“It’s A Grind”

2 Person Teams

20m Tire Flip (each)

20 Burpees Sandbag Hopover (Each)

20 Sandbag Get-Ups (70)(40) (Each)

20 Pull-Ups (Each)

20 WallBall (20)(14) (Each)

2000m Row (Cumulative)

20 Clean and Jerk (115)(85) (Cumulative)

200m Team Run

Lisa H
Happy BIrthday Lisa H!

Mimi T
Happy BIrthday Mimi!

Happy Birthday Jolecelle!

9 Responses to ““It’s A Grind””

  1. JohnnyB

    My first time doing weekend warrior! Dang! Fun Fun Fun
    Thanks Bryan for teaming up with me! You’re such a badass!!
    RX it is!
    Happy Birthday all!

  2. Babs

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. G

    Those are the coolest Sept 25th bday celebrants in the whole wide world!!!
    Attention all ACF MudRun participants:
    We are meeting at Sugar Land’s Memorial Park (59 and University Blvd) for a short run and some outdoor jungle gym fun in the morning. Please wear your camo pants and combat boots.
    Other Sunday casual runners are welcome to join us. There is a 3 mile route available in that park.

  4. T-REX (Judy)

    HBD Ladies! Fun teaming up with Arnold, and got over that wall w/ boots! I might miss open gym to come to the AM Run. Let’s see how much I can squeeze in tomorrow.