21 – 15 – 9 Reps For Time


OHS (95)(65)

Weighted Ring Dips (25)

Box Jumps (24")


Post results to comments.

"The Disposable Heroes WOD" with Brad Mckee, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Marie The Grim Reaper (2)
Happy Birthday Marie, aka "Grim Reaper"!

Spec Taco
Happy Birthday Coach Stacy, aka "Spec" or "Taco"!!   This is Spec's third birthday celebration with us.

61 Responses to ““Cruzer””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Hey Stacy, when are you going to take your road bike out of moth balls and come out on a ride with us? You can leave the trainng wheels on it, hehe!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Hey Stacy, when are you going to take your road bike out of moth balls and come out on a ride with us? You can leave the trainng wheels on it, hehe!

  3. Jen C

    Happy birthday you guys! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Regina

    Happy Birthday, Stacy and Marie! Enjoy your special day.

  5. Lauren

    Happy Birthday Stacy and Marie!!
    Reminder to Mud Run teammates JB and Juan, if you want me to take care of packet pickup for you, bring your paperwork and a photocopy of your ID to the box sometime today. I’ll be around at open gym.

  6. ZEN Jen (JenM.)

    happy birthday Marie and Stacy! Coach Spec – we miss seeing you at 4pm! Have a wonderful day!!!

  7. Will

    Sarah M and I (Will) were CRUSHED by this!! Great day #2 workout!! Keep kickin’ our asses.

  8. Bullhorn

    HBD Marie!!
    HBD Master Taco!!
    Pacemakers= BOOM! great morning workout, THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR brought out the beast in everyone. Juan, way to edge me out, always fun racing you. Billy 1 Me 2, but you showed that youd have full range on the dips, BOOM!!
    14:06 RX

  9. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Marie!
    Happy Birthday Sensei Taco!
    22:05(RX) I think Jim programs these every once in a while just to laugh. A special thanks to lopez for the motivation, I never would have done all the OHS unbroken without you. I quit caring about the time after I started doing the weighted dips 1 at a time in the 1st round, but sometimes you have to quit worrying about time and focus on making sure each rep is legit.
    So for everybody else coming to the WOD today, or any day for that matter, hold yourself accontable and bury each rep. Trust me, you may not have the fastest time today but it will pay off in the long run. Everybody had to time to go home and shower by the time I finished today.

  10. Macho Ranger

    Happy b-day Spec and Marie.
    I too completely blew out on this one. Had to stay mentally tough to stick with the weight. No excuses just real heavy. 21.30 Rx

  11. Bonnie B

    i scaled back WAY too much on this one…
    ill know better next time.
    7:52 (55#, parallet dips, 20″ box)

  12. Keith Fogle

    14:08 (OHS 45# ring dips, with some box assist ring dips)
    OHS are still pretty ugly, but they are slowly getting better…work in progress.
    Got some of my first ring dips with no box assist today!
    Nice working out with the 8:30 class!
    HBD to Marie and Stacy!

  13. mario & chrissy c

    Hey Stacy, when are you going to take your road bike out of moth balls and come out on a ride with us? You can leave the trainng wheels on it, hehe!

  14. Rosie

    HAPPY HAPYY birthday!!!
    13:07 (55#,PL Dips,20#)
    Great to be back after a wk or so of resting my knee.
    Awesome range on the OHS, Bonnie!

  15. T.I.(Kenny)

    7:48 (Reg. Ring Dips)
    Didn’t do RX because FPR didn’t/couldn’t.

  16. Macho Ranger

    T.I. Don’t make me point out how lame that is. You missed the point of this WOD!

  17. Alice S.

    Happy Birthday Stacy and Marie!!! All the BEST!!!
    Very well said Billdozer!!! Thanks for your tips!!!
    10:43 (#35, paradip, #20)
    Twas nice pairing with you Shelly!!WTG!!!
    Good job 0830 & 0930 classes!!!
    Thanks G!!! You’re the BEST!!!

  18. Taz

    Happy Birthday Marie and Coach Stacy.
    6 mile run
    11:35 (60#;box parallet dips;24″)

  19. T.I.(Kenny)

    Out of respect for my elders I’m not going to respond to Jim.

  20. Macho Ranger

    These young whippersnappers these days. No idea what hard work is….

  21. Black'n'Blue

    Happy birthday Marie and Stacy!
    13:18 (box assist ring dips)
    Bit down on the inside of my lower lip at some point during the WOD, don’t know when. Didn’t even realize it until I tasted blood after finishing. Cool. Awesome job 9:30ers!

  22. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:18 RX
    Full range of motion on weighted dips, missed one at top and redid. Had a nice rhythm of 2 at a time on last set. Dips are one of my few actual strengths.
    Todd, I may have you on this one.
    Stacy, happy birthday, I miss your off-the-chart posted times and your daily presence at the box.

  23. CrazyCarl

    12:32 Rx then 1 MI. Run after .
    Happy Bdays Marie and Taco, hope yall have a good one.
    P.S. weighted ring dips suck.

  24. G

    Fam, that’s the gift of CrossFit WODS…quick recovery. Take it and carry on with your daily life and take on hard & fast on the next day’s WOD!
    MudRun Badasses: Please leave your document copy in the office under the two folders on top of the table. Dub, do you have our team’s registration form?
    Spec and Marie, enjoy your birthday!

  25. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Marie
    and Stacy
    9:32 (35#,parra,18″)
    thanks G for keeping an eye on my squats.
    thanks 0830H athletes for the push,I would have rested and taken my time.
    over time I should be confident with my squats…feels good being able to do it.
    This speech is too complicated and too deep for me to digest right now…I guess it means JUST keep oN WoRKIng HaRd or maybe…DoN’t QUiT,KEEP GOing.

  26. Dar

    Happy Birthday Marie and Stacy!
    Thanks for the reminder, Billdozer.
    Black’n’Blue – maybe you should add Black’n’Blue’n’Bloody! lol! take care, girl!

  27. Stacy

    Hey, thanks for the well wishes everyone!
    I’ll be having open gym at 6 as usual…everyone is welcome!

  28. Nicole Disco D:)

    Thanks Ian and Juan for pushing me to do box jumps again. Ian, I really needed you to tell me to get my ass to the ground on ohs!!!!
    9:48 (ohs 40#,para dips,20″ 21 stepups,15,9 box jumps)
    Happy Birthday Stacy and Marie!!!!!!!

  29. Summer

    Happy Birthday Marie and Spec!!!
    12:43(box ring dips) Great Job Arnold on ur overhead squat;