“Mainsite Chipper”

For time:

25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps, 20 inch box
20 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans, 35 pound dumbells
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
3 Rope climb ascents

Post results to comments.

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Guess where Hernan The Barbarian (H the B) has been lately?

45 Responses to ““Mainsite Chipper””

  1. Macho Ranger

    Nice Shirt H THE B! I’m sure you’re not hungover in that pic!
    21.50 RX + Boots
    Devil’s Rejects do this one in boots and figure out the lock step method on the rope climb. Wrap the leg around the rope and step on the portion of the rope accross the top of your foot. Then pull the legs high reset the rope accross your foot and stand on the rope again. It’s all legs and the only way to climb fast!

  2. Bullhorn

    30:01 40# DB, took me 15 min to do my last 2 rope climbs. Listen to Jim or you will be destroyed by the rope like i was.

  3. Lauren

    Well then. At least there are no combat boot burpees.
    J’espere que vous avez passé de bonnes vacances, monsieur et madame Barbarian!

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    28:?? (RX)
    I was off physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, philosophically, and I had too many carbonated drinks yesterday…hence, no gas tank. The weather was too nice, there was a flood, earthquake, locus, killer bees.

  5. JohnnyB

    26:30 RX
    Thanks Coach G for letting me do 70# KB, I’m doubtful of doing it actually! THANK YOU!
    Arnold, I’m about to give up on the last 10 KB swing but you’re there!! Thank you too!
    Great Job 8:30 peeps!

  6. Todd

    19:42 i think. Was happy to just get sub 20 on this one. Rope was fun.
    Hernan, you look so chic.

  7. Barbella

    25:07 (2″fatband,PARA,35#,25#,14#,SLED PULL)
    Lots of scaling…and Thank you Grace!

  8. Silverback

    15:35 (Rx)
    Big class today at Noon. Always fun to chase Daniel from station to station. Best advice on rope climb is to do it upside-down. That way, you won’t get any rope burns on your ankles or thighs.

  9. Lauren

    First time ever attempting a rope climb. Did everything except the rope climb in 19:30ish, then took off my boots to climb and managed two ascents (touching the chain but not the beam) before my grip and shoulders were completely shot. Then tried twice more and only managed halfway up each time. The third ascent was just not going to happen. Total time spent on rope climbs: 20 minutes. Extremely disappointed, but was satisfied with my performance up until the climbs. Still a dnf. 🙁
    (18″ box, lateral hops, elevated para dips, ktb, 35#kb, 20#db, 10#wb)
    Thanks Coach Jim for pushing me through the kips and ktes.. Great job nooners, especially my fellow boot wearers. Wasn’t easy.

  10. Ruel

    29:40(53#kb,30#dbsc,14#wb,1 rope,2sled pull)
    nice work out…good job everybody!!
    Nice picture Hernan!!

  11. Freakin' PR

    17:24 (53# KB, 30# HSC, 14# WB)
    Spandex is a good idea if they are cotton…that other 80’s lycra spandex is actually slippery on the rope!!
    Long socks for sure!
    Loved this one. Awesome noon class!!

  12. Marlon

    23:56 (53#KB, LH, 30#DB). Good job on the 70# Kb Johnny B.
    Awesome workout!!!

  13. Bobo

    23:11 RX. + boots.
    got to the rope at 16:50 but had to wait in line. yeah, i wasn’t too upset about having to wait a few minutes each time. hehe. pretty much laid on the ground until someone would shame me into getting back on the rope.
    Thanks G for getting me through the wallball. pretty much hit the wall there. didn’t really come back to earth for about two hours. Thanks Jim and G for keeping me honest on the dips. i redid three of them.

  14. JohnnyB

    Missed working out with Thundercats!
    Fam, you did great on that rope. Sanay ata ako sa pag-akyat ng nyog.. hahahahaha
    Marlon, Thanks bro! Nice KTE…
    Arnold, really thank you! You speak tagalog?! WOW!!
    Coach G, sled-pull is tough! LOL
    Fred, getting stronger on your Kips & faster too!

