Benchmark WOD “Michael”


Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Compare to 090528

Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Scott T, aka "Wingman"!!!  (photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

Congrats to "Red" Byron, his wife and family!  A precious Cason Hayes (pronounced like Jason with a ‘C’) was born last Tuesday and weighed in at a whopping 7.5…18 inches long. (photo courtesy of Byron)

48 Responses to “Benchmark WOD “Michael””

  1. Summer

    Happy Birthday Wingman!!!
    Congrats “Red” Byron!!!
    21:00(GHD Back Extension 2 rounds, box 1 round, reg. sit-ups) Great job 5:30 class!!!

  2. Bobby Feiertag

    22 or 23 something, I can’t run for the life of me
    Happy Birthday Wingman
    Congats Byron

  3. Macho Ranger

    Happy B-Day WingMan!!! Happy B-Week? Cason! Congrats Byron!

  4. Bonnie B

    Congratulations Red Byron! 🙂
    22:49 (GHD back Extensions 2 rounds, box 1 round, reg sit ups)

  5. Bitchy Eggroll

    Hard workout for me… Thank u, Grace. You are always there for me when I need you the most. 🙂
    Steph: Thanks for the kind words. You, Fam, and G know me so well.
    29:13 (2 rds 800m 50/50, 1 rds 400m 25/25)
    Happy bday wing man
    Congrats Red Byron!
    We should have ACF onsies with all the future crossfitters being born! LOLOLOL!

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Logan, nice time.
    Todd, you got me today, but I will be gunning for you. I am even willing to give up sodas to accomplish this.
    Ramrod, I learned something today, the key to beating you, is that you must have some type of severe muscle contraction or cramp or whatever that was during the WOD..
    Good job Holly, Zen Jen and Arnold.

  7. ZEN Jen (JenM.)

    25:40 Feel better Ramrod! Awesome work 9:30 peeps
    Congrats Red Byron and Happy Birthday Wingman!

  8. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Hey does anyone a good place to get your car inspected around stafford/sugarland area? or where the DMV is?

  9. Teach

    Abbye – Hope Automotive at Murphy Road (1092) and Lexington does great work and they do inspections

  10. Silverback

    21:53 (Rx)
    I did that first round of GHD B/E unbroken and couldn’t straighten-up or run in a straight line for the first lap of the next 800m run. Aida kept hangin’ around, so I couldn’t slow down at all during WOD. Thx for the push FPR!

  11. Lauren

    30:11 (RX+boots) Way to pull through with the weight vest, Jim.
    Happy bday wingman and congrats on the new addition Byron!

  12. mario c

    mario c 22:46 scaled
    3 rounds
    500m shuffles
    25 GHD back extensions – LROM
    25 abmat sit ups – LROM

  13. H the B

    26:08 (RX)
    Good fun for the first 3 min then the BE and sit ups started. Looked rough with the vest and boots Coach Jim.

  14. HeMan

    19:50(rxish). Apparently my back extentions were more like hip extentions or something.
    Janet… You’re f$@king fast!

  15. Princess Slaya

    Happy birthday Wingman!
    Congratulations Byron!
    20:19 (row)

  16. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    27:05 (rx)
    cut a curb so I had to go back and run it…sorry coach jim, just trying to stay in the shade! NO cheating at ACF!
    Good working out with the 5pm crew!
    HD and G, those are some HOT boots!
    Thanks Teach and Arnold for the car advice!

  17. Billdozer

    21:48(GHD B-E) Good WOD, took 5 minutes or so off the last time I did this one. Good work Jim and Lauren on with the combat boots. Matthew got me once again on this.

  18. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Wingman and congrats on the handsome baby boy Byron!
    29:51 RX It was great seeing all my Vamps that I haven’t seen in a long time!

  19. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Wingman and congrats on the handsome baby boy Byron!
    29:51 RX It was great seeing all my Vamps that I haven’t seen in a long time!

  20. Todd

    Good time, matt. I knew you would put up a competitive time. And cal killed it today. Man!

  21. TC

    The first round was a breeze but then the GHD B-E’s kicked in and I dont know what happened but it didnt feel good!!!!
    Way to push 6 pm always a good group, one of these day I will be able to keep up with fight club and MLB on these runs!!!
    23.52 Rx

  22. Heather

    26:35 (GHD B-E 2 rds, 1 rd box B-E)
    Beat my last time by a narrow 10 seconds.
    Congrats Byron and HBD Wingman!

  23. macho ranger

    28 and change….Rx+ 10# vest and boots
    Real pain set in on round two. Then I just kinda went numb. Interesting.
    Lots of great effort to day at the box. Remember there is a difference between a back extension and hip extension!

  24. G

    23:38 (Rx + Boots) “McGyvered” with the big thick tire and it felt like old school CF, however, ’twas a very painful experience. Thanks for the push Jim and for the encouragement TC on the last set. I’m beginning to like the WODs with the military boots on 🙂
    MudRun teammate HD made it through this WOD with the boots, yey! Many thanks to Macho, from ACF’s other MudRun team, for saving her ankles. Hope your blisters from the boots heal quickly Julia!

  25. Dar

    24:21 rx, so i was on top of the world for a few seconds when i THOUGHT i was just a minute off of speedy Wolverine, UNTIL jim notified me that he ALREADY took off 4 minutes from my time for the second heat group. BUBBLE BURSTED!
    All kidding aside, great wod. I love to run in this weather. Looking forward to a 5 miler in the am.
    Great job BlacknBlue. I understand your dietary woes! Love the nickname. Kind of describes how you lay it all out there, too.
    Way to stick with it Babs!
    Great job to all VAMPS!

  26. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD today Kelly C!
    Welcome on your first WOD Melessa and Muhammad!
    Pacemakers were fast and furious with the 60 degree weather! Bullhorn was grunting all sorts of vowels on every rep while he was in the box. I can only imagine what he sounded like while running outside. Cal, you may just be the new record holder on ACF’s Leader Board on this benchmark Hero WOD. ‘Dunno what Fight Club did but the board will show in the morning.
    Good to see Teach, Matt, S’Nash (Prego Sarah), He-Man, April M, Admiral and Princess Slaya back in action!
    Macho Ranger….MICHAEL + vest and heavy boots looked freakin’ hard core!

  27. G

    Toe, you fought hard and there was no giving up in you today! True Thundercat!
    Awesome nickname Ivannah!
    See you next week Byron.
    Hope you enjoyed your bday Wingman!

  28. Teach

    24:12 (GHD B-E)
    Pretty much as good as I was going to do on this one. Me and running are NOT friends, but I’m trying to be nice and make friends!
    Great pacing with the firebreathers today. Nice to see the Barbarian and Heather back from vacay.
    Thanks for the push G!

  29. mikey

    25:33 (RX)
    Thanks Coach Jim for pointing out the difference between a hip extension and back extension. Now I realize how much more the latter one sux…
    G- I don’t know how the hell you did your back extensions on that tire. When I saw Jim attempt it, I thought to myself, HELL NO… I’ll push someone off a GHD machine before I look and feel like roadkill 🙂

  30. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Wingman and congrats on the handsome baby boy Byron!
    29:51 RX It was great seeing all my Vamps that I haven’t seen in a long time!

  31. dub

    28:04…I agree that there is a big difference between back and hip extensions. I need to work on back extensions, nice work Cal. Hell of a time

  32. Julia

    28:10 (1 rd in a tire, 2 rds GHD)
    Back extensions were causing me problems when I went on the run. I was tightening up.
    Awesome time Summer! You must tell me your secret!