2 Mile Time Trial



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How are you supposed to run? Dr. Nicholas Romanov wants you to answer this question, but you probably can’t.

Running is one of the most fundamental human movements, yet modern running shoes, poorly written articles, lack of training and bad science have humans moving badly on the road, track and trail. Some say a return to barefoot running is the answer, but that’s not enough.

Sources:  CrossFit Journal

The Discovery of Pose Running (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)


Happy Birthday Tess, aka Taz!  You have come a long way since you started at ACF nine months ago.

49 Responses to ““Horseradish””

  1. Gina

    Happy birthday Tess!!!
    Got to update & charge the iPod… Any good running music suggestions out there? Tik Tok & Snap yo Fingers will only get me so far!

  2. Macho Ranger

    Happy b-day Taz!
    14.06 2 miles. Remeasured the course and some of you may be a bit surprised by the change. It is however very accurate.

  3. Lauren

    Coaches, is this a wod I am supposed to come for donning boots and a smile despite it being my eagerly awaited rest day?

  4. Macho Ranger

    Lauren. Make sure to rest. No boots team. There is a storm on the horizon.

  5. Todd

    Aside from being the luckiest man in the world working out with a bunch of hot crossfit chicks, my time was less than stellar at 15:11.

  6. Silverback

    I would’ve beat Todd & TI, but I had to stop and rescue 3 small children from a burning building during the run.
    HBD Taz!

  7. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Birthday Partner!
    21:00 nothing compared to the above posts:)

  8. Shelly

    26:27? I hate running. I’m choosing this wod as my first post bc my accomplishment is not my time but that I knew what the wod was and went anyway.

  9. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    17:20 POSE meathod.. it may be slower now, but I think it will be better in all ways, once I have the technique and physiology down.

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    But, I was disappointed to see that I did not beat Todd.

  11. Summer

    18:43or34 I know it is those numbers just don’t know what order, I’ll go for 43. Pretty slow today, but there is always the next time to make it a better time. Great Job nooners!!!

  12. G

    T….yes, I agree and didn’t include it under today’s caption. When squatting the knees need to track directly over the toe to avoid all kinds of issues. Thanks for posting. Hope to see you register for our Hammer & Chisel Competition. So, what is it….a day long drive?

  13. Teach

    Ah yes….running…my nemesis. However much I hate you, I will be there to confront you and beat you down! Or at least I will give it my best effort 🙂

  14. G

    17:20 – Easy Rider was my (and Summer’s) pacer and kept him within 50 meters and as soon as I stopped posing or maybe I started posing (and stopped thinking too much about my strides and posture)…I actually got faster and got ahead of Easy Rider. I’ll blame shoe lace malfunction on the last lap for letting Robert H catch up to me. Awesome push on the last 50 meter sprint Easy Rider!!!
    Fight Club was too fast! Way to hang around my shadow for a good mile Summer!
    HappyNooners rocked! Thanks Coach Daniel!

  15. Freakin' PR

    I was my own pacer today 🙂 I was not going to even try to keep up with Juan, TI or Silverback…Awesome Job!!!

  16. Freakin' PR

    AND….I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s WOD. The anticipation is killing me!!! 🙂

  17. Jen W.

    I was told by someone (TC) to go to this WOD today. I really didn’t want to come because of the running but in the end I am glad I did. I ran laps 1-3 without stopping but struggled with running during laps 4-7. In the final lap I was able to sprint it out the last couple of seconds. Thanks to everyone that ran with me on the last lap. Great job 5 o’clock class.

  18. Nicole Disco D

    Silverback you forgot about the puppy dog!!!
    Conor: 15:19
    Good job Juan!!!!!

  19. Babs

    “Believe it or Not”
    Yes, I ran, jogged, walked two miles!
    Thanks Bryan & Mikey for running along with me and helping me to finish. Thanks also for the cheering squad (Steve, Dar, & Teach) the finish line seemed so far away.

  20. CrazyCarl

    Then front squats and Prowler pushes after with Dustin… don’t know why we thought that would be a good idea.

  21. Barbella

    Missed my Noon Class =0( work…ugh..
    Ran 1-1/2 miles tonight : 14:25

  22. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Kelly C!
    Barbella, that’s not a bad time considering you were by yourself.
    Good to see Natalie C back in the box yesterday.
    Good to see Nancy, John D, Logan, Jen W, Austen, Jared M and Steve W back in action.
    “BIG THANK YOU” to Ramrod, HD, TC, Sunshine, Sledge and Playboy for their time in volunteering to perform a Demo WOD and for helping out at the City of Sugar Land Health & Fitness Expo this afternoon. Our WOD was:
    3 Rounds for Time:
    15 KB Summo DL High Pull
    15 Burpees
    Everyone finished the WOD by 4:32!
    Awesome Crew!!!!

  23. G

    Arnold..haha!…I’m sure you had more fun beating a few good old men in tennis today.

  24. Dar

    17:02 also ran 6 this morning. good day!
    thanks for pacing me Mikey. Nice running with you Steve. You did awesome Babs!
    oh-and i’m proud of you Shelly. we still need to set up our match!
    12:51 Sean ran in the neighborhood

  25. mikey

    Dar- Pacing you?!? You should have just blown by me the first 100m but no… you had to wait until the last 100m! 🙂 Good job. I couldn’t catch you at the end- the whole marathon outfit was way intimidating.
    Great job Babs! You finished way under what you were guesstimating.

  26. G

    Shelly, today was a milestone!
    Babs, amazing to see you take on 2 miles!
    Awesome job!

  27. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    19 something!! My goal was under 20 min, so I was pumped! Great working out with the girls (and Todd) at 8:30!

  28. Teach

    Great job to everyone last night! It’s not easy to run 2 miles in a parking lot 🙂 It was fun seeing everyone rally around each other to help finish!
    Under 20 min was my goal!
    Jen W. – so proud of you for finishing those 2 miles! Love it!
    Babs – way to sprint at the end! You did a fantastic job 🙂

  29. Kelli

    18.32 first WOD! Looking forward to crossfit. Nice meeting everyone there Th. morning.Thx Grace for all of the information. Have a feeling my hubby will be joining me soon.