  15. mario c

    mario c 18:40 SCALED as follows
    25 Walking lunge steps
    20 Pull-ups – kips
    25 Step Ups, 24 inch box
    10 Double-unders
    12 Box assisted Ring dips
    10 Knees to elbows
    15 Kettlebell swings, 35#
    30 Sit-ups
    10 Hang squat cleans, 15 pound dumbells
    12 GHD Back extensions
    15 Wall ball shots, 14 pound ball
    3 Rope climb ascents
    Hey Lauren, I watched you on the rope. I was impressed! The way I see it is after doing a boat load of reps that were designed to wear you down, you didn’t scale the rope climb or beg off or give up. You stayed in the fight and tackled something you never tried before! Your rope climb PR is now 2 consecutive climbs! That is how I see it.

  16. mario c

    mario c – Just realized the 18:40 time I posted above doesn’t include the rope climb time. I have no idea what my total time was, maybe 30- 35 minutes when I include the rope climb.

  17. Summer

    21:35(paralet, box dips,35#, 20#,10#,sled pull) great job to all the 5pm people.

  18. Keith Fogle

    36:?? (LJ, BARD, 53#KB, 30#DB, 1 rope climb, 2 sled pulls)
    It’s a shame I can’t count my one practice rope climb before the wod 🙂
    First time to swing a 53# KB — much lighter than I expected.
    Great wod!!

  19. chrissy c

    22:21 not including rope climb – have no idea what time with the rope climbs.
    (thin blue (?) band, lat hops, Box asst. ring dips, 35# KB,20# HSC, 14# WB)
    Rope Climbs – love them!! We need to do them more often!
    1st one – successful
    2nd one – 1/2 to 3/4 up
    3rd one – 1 pull from successful (right arm totally numb, which made coming down interesting – way too fast – love rope burns on the inner thighs!!!)
    That being said – really do need to do these more! 🙂

  20. Zen Jen (Jen M.)

    24:38 (LJ,BARD,35#KB,25#DB,10#)Brutal! Almost puke:)
    Awesome work Firebreathers! Good job H the B!
    Thanks G for sticking with me esp on the Sled pull:)

  21. The Nomad

    36:54 (1 1/2 Rope, 2 Sled pulls)
    I really wanted Rx on this one….just ran out of gas on the rope! Of course, the 70# KBs did me NO favors…

  22. dub

    25:54(rx)+ boots
    This was a good one and I felt it coming out of the weekend

  23. Billdozer

    21:47(RX) That was a lot of fun. I had never done a rope climb until today and it was everything I imagined it would be. That 3rd ascent becomes quite sketchy at the end, just glad I didn’t fall on Silverback. Good work Kyle, just couldn’t catch you today.
    Lots of hard work by all my monday night peeps. Good to see everyone giving a new challenge a shot. John O had the best rope climb of anyone all day, 3 ascents in about 30 seconds with no legs.
    Hernan, good to have you back.

  24. Julia

    20:05(thin white band, para jumps, box assit para dips, 35kb, 20#db, 10# wall ball, and sled pulls)+ boots and utes.
    Also managed 1 rope climb after I completed the WOD!
    GOOD JOB 6p.m. Way to not give up on the rope climb TC, Ace and Chrissy!

  25. Babs

    2″band,step-ups,paralet hops,box assist paralet dips,26#KB, 10#DB, good mornings,6# Wall-ball, sled pull w/115#
    Then I tried the rope climb for fun and made it up about 3/4th of the way. Big mistake, I looked down and the height got the better of me.

  26. TC

    I loved this one till the rope climb RX till then….21.? 1 full climb and about 12 half and 3 sled pulls
    Gave my all to keep up with Sledge…. but he just dropped the hammer on the rope and left me in the dust!!! Good work buddy!!!

  27. A.O.

    32 ish. Black band for 17 of the pull ups. Box ring dips. 1.5 times up the rope
    1st time ever swinging the 70lb bell. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
    1st time ever climbing a rope. I’ll put that up there as my most significant milestone at ACF. Second attempt taught me what true muscle failure was, which was also fun. Thanks to G and Billy for the tips and encouragement.
    JohnnyB, I wish I could have been therecto see you swing that KB. Amazing!

