“Happy Feet”


21 – 15 – 9  Reps For Time


  • Sandbag Get-Ups (70)(50)
  • Double Push Burpees


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Callum, aka "Cal or Bullhorn"!  There's no such thing as a 6-pack with Cal.  Houston we have an 8-pack!

57 Responses to ““Happy Feet””

  1. Bullhorn

    11:29 RX, thanks so far for the B-Day wishes ACF id my home and Family away from my real home and family.

  2. Jen C

    Happy Birthday (again), Cal!
    14:?? (40#)
    Double push burpees…ugh. Great run afterwards with Bobby and Cody…Thanks for the push at the end Bobby!

  3. CrazyCarl

    11:47 Rx
    Great job to both 830 and 930 classes…lots of hard dirty work going on this morning.
    Happy Bday Bullhorn.

  4. RayRay

    18:42 Rx
    HBD Cal!
    Good to be back, this was a tough one after being off for a week. Worked on my wrestling moves today… piledrive the bag into the ground 45 times.
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone, I needed it

  5. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Cal!
    13:06(RX) A little beat up after yesterday, but glad I decided to do this one, can we just get back to regular burpees from now on.

  6. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    13:50(40#) same with Arnold-roley poley method lol! thanks for that warm G! i enjoyed it! nice meeting you Nancy!
    Way to go Ray-ray!
    Happy Birthday Cal!

  7. Lauren

    Happy bday Cal!
    12:22 (25#)
    I second Billy’s motion to reinstate regular burpees.

  8. Bobo

    11:19 RX.
    My legs and back were still feeling yesterday.
    Great job today nooners!
    TI crushed it today.
    400m run afterward. 1:26. need to shave about fifteen seconds off of that.
    Nice running Logan.

  9. Rosie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cal! 5:30AM wouldnt be the same without you! 🙂

  10. T.I.(Kenny)

    9:46 (RX). Great noon class. Thanks for keeping me going Gatekeeper and Ramrod.

  11. mario c

    mario c 8:04 SCALED to 15-12-9 (25#)
    Afterward 400m run, “Hey, wait up for me!” in 2:20.

  12. The Nomad

    Small, but great 5 PM class. Great job Speedy J, G, Kendra, and Sharon. Usually I like my odds at 4 to 1 ratio of Ladies to Men!
    ….On a side note all 4 Ladies beat my time @ Rx! Nice job!
    17:40 Rx

  13. Bullhorn

    Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. Everyone at THE Atomic Crossfit is like family to me.

  14. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Bullhorn!!
    12:11 Rx
    Afterwards: Row 500m/1000m/1000m and 3 mile run
    Had the privilege of working out next to Silverback. I was delusional enough to think I could keep up with him today. My delusions were smashed in the first round. I believe he operates in a different time and space dimension during wods.

  15. Julia

    16:01 (40#)
    600m run with my jungle boots after.
    Good job 6:00 peeps!! Fight Club you got done quick. I hope the bag was okay after. 😉
    Happy Bday CAL!! 🙂

  16. mario c

    Correction: mario c — Scaled to 15-12-6 not 15-12-9 as listed above.

  17. Babs

    17:06 (25#)
    OK, Chrissy,you got me on this one!
    Thanks everyone for keeping me going.

  18. TC

    I thank after today the sand bag and I are going to break up!!!!
    10.04 Rx plus 1200m run after.
    Happy Birthday Cal!!!!

  19. Princess Slaya

    It is so great to be back!! I’ll have to work my way up from the cripple wods again, but it feels awesome to work hard again!
    Sit ups
    20# goblet squats
    Knee push ups

  20. chrissy c

    13:26 (40#)
    Unbelievable, I finally beat the Babs!!!
    You must have eaten that muffin before the WOD!

  21. G

    10:57 (Rx) – Being side by side with Speedy J kept me going for sure!! Took a deep breath on the ground to defy the law of intertia on rep 18 of 21 and Speedy J took off from there! Thanks for the push on the last set of burpees Janet!
    Nomad, way to work hard with the ladies of the 5pm crew today!

  22. A.O.

    18:56? 50#
    Not sure if I was crying in the second round, or if that was just sweat.

  23. G

    Welcome on your first WOD with ACF, Christina S, Freddie M, Nancy M and Sean B
    Good to see Toko “The Ninja”, Josh P, Conor, Byron, Chris J, Andi, RayRay, RHABd, Vanessa, Monique, Todd H, Admiral Nate, Princess Slaya, Patty S, and Big “E” back in action!
    Saw some clever moves on the tire flip jump over warm up today.
    Hope you feel better Teach!
    Good push through the end RayRay and Agent Orange!
    Cal, bday boy..good to see you enjoy your bday burpee wod!

  24. G

    Also, good to see Chris J back in action!
    Haha! TC you’re breakin up with the bag while Fight Club looked like he was getting really cozy with it tonight.

  25. Patty S

    7:52, Sit ups, goblet squats, Knee push ups
    Great to see everyone, & glad to be back. I’ve got a looooong way to go to make up for my absence this summer.