“2010 CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open Triplet


AMRAP in 10 minutes


  • 6 Squat Cleans (120)(65)
  • 12 Pull-Ups
  • 24 Double-Unders


Post results to comments.


SheRa CF USAW Weightlifting Open 5th place SheRa DU

Congrats to SheRa, (our transplant to Colorado) who placed 5th in the 69kg division at the CrossFit USAW Weightlifting Open this past weekend (event details) (results)!!

54 Responses to ““2010 CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open Triplet”

  1. Billdozer

    5rds+3 reps(RX) That was a fun little workout, finally caught up to lopez with the double unders on the last round, another good day with the Pacemakers, and once again it was nice partnering with Cal. Two down, 3 to go Cal and we are all square.

  2. Bullhorn

    4RDs +22 reps rx, billy and those DBL unders gets me every time. great energy this morning.

  3. Macho Ranger

    4 Rounds 24reps (rx)
    Great Job Tina! You beat some pretty big names!

  4. Billdozer

    Good job Kristina!
    Stacy, Cal and I just want to make sure the “Taco Stand” will be open tomorrow evening.

  5. Bullhorn

    Yes master taco please make sure you are there to prepair us for our oct. 23 test of your teachings

  6. Bobo

    Got to join the pacemakers this morning.
    4 rounds plus 7 reps RX.
    pull ups killed me on this one.

  7. Kelli

    Thanks grace and everyone that was there today at 8:30. That was great today. Looking forward to seeing my progress over time. Love the whole crossfit concept.

  8. Billdozer

    Cal, wear your Ulimate Warrior t-shirt. Sensei will appreciate that.

  9. Bullhorn

    I will bring the The Warrior out for Sensei Taco!!

  10. Silverback

    Dub & Easy Rider – I need your t-shirt size and to let me know if you can make a brief meeting Sun @ 10am @ the box.

  11. Maricel

    3 rounds + 18 reps. can’t believe I did 40# squat cleans. Thanks Coach G for pushing… That’s why I keep coming back! Great job 8:30 class!

  12. ingrid

    3 rds+6 reps sq.cl.
    (65#.yellow band assist PU,parra jump/hop)
    had a lot of fun working out with 0930H
    folks,got hungry after the warm up.No more gas when wod started.

  13. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    3rds + 6reps (double under attempts)

  14. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Congrats Christina!
    Scott, will be there sunday 10am .. size L.

  15. dianna

    4rds+6 (65#,RR,para-step)
    going to practice bunny hopping at home, Nicole!

  16. ZEN Jen (JenM.)

    3rds=21(LJ) Fun times @9:30! Loving the morning weather and finishing the workout early on during the day! Awesome work CF chicks and Easy Rider!
    Khara and Kendra – looking good on the pull up bars

  17. Summer

    Great Job SheRa!!!
    4+4(thin purple, lat. Jump)Thank you Barbella for being my partner;) great job nooners.

  18. Khara

    4+14 (RR, PJs)
    Jen, you pushed me to attempt the bar girl, thanks so much. Facing fears is what this is all about. Awesome job 0930!!

  19. Barbella

    3+17 (fat band/LJ) gotta find a new Jump rope, Summer broke mine =0) LOL
    Ramrod’s got all the Nooners!!

  20. Silverback

    Wow, I think I burned up my throat and at least one lung on this one. Good to partner up with you TI. Good effort! Aren’t you glad that I provided you with enough push and motivation, that you beat me?

  21. Dar

    Congratulations SheRa! I don’t know you but after watching some of the competition this weekend, I’m totally in awe of your accomplishment!

  22. Gab

    3 rounds + 18 reps
    My double unders are geting better 🙂

  23. Ramrod

    I agree with G that this one felt like a Fran with the dry air. Like I told sctt, everyone gets to be a firebreather today. Good job done by all, especially my nooners!
    Todd the 1-on-1 matchup would have been fun if we had had the time. Awesome push none the less! And congrats she-ra!

  24. Freakin' PR

    Awesome job G! and thanks for counting my reps…This one was a tough one for sure!
    5 + 11 (Rx)…I really thought I could get to 6 rounds…..and of course I was wrong!
    Competition now stands 5-3….no worries TI you can still catch up!

  25. mario c

    mario c – 5 + 1 SCALED to 3-6-9 reps a round; 45#

  26. Speedy J

    4+40(Rx)..DU’s took any speed I had..bad at them as it is..awful when done with other movements..Thanks Gina.

  27. Lauren

    4+20 (45, black band, lat hops)
    Fun times. Jim and Grace both screaming kept me moving through the lung burn. Thanks guys!
    Congrats Kristina!!! Hardcore.

  28. Julia

    3 + 4 (thin white, 12 du’s)
    800m after WOD run with TC. Thanks for the push at the end!!
    It was great working out with Rocky Top! Thanks Abbye, Nate and Dar for all your encouragement and tips at the end.

  29. chrissy c

    4 rounds even (55#, thin white, lat hops) Thanks for the push at the end Mimi!!!

  30. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    2 + 16 (95)
    95# on the squat clean heavy for this high intensity workout. However, I wanted to embrace the madness!

  31. chrissy c

    4 rounds even (55#, thin white band, lat hops)
    Thanks for the push at the end Mimi!!! 🙂

  32. Black'n'Blue

    3 rounds + 20 reps (RX)
    This RX business is quite the challenge… Jim, your voice is MUCH louder than the wheezing voice in my head that’s telling me to quit. Small 7PM class tonight, way to tough it out, y’all!

  33. TC

    this was not my workout I dont know what the deal was but I dont like it.
    3 + 4 (1round Rx, the other 2 (12) double unders)

  34. Kaylynn

    4 rounds + 6 (yellow band and lat jumps)
    Thanks for the motivation Tammy!

  35. G

    5 + 40(Rx) Completed up 22 reps of DUs (6+12+22=40)
    Thanks for the push and partnering with me Aida! I like yelling at you when it’s your turn, haha!
    Ramrod, yes..this WOD had the similar infamous “Fran” effect. Genius Jim!! Love this WOD! Totally enjoy suffering with the nooners nowadays! Thanks Coach Daniel!

  36. G

    Kelli, glad to see you pick up on many new movements today. Good job on your first tire flips….15 reps total during our warm-up!
    H the B, glad to see you do the WOD today.
    Good to see MLB back in action!!!

  37. G

    ACF MudRun Badasses Teammates (Julia, HD, Fight Club and Dub):
    Let’s meet on Thursday night 7pm at the box.

  38. Teach

    5+36 reps (Rx)
    Ripping halfway through my 4th round did me no favors! Lung burner doesn’t even begin to describe it…
    Did a 3K row afterwards (14:15)
    Was still wheezing from the WOD!
    Great to workout with the firebreathers today! H the B – take care of your back!! Thanks for the push Coach G and Coach Jim!

  39. She-Ra

    Thanks:) Really appreciate the love! I will always have roots at ACF! Killed it G and Teach!

  40. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    3+6 reps (thin white band, 12 DU)
    First time to experince the “Fran” cough and its still going! Great working with you Julia, thanks for all the encouragment and not letting me quit!

  41. Jen C

    3+15 (skinny purple band)
    Could not get a rhythm on the double unders during this WOD.