3 Rounds For Time


  • 100 Double-Unders
  • 10 OHS (115)
  • 10 Front Squats (115)
  • 10 KB Swings (53)


Post results to comments.


Megan T
Megan T is learning the proper front squat rack position.  The goal is to get the arms parallel to the ground and elbows shoulder level.  Her knees are turned out and tracking directly over the toes and NOT beyond them nor turned inward.

29 Responses to ““Nitro””

  1. HeMan

    You guys are usually on top of things which is why I was supprised to see such an egregious type-o on todays workout. You put 100 double unders where you clearly must have meant 10. Right? 10?
    Sweet Jebus that’s a lot of double unders!!

  2. Macho Ranger

    27.02 (Rx)
    Really happy with my OHS squats today. Also, did 100 DUs unbroken for the first time (77 was my previous record)
    Keep working on that squat Bullhorn. It will pay off big time!

  3. Bonnie B

    23:38 (70 du’s/30 lat jump – first two rounds, 50/50 third round, 55#, 35#)
    thanks for the push Grace! that was a tough one but a good one!!

  4. Toddzilla

    Looks good, megan! Looking forward to this one. Billy, we gonna square off? I’ll be there at 4.

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    18:10 (Row 250m instead of DU)
    Great job 9:30.. Kudos to Ivannah, TI and Juan for the DUs. Blister the size of a roll of quarters on my left foot, hence the row. Still good WOD even with scale.
    Everyone have a great weekend.

  6. Vegas

    17:34 (1st rd 20 FS 85#,2nd-3rd OHS/FS 85#, 44KB)
    Finally getting the hang of the DU’s, did 32 in a row in the 2nd round.

  7. mario c

    mario c 13:29 scaled the squats to 5 per round; singles; 35# squats; 30#KB)

  8. G

    Matt, it’s not a typo….aren’t you glad you can string so many in a row now!

  9. CrazyCarl

    16:52 (105#) and yes, that is alot of double unders. Good times going head to head with silverback today. He Rx’d and he still got me by a few seconds. Good luck to the rest that do this wod today!

  10. Silverback

    16:43 (Rx)
    Surprisingly, the worst parts for me were the front squats, not OHS. Thanks Daniel for the push and for counting my reps!

  11. Bitchy Eggroll

    17:56 (50-d/us, 35# OHS & FS, 25# DB)
    Finally got my DUs down in the last round.. UGGG!
    Jen: it was great to see u again. See u in 2 weeks.

  12. Billdozer

    12:53(RX) Been looking forward to this one all week. Nice little Friday workout. Good work 4pm class. We should do this workout more often.

  13. Keith Fogle

    21:10 (PJ, 20#OHS, 95#FS, 44#KB)
    I officially suck at OHS, used a 20# ball tonight, but it will get better.

  14. Speedy J

    14:58 (85#)…G said to light, felt heavy enough to me…trying to get the cob webs out. Hope to make it tomorrow!

  15. The Nomad

    16:26 (150 singles, 65#, 65#, 53#)
    Went light on the squats to work on form. Good 4 PM class.
    Congrats to you Sunshine!!! You will be missed!

  16. dar

    19:14 (55#, 35#) 300 du’s was fun but my shins are hating me!
    Thanks ramrod and g for the push.

  17. Summer

    18:38(25du, 100singles, 75#,35#)
    900m run with 15# vest
    Great job 6pm, thanks Grace and Daniel for the push;)

  18. macho ranger

    No more complaining about woes dozer! This one was made for you. A little payback for those hspu on twin towers 😉

  19. G

    20:05 (85#) – Ramrod challenged Speedy J and I to do 53# KB Swings tonight and we were up to it. However, I had a temporary brain fart and did an extra set of 8 KBS before my front squats and did another set of 10 KBS after the fronts just because! DUs got challenging. Toddsky, I appreciate your encouragement!
    Peanut gallery was a full house for a Friday night.
    Janet, you are speedy no matter what! You are a beast on overhead squats and your body doesn’t lie 🙂

  20. Gina

    15:?? (singles/para jumps, 55#, 35#)
    Went way too light today, but my notes said 45# was old OHS WOD weight & haven’t done them in awhile. 150 singles 1st 2 rounds then realized that was too easy so did 100 para-jumps 3rd round. Some day I might get DU’s….

  21. G

    Welcome on your 1st WOD, MPena!
    Good to see Macho Ranger, Cody Dble D, Byron, The Barbarian, Monty, Face, Lesley, Gina, Sarah and Speedy J back in action.
    The Barbarian and Heather, have fun in France!
    Bonnie, all you needed to do is warm up a little bit more on the weight that you were about to use in the WOD. Form looked good!
    Ivannah, you were stringing 8-10 in a row on your first DU WOD today- Milestone! You are ready to do the prescribed reps after today! And… ahem, my comment was on OHS. You can try 70# next time.
    Easy Rider, hope your blisters go away. Those shoes are hard to run in 3 miles.
    After today, we have identified some who will need to incorporate the shoulder blade lacrosse ball floor work into your mobility regimen.
    Packed box all day! Good hard work guys!

  22. G

    HD, keep at it on the DUs. Good to see you go for 75#. You were throwing around the 65# like a pvc stick 🙂

  23. G

    Ruel The Situation, that’s a milestone on your 8 consecutive! Good job!

  24. Toddzilla

    Frustrated a bit with the OHS. That 115# was officially “work” for me. First two rounds were respectable, then piece-mealed the third. 19 something. Two days rest here i come.
    I’ll let ya’ll know how i do in the adult spelling bee. I hope i do auspiciously.