Twin Towers

9 Dead Lifts (275)

50 Double-Unders

40 Pull-Ups

30 KB Swings

20 Push-Ups

10 Handsand Push-Ups

20 Push-Ups

30 Calories Row

40 Wall Balls

50 Double-Unders

11 Dead Lifts (275)


Post results to comments.

American Flag
In memory of our 9/11 heros and victims.

15 Responses to “Twin Towers”

  1. Macho Ranger

    17.50 Rx. Great energy at the box this morning. This was a fun WOD. Good design Billy\RamRod!

  2. Billdozer

    17:03(2 abmats) Great WOD, Great Company,nice little saturday. Kyle it is competition time for you my friend.

  3. T.I. (Kenny)

    Mid 22’s. Not my best showing but I’m really glad I was able to make it this morning. Got home and ran 2.5 miles. Great job everyone. G, I’ll get you next time 🙂
    Aida, 1-0.

  4. Ramrod

    16:30 rx. Always a pleasure to honor our fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice by doing a hard wod. Good energy this morning. And congrats on the no longer “tweener” status dub

  5. dub

    21:26(rx) This was a great wod guys, nice combination of movements. Thanks for the push jim, ram and bobo! I look forward to getting my ass handed to me on the rx workouts.

  6. Lauren

    It definitely had to be a rest day for me (going for a run tonight but that’s all I’ve got right now, G was absolutely right about the kipping shoulder pain) but I wish I could’ve been there to suffer through this one with you guys. Would’ve chosen this over lululemon in a second, Jim. See you all tomorrow, bright and early.
    Side note, I had a dream about pull ups last night. Really.

  7. Bullhorn

    I am so unhappy about this week, everytime i take an unload week something fun and inspireing happens at the box. really sad i missed this WOD. God Bless America!!!

  8. Kyle S

    21:? cant say Rx cause haven’t mastered the dble unders. Great WOD today, nice way to start a day, although coaching 3 hrs of baseball after was not fun. Thanks Billy, Jim, John, Grace, Kenny, Ram, Juan, Dub and everyone else for the push today, hell of a job all!!!
    Billy you’re right, I think a competition is in my near future!

  9. G

    20:55 (Rx) – first 2 HSPUs were not bad, the rest became sets of single rep, meh! But didn’t succumb to the abmat scale as I kept thinking about all the people affected by 9/11 and the firefighters who gave up their lives.
    Fun times with the cool folks at the box today.
    Playboy, your kips are getting faster each time.
    Aida, wow! You did all your HSPUs in one blink of my eye!
    Lauren, good to see you take a rest day.
    TI, good duel at the start and finish lines.

  10. Gina

    18:54 (155, band, pike, knee)
    I loved this WOD – painful, but nothing compared to what our service men & women go through on a daily basis.
    Loved the energy & all the extreme athletes we had there today. Lots of RX’s! It definitely helps push me to go faster, stronger.