Front Squat

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Compare to 100726 with 5 x 3 Front Squats



2000m Row Time Trial


Post results to comments.

Belated Happy Birthday to Abel, who recently joined us and celebrated his birthday on the 26th!

41 Responses to ““SwordFish””

  1. Bullhorn

    Loving this weeks WODS
    185 205 215 225(PR) 235(PR)
    6:58 2000m (PR)

  2. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Abel.
    WELCOME to ACF!!!
    Rest day today although I am Tempted.
    (I need the squats and the row,however,weather
    is excellent for

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    185 205 195 205 215(PR) 185 195
    7:58.1 2000m (PR)

  4. Ralph

    115-135-135-145-155(2)-115-my wrist said till next buddy!
    8:16 row
    Thanks for the push Arnold…nice to be sharing a bar with you.
    My very first post… it’s good to be here.

  5. Bitchy Eggroll

    Happy Bday, Abel!
    Billy! You need to come back to 8:30am! I would not have gone heavier if you did not remind me of the past. WOW… I am being nice to Billy… Let me go slap myself to reality!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!
    Seriously, great coaching from Billy and Danielle. Thank u!
    G: I love your side kick dance!! LOLOLOL!

  6. dianna

    9:59.3 (gassed)
    TickTock noon chickees!

  7. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Abel!!!!!
    65-85-95-110-125-125(1)-125(1)Kind of became distracted at the end.

  8. Khara

    Great WOD, thanks to Andi for the push, sorry I didn’t help you up during the frozen moment of yours, but I really thought you’d push through.:)

  9. Summer

    Happy Belated Birthday Abel!!!
    9:07 Was trying to catch Grace the whole time but just could not do it.

  10. JohnnyB

    9:35 Row
    I’m dead after the last front squat! 🙁
    Brant & Keith, Great Job both!
    Thanks CoachG!

  11. Bobby Feiertag

    7:37 row
    bullhorn, thanks for pushing me on the row

  12. Keith Fogle

    Happy Birthday Abel!
    8:48 row (PR)
    Hit the wall on 165, new PR though!
    Nice lifting with Brant and JohnnyB!

  13. Speedy J

    115-125-135-145-155-175(PR)-180(2)..thanks again for sharing Gina, you are strong! Thanks G for the pointers on my wrists..helped. 8:24 row – tryed to catch you TI!

  14. The Nomad

    Nomading it again…this time in Baton Rouge @ Geaux Crossfit.
    3 Rounds for Time:
    20 Weighted Lunges (45#)
    20 Squat Jumps
    400m Run
    10:24 Rx
    Back @ Atomic on Friday!
    PS. Jim, this time I picked up shirt for you that will fit.

  15. T.I.(Kenny)

    Speedy J great job!!!!

  16. Lauren

    85-95-105-110-115(m)-115(m)-105; 10:26
    Far from PRs tonight, oh well. Enjoyed the impromptu elementary French test, Todd. Good seeing you at the box, Stacy. Don’t forget to come for pie.

  17. Gina

    always encouraging sharing the bar Janet! Way to go heavy!!
    8:06 pr (will probably be the only time I beat TI’s time! 🙂
    Sunshine, glad to do a final WOD with you. Good luck girl!!

  18. Todd

    Okay, guys, it wasn’t THAT kind of french test albeit impromptu.
    Mmmmm, french toast.
    Je suis tres bon aujord’hui.
    Okay: 165-185-195-205(1)-205(1)-185 blah!
    7:42 row

  19. Alice S.

    Nice sharing the bar with you Toe and Nicole… You two are awesome!!!
    Thanks to Billy, Daniel and G for the tips!!!
    Good job 0830!!!

  20. G

    7 sets of 3 is definitely challenging. Thanks for the push Ramrod!
    2k ROW = 9:02 It was awesome pacing with Summer. Tik Tok!! Dianna’s music request was a good beat for rowing. Awesome job nooners!! Patti’s squat depth has really come a long way!
    Good to see Hopper, Meg, Karina, Blake and Bernard back in action this morning.
    WOW, Bon Toddsky! La suele fois que j’entends le francais at the box is during handstand push-ups.
    Matt, WOW!! 6:56 2k Row is pure awesomeness.
    Sunshine…you will be missed around here for sure! Have fun with the 1 pood kb!

  21. G

    Alice, you are getting stronger! Good to see you post. Same with Ralph! Yey!

  22. TC

    Good night tonight!!!!
    2000M row 7.42
    Thanks for the help Matt!!!!

  23. Jen C

    9:09…tried to get under 9 and just missed.
    Great sharing a bar with you Aimee! Nice job on the front square!

  24. abel

    Thank you all for the welcoming me into ACF, it is really starting to grow on me, and also thanks for all the birthday wishes.
    2000m row 9:03

  25. abel

    Thank you all for welcoming me into ACF, was what I meant to write.