“Heaven In A Bottle”


For Time

  • 1000m Row
  • 20 Clean and Jerk (135)
  • 40 Ring Dips
  • 60 GHD Sit-Ups


Post results to comments.


Gymnastics Sequel – TI (Kenny) and Freakin'PR (Aida) struttin' their stuff!


Revisiting Mobility WOD with Kelly Starrett (Kstar) above from our last post two Sundays ago.  Some of you have already incorporated this in your regimen for a several weeks now! 

37 Responses to ““Heaven In A Bottle””

  1. Silverback

    And look, TI and Aida are wearing the same outfit. Kenny just took his spandex tank-top off for the picture…

  2. Crazy Carl

    awesome video Grace…thanks… I’ll be sure to roll around on my little ‘ball’ today when i get to the box!

  3. G

    Crazy Carl,
    We posted a link on a Sunday and most folks missed it. Thanks to Admiral for reminding us on this last night. Hope everyone visits this site and do their diligence at home and/or at the box. We have plenty of lacrosse balls.

  4. Bonnie B

    14:38 (55#, parallettes, straight leg sit ups)
    i tried so hard for the box assisted ring dips but it just wasnt happening today 🙁

  5. Dar

    Hey – now I know where I can start recycling my tennis balls! =)

  6. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    17:28 (85#, Box RD, SL Sit-ups)
    Finally got to do ring dips, *woooo hoooo*! Slow going, but feels great to do them! Looking forward to losing the box!
    Chin up Bonnie! It’ll happen!

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:53 (25 GHD/ 35 SL Sit-ups)
    ASS FLASH..would have done RX..however for some reason my shorts kept creeping down..after each rep I had to pull my shorts back up. Too modest to just keep going and not care. Next time different shorts.
    Great job 9:30 class.
    Great Pic Kenny and Aida.. amazing.

  8. Summer

    17:42( 75#,box ring dips) great job nooners. Thanks G for doing the GHD next to me it kept me going. Thank u gatekeeper and Daniel for pushing me thru the clean and jerk.

  9. Barbella

    12:45 (65#,para/SLSitups) My first time seeing Grace do a WOD =0) Strrrrong chic!

  10. G

    18:18 (95) – thanks to BB4 and Ramrod for the push.
    My battle was at full ROM on ring dips today!
    Juanito, you can be my rep counter….it keeps me going!!! Man, haven’t worked out at noon before today in a long time.
    Summer, it was a good push on the ghds.
    Crazy Carl, good pacing with you on the c&j and ring dips.
    Barbella, time to go heavier!!
    Good to see Chris B and Sean S. back in action!
    Nice progress Old Hickory!
    Bonnie, practice post WODs on the box assist ring dips and swing on Kip progressions and you’ll get them before you know it 🙂

  11. Ramrod

    14:10 rx I think. Rest day rescheduled for tomorrow.
    Great job nooners!
    Awesome job fighting through those ring dips G, carl and chris
    Summer nice work on the clean and jerks
    Nancy way to push!
    Barbells was freaking flying today

  12. Keith Fogle

    21:00 (95#, box ring dips, 20 GHDs/40 SLSUs)
    Thanks for the push G!

  13. chrissy c

    18:49 (55#, Box Asst Ring Dips)
    Bryan – I like the new way of counting GHDs!

  14. Nisha

    18:40 (85#, para, SLSUs)
    ran a 800 after the WOD with the “female-only running group” as the boys decided to do sprints instead…then tried GHDs for the first time, managed to get in 10 although I’m not sure what type of ROM I was getting….

  15. Babs

    13:56 (35#, box Assist Paralets)
    Hey, Chrissy what’s up with the time switch?

  16. Billdozer

    14:12(RX) Ring dips hurt with ripped up arms from muscle ups the other day. Great job 6 pm.

  17. Ace

    15:30 (115#, box assist, SLSU) Only thing in this workout that I was good at was the rower (1000 m in 3:30) and the clean and jerks. But hey… if you don’t do stuff you’re not good at how are you supposed to get better right?
    Good work 6 pm crew. It was good to see everyone tonight. See ya’ll manana!

  18. wolverine

    14:51(rx) TC you were burnin thru this!Way to go 6:00, tough group!

  19. T-Rex (JUDY)

    15:41. 95#, BARD, 30 GHD, 30 SLSU. Throat hurts from grunting, haha! +800m run. Great to have a Pirates reunion =)

  20. Noel (SKIP)

    20:41 (95#/assisted ring dips/30GHD-30straight leg situps)
    Torturous, but then again I haven’t been keeping a regular routine.

  21. G

    Welcome Tyler, who is visiting from Crossfit Decatur!
    Also, welcome aboard Aimee!
    Good to see April M, Skip, Jared R, Sirun, Slaya, Becky and Hopper back in action.
    Darth Patty, nice to see you work during the agility drills.
    Awesome to see people fighting hard for their range of motion and form.

  22. TC

    Tonight was a good one wish I could have ring dips with out the box!!!!
    13.38 box assist dips
    Way to work 6 pm!!
    Goals for the end of 2010
    1. Do a non jumping muscle up
    2. Do HSPU with out abmats
    3. Lose 15 more Lbs.
    4. Do Rx rings dips
    I know the list is short right now, but I know there will be others to come!!!

  23. Beast (aka JA)

    Warm-up was fun…sorry for accidentally hitting you Babs.
    14:08? 85#, box-assisted dips, straight-leg sit-ups…admittedly glad that all the GHD’s were taken when I finished my dips. ;o)
    Nice meeting you Aimee and Tyler.
    Dennis: 17:57 or 16:57? 115#, straight-leg sit-ups. Good job Gatekeeper!

  24. Patty S

    17:52 (10# dumbbells, parallettes)
    WODs like this make me regret not being here all summer…..