  28. Dar

    21:58 before going outside and sharing the sled with Mimi and Becky. I think it was around 27:58 after we were done…Thanks for the advice G. It wasn’t too bad!
    (bard, 40#kb, 25#db, 14#wall ball, sled pull 115#)
    Great job 7pm crew. Nice to work out along side you TI. Don’t be a stranger. =)
    Oh, and thanks for those little pushes during the wod G. I NEED those!

  29. T.I. (Kenny)

    20:08 (RX)
    My first 7:00 PM class. Great group. It was great to workout along side you as well Dar!! Billy, thanks for keeping me moving.

  30. chrissy c

    Way to go Babs!! Just don’t look down the next time. That freaked me out too!

  31. H the B

    30:28 (sled)
    Great to be back. Rough go with the 70# kb really wore me out. Rope climbs were impossible at the end. Thanks for the encouragement Silverback, G, Billy and Jen. Great to see some faces I haven’t seen an a while.

  32. Rigo "SUAVE"

    Cool pic Hernan The Barbarian; it’s like “Where’s Atomic Crossfit Waldo?”
    31:00 (53# KB and only 2 Rope Climbs + 1 sled)
    What a workout…that was my first time ever climbing a rope.
    I thought that was just something in cartoon gym classes.
    I definitely didn’t do it the “right way”…on account of my legs being as strong as a girl scout.
    But the Mexican Cannons overcompensated and got me to the top.
    That’s why they call me the Spanish ARMada…
    Great job everyone at 6pm
    Way to go TC… I didn’t know bears could climb rope. Way to prove me wrong. You’re a beast when it comes to bear crawls…there’s no denying it. So if anyone’s ever being chased by TC on all fours, just climb a rope.
    (This is for Jenn Webb)

  33. G

    23:55 (53#KB, 30# DB HSC, 14# WB) – Started with 35# dbs on hang squat cleans but they felt really heavy. With only 2 ropes available and only 1 working better for me, the wait was a good excuse for hand grip and forearm strength recovery. Kept chasing Joe F. Fun 5pm crew – big crowd! Thanks for the push from the peanut gallery, TC, ZenJen and RayRay. Thanks for keeping me going Coach Billy!

  34. G

    Good to see Schubert, Jacky, Blake, Marlon, Logan, Sean B, Richard, Heather, The Barbarian, Lopez, Mikey and Regina back in action!
    Playboy sighting at 530am…not too shabby since we didn’t think you were a morning person. Haha!
    Ivannah, great quote of the day!
    JohnnyB, when you grabbed both 2pood and 1.5pood I knew what you were going to ask….because of your form on KBS, I knew you could handle 2pood.
    Fam, you have come a long way. 1 Rope climb is a great day, IMO! All the coaches in our box have the same passion, dedication and quality of coaching, accountability and knowledge. The support that you and all athletes give to each other adds immeasurable value to our community of crazy crossfitters 🙂
    Arnold, nice “tagalog” . I’ll respond in my hometown dialect, “ilong-go”….”si-ge lang, lim-tan mo lang to, mag-istoria-hanay kamo antes sa liwat” — haha! It’s all good, I know you were just excited about the WOD.
    ZenJen, way to stay with the sled pulls!
    Dar, nice use of the hips on the sled pull!
    Lauren, I agree with Chief. 2 Rope climbs after all that upper body/arms blow out beforehand is a huge achievement!
    Babs…Babs….what are we going to do with you?….you skew the fitness curve of the golden babes. Yeah, where’s the camera when I needed it!
    Lots of milestones on the rope climb today!
    Bobo, I couldn’t stand seeing you slow down on the wall ball since you’ve worked so hard so far with your jungle boots!
    Jim, you made that double-under with boots look easy!
    Cool to see two of my MudRun teammates with their jungle boots today. Fight Club, hope you bought yours since we have only 2 weeks left.

  35. G

    One more, TI joined the vamps tonight and had his tribal thing going again 🙂

  36. Schubert

    31:45 (jumping pull ups, 35lbs KB, sled pulls)
    Before the WOD I did the rope climb all the way to the red iron. Never done that before!