Back Squat 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


Metcon:  AMRAP in 9 Minutes

7 Pull-Ups

7 Push-Ups

7 Sit-Ups

7 KB Swings (53)(35)

Thursday 7pm The Vampires
(Front Row, Left to Right):  Skip, Sunshine, Beast and G

(Back Row, Left to Right):  Admiral Skywalker, Darth Patty, Aimee, Tyler (athlete from CrossFit Decatur), Hopper, HeMan, Playboy, Princess Slaya and John O'

44 Responses to ““OT””

  1. Bullhorn

    265 Squat PR
    8RDS+ 26 Reps (AMRAP)
    Good start to a great week, good job Juan and Jim on Your PR’s also.

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    8 rds + 16 reps

  3. Marlon

    7 rds (44# KB)
    First time doing back squats. Great working out with the 8:30 class.

  4. Summer

    5+4(RX) Great Job 9:30 class. Thanks for the pointers Arnold on my back squats.

  5. mario c

    mario c – 85 – 95 – 105 – 115 – 115 – LROM on a lot of my squats.
    AMRAP – 6 rds + 3 reps (green band; 26#)

  6. Bobo

    wasn’t feelin it today on the squats.
    hips, knees, and chest were all over the place.
    amrap: 7+27 RX.
    great workin with ya Pat and TI.
    tried out my boots on the warm up run today. clop clop clop. yeah, they’re kinda loud. hehe.

  7. Bitchy Eggroll

    6 RDS: ring rows, kneww push ups, 26KB
    How to get bruises on your back.. Going forward instead of backwards when dropping the bar… Oh well…Better than rubbing skin off my behind!
    Did not take my time on rep #3 nor did I hold my belly breath. DARN IT!!!
    ALICE!!! You did wonderful!
    It was sooooo soooo nice to see Disco! I missed you!

  8. Vegas

    245-255-260-265-225 Depth not quite there until the last round.
    amrap 9+2 Rx

  9. JohnnyB

    B-Squat = 225-225-225-230-245
    AMRAP- 7 + 14 reps (RX)
    Thanks Coach G & Silverback for pushing me to go heavy on my back squat!
    Good Job Ate Chit, John O, Jen :), Richard & Kate!

  10. JohnnyB

    Great Job Fred on your first RX & more to come!
    No more back pain!!!
    Jen rest it off…! 

  11. Gina

    5+14 (gr+purp)
    awesome job Janet – great to share a bar wtb you today!!

  12. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    125-130-135*-135(1)-135 *Coach G unsure of my depth:) I’m with Bobo, not feeling it today. But glad to be back. Been off 5 days due to right upper back pain/pinched nerve:(
    Nice partnering with you Kate. Welcome back Richard! Good work Firebreathers!
    Johnnie B >:-$ …nuff said!
    AMRAP – 7R+7reps (RR)
    Thanks again G<3

  13. Nicole Disco D:)

    BS 100-115-120-120-120
    AMRAP 6r+1(RR/KPU/26)
    Happy to be back!!! Great Job 8:30!!!!

  14. T.I. (Kenny)

    8+12 (RX). I was a little tired today. No excuses though. Aida, good job, 2-2. JB and Pat, good working with y’all. Ramrod, thanks for the advice on the butterfly pull-ups. They felt good.

  15. Freakin' PR

    9+3 (Rx) I really thought I did 10 rounds, but that would have been impossible….right Ramrod? haha. Good thing I’m not competitive!!
    Good fight T.I.!!!
    Nice job Dianna and great sharing the bar with you.

  16. dianna

    7+7 RRs
    new faces and fun with the nooners!

  17. Speedy J

    Great job Gina!! 3 PR’s..not bad! 165-185-205-215(PR)…8+7(Rx)

  18. Ace

    6+11 (Rx)
    800m run club
    As usual a great group tonight at 6. Really enjoyed trying to chase down TC’s 360 back squat tonight… lol. Gives me something to shoot for.

  19. Julia

    95, 115, 125, 135, 140 (PR)
    6 rds (thin white)
    Doing the pullups in the jungle boots is challenging!! But, those suckers are starting to break in. Can’t wait for the Mud Run.
    Fun sharing the bar with Aimee, Abbye, and TMAC2.. but I learned that ya’ll are a lot taller than me and I need to go ever shorter…

  20. The Nomad

    Great 5pm class.
    6 Rounds (Rx)
    Then ran 2 miles weighted vest. When I grow up, I want to be as good a X-fitter as Fight Club!

  21. Rigo "SUAVE"

    6 Rounds + 5 (44# KB)
    205 lbs and under on squat.. still working on that
    Great job everyone at 6pm

  22. TC

    Nice work 6pm always a good time!!!
    7+5 Rx

  23. Dar

    Great sharing a bar with you Jeremy! Thank you for watching my depth!!
    And thanks for the tip Billy. I’ll work on bar placement next time. I hope it helps me move forward. I feel like I’ve been stuck for a while…
    6 +14(reg push ups)

  24. Billdozer

    Back Squats
    Happy with my back squats today, just tried to beat Daniel, my plan was to do 331, but somehow it ended up being 336. I was a communication major, not math.
    7 rds(RX) on the metcon, Thank you Tim for the halway point reminder.
    A lot of hard work by the evening classes. All the girls were working it at 6 pm. TC is a brut as always. Tim, great job on the last set.
    The Vamps were feisty tonight, especially Babs. Good job on the PR’s tonight Patti and Kaylynn.

  25. Keith Fogle

    added 10 lbs to my 3 rep max, getting there!
    6 rds (44# KB)

  26. G

    165-170-180(miss)-175(2)-170(2) – breaks were too long in between sets.
    7 + 21 Reps (Rx) – It was good pacing with Sledge at the bay door pull-up bar. Need to learn stringing more than 2 butterfly kips, especially on AMRAPs.

  27. G

    Congrats Kristina!
    Good to see Blake, Jacky, Richard and Disco D back in action.
    ZenJen, let’s keep the RingRows for another week in your WODs and ease back into the band before kipping again.
    Toe, good max effort and you barely bailed out on that one.
    Rocky Top, keep using the lacrosse ball. Muscle tightness is the root of many things.
    Lots of folks getting stronger and really going for good depths today! Way to go guys!

  28. Beast (aka JA)

    Great sharing the bar with Dar.
    5 and 20 reps. Took too long with the pull-ups but Rx’d this one.
    Good coaching Billy…Vamps were all business last night until Babs got all feisty. ;o)

  29. dub

    Metcon – 7rds(rx)
    Need to watch my depth when the weight gets heavy

  30. sharon

    5+1 rx
    Great working with you Heather D – thanks for pushing me to the 140#