“Closed Circuit TV”

Circuit Training

3 Rounds of 30/30 sec Work/Rest (Score Your Reps)


Power Snatch (75)(55)


Wall Ball (20)(14)


Back Squats (155)(105)



Post results to comments.


(Video courtesy of US Army Flight Medic Sgt. Michael Patangan)

54 Responses to ““Closed Circuit TV””

  1. Billdozer

    225(RX) Gotta get used to this 5:30am deal, weather was nice though, its tough when you don’t have a score to shoot for. Nice parnering with you Cal, it will no doubt be the highlight of my day.
    Back for skill work at 4. FYI, Judges meeting for hammer & chisel tentatively scheduled for this sunday after open gym. Let me know if there are any scheduling conflicts, so we can look into a time that everyone can make it.

  2. Bullhorn

    277RX, Working with billy was like working with a ACF Legend, took me like 10 min to get un star struck
    Hopfully you will be able to get up tomorrow again billy so i can get schooled 🙂

  3. Bonnie B

    243 (55#, 14#, 65#)
    thanks for motivating me peter!

  4. Speedy J

    255 (Rx)..thanks Brian for the count. KTE’s needs some work..

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    214(RX) Lungs were burning pretty good on this one. Good job 9:30 and 8:30.. lots of good scores.

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Ruel, way to go RX on the snatch.. good effort. Nice partnering with you.

  7. Black'n'Blue

    185 (R freakin’ X)
    I was so stoked about RXing and then I saw Janet’s score on the board. You really cannot be human, Speedy J, that is an insane score at RX. G gave me a very adamant “You’re doing 105” and just as adamant point to the appropriate bar for the back squats today. Now I gotta catch up to Arnold and Fam…
    Awesome partnering with you, Dianna, way to crank it out today! Great job 9:30!

  8. Khara

    185 55/35 snatch
    A little bummed I couldn’t knock out the #55 snatch a little faster, moved to #35 for 2-3 rounds. Fun wod, certainly kees you honest. Thanks Kendra for the push.

  9. dianna

    would have RX’d but KTE became KTair.
    Thanks Ivannah, couldn’t have done it without you! Funny how you are louder than the voice inside me that says “quit”

  10. Logan

    218 RX
    This whole dry air thing is double edged sword. I think I must have developed some gills over the summer because I felt like a goldfish laying on a sidewalk but without the whole flopping around thing going on…

  11. Bonnie B

    oops, my snatch was 35#/not 55#….
    why do i feel totally weird writing that sentence?!

  12. chrissy c

    210 (35#PS, 10#WB, 65#BS, Knees to somewhere between elbows and armpits – One of these days…)

  13. Barbella

    241 (45#,10#,65#,knees to biceps)
    Note: don’t do burpees barefooted.
    Big Thank you, Lauren =0)

  14. mario c

    mario c 201 (35#PS; 10#WB; 55#BS.) Abmat sit ups.

  15. mario c

    mario c 201 (35#PS; 10#WB; 55#BS.) Abmat sit ups.

  16. Freakin' PR

    This is my kind of WOD!
    259 (Rx)
    Great partnering with G! You did awesome!! Thanks for the push and the burpee pointers…Need to work on those!
    As always great noon class!
    And I believe the competition is 4-3 now! 🙂

  17. Ramrod

    Good job to everyone today in the early classes. And great workin with ya sikverback..
    Billy I didn’t know there was a judges meeting tonight I won’t be able to make it

  18. Bullhorn

    Billy, please look at my card when you get to the gym, please confirm my score. Juan called me cussing me in his native tongue saying my score was wrong because you did not add right.

  19. T.I. (Kenny)

    I thought this was my kind of WOD! I guess not. 222 (RX). Thanks for the butt kicking Aida. Great job and great to see you today Miguel. Good luck this weekend.

  20. Alice S.

    192(35#, 10#, 65#)
    Good job 0830 and 0930 classes!!!
    Nice one Black N’ Blue!!!
    Nice working out with you Ate Chit!!
    What a GREAT way to start a week!!

  21. Gina

    233 (ktwaist)
    good job Vanessa!! Thx for keeping me honest! 🙂

  22. Ruel

    206(14#wb,135# squat)
    I’m glad I went today… Nice WOD, awesome effort Easy Rider…good job everyone!!!

  23. T-REX

    219. RX on everything w/ exception to some KTE, KTB, and KTA. +800m run w/ Zen Jen, great job girl!

  24. G

    241(Rx) – have to get a good rhythm on KTEs. It was awesome partnering with you Aida! You rocked!

  25. ZEN Jen (jen m)

    219 (45,65,10WB, KTB) thanks for the push T-Rex! You’re truly one strong chick!
    Hernan- Hope you feel better! Nice work Firebreathers!

  26. G

    Good job on your baseline Rene F!
    Welcome on your first WOD Sarah M and Will M!
    Welcome Miguel, owner of Ranger CrossFit!
    Good to see Vegas, Tara, Kari, Joe F, Grim Reaper and Regina back in action.
    Congrats at the CrossFit/USaKristina! We are so proud of you. Nice singlet 🙂
    Feel better H the B!
    Bullhorn, your scorecard will be at the box in the morning.

  27. mario c

    mario c 201 (35#PS; 10#WB; 55#BS.) Abmat sit ups.

  28. The Nomad

    197 Rx – Really wanted 200. Good to partner with Austen. Rest of the 5PM group rocked it!

  29. TC

    I love these kind of WOD’s, they kick my butt, yet I still love them!!!!
    Way to work tonight ACE!!!!

  30. Jen C

    187 (95#)
    Great partnering with you Rocky Top! I knew you could do 95#!

  31. Ace

    These are my kinda WOD’s. Lets me get a breather (no matter how little it is).
    TC you da man brotha! And thanks Billy for the push tonight. Had one of my better showings.
    233 (Rx)
    Did a 2500 m row as a warm up (10 min).

  32. G

    Feel better Fam. I’m breathing with one clogged up airway myself. Weed pollen is shown heavy at 527/cubic meter!
    That’s a good rowing time ACE!
    My fellow ACF MudRun Badasses or Devil’s Rejects:
    Who’s picking up the packets?

  33. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    177 (95#)
    Jen, thanks for pushing me and for the cooking tips!

  34. ingrid

    196 (95#)
    Nice to meet you Kelly aka Fox.
    Thanks for counting and maximizing my time.
    Great job 7pmers.

  35. Kari

    171 (35#PS, 6#WB, 65#BS, KTW)
    First time back since May. Hard, but felt good.
    Thanks Kathy!

  36. sharon

    192 – 10#wb; 95# bs
    Thanks Heather V for counting for me.

  37. Bobo

    forgot to post yesterday.
    fun wod. felt like an elephant snuck up and sat on me.
    245 RX.

  38. Will

    Totally forgot to post yesterday’s results for Sarah M and I (Will). We’ll be posting regularly now! Thanks for the warm welcome, I think. KTE’s kicked our asses… looking forward to more soreness in my brachioradialis…

  39. TheFox

    196 (65#ps 115#bs)
    Good to be back–been almost a year. I was going for 200 but had no idea where I was and came up just short. I feel good about it, since I wasn’t killing myself, trying to figure out where I was.
    Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.