. bryan g.

    20:58 mostly RX. i think i might have wormed a push up or two.

  30. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Love my baby boy’s pose running! He’s fast too! 🙂
    23:10 Rx. Had to redo some PUs and push-ups to achieve rx.
    Great job nooners and thanks for the push!
    Thanks G!

  31. Speedy J

    Missed out a bit this week…for the lost creek run, there is an enterance on lexington and dulles. If you come out at lexington and go back in on dulles it ends up being about a 5K…Happy belated Fam!

  32. Nisha

    19:46 (20″, grn band, 14wb)
    weren’t any 10# WBs left so decided to tackle the 14#…made for an interesting battle between me and the ball..the ball won..
    Sorry to have to miss the 9/11 WOD tomorrow morning but Ty has a game at 8 so I have to morph into a soccermom..am sure it will be an epic WOD though

  33. Julia

    Cupcakes Billy, Cupcakes!!!
    21:03 (20″, black band/thin white band, 10#)
    Struggled with the black band…switched to the thin white… decided to struggle with the black..back to thin white….
    1000m run after the WOD

  34. G

    21:38 (14#)
    (All strict pull-ups and only 1 suspect as Coach Daniel said my chin was just at the bar and not over it 🙂 and Coach Jim kept my feet from coming off the ground on the last 5 reps on the pushups) + 1 extra rep of behind the neck pull-up after the WOD.
    All in all, a very good battle with Billdozer tonight. Contra and Austin were thrown in the line of fire by default because they happen to be right there facing us. Contra, I know you specifically wanted me to face the other way, however, the slap fight between Billy and I wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t do the pull-ups face to face with him.
    Awesome doing the WOD with the big 5pm crew today!

  35. Julia

    Upon re-evaluation of my time tonight… I realized I was gassed before the WOD started…. Stupid Simon says. Yeah, I don’t listen but I didn’t need 30 burpees to know that.

  36. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD Sam!
    Welcome Michael Pena!
    Jimmy S, all your movements on your 1st WOD looked good today. Looking forward to working with you. You’ll get kipping pull-ups in no time.
    Bonnie, the 14# wallball is a milestone for you! I’m pretty sure Rosie likes the girl-company since she is usually the only chick on Friday mornings.
    Good to see Marlon, Josh P, Gatekeeper, Peter, JohnnyB, Hopper, Sarah, Meg T, Steve W and Contra back in action.
    Ivannah, Ha! Coconut ice cream can be very decadent but not as much as blizzrds! I’m just saying.
    ZenJen, glad you decided to work the lactic acid out today. Scaling down is the way to do it.
    Btw, Taz, good to see you post your WODs while away from the box.
    Congrats to Skip and Caci! They found out that they are going to have a baby girl.
    Crazy Carl, you beat me today 🙂

  37. dub

    17:23(rx). todd you got me by a few seconds but there is always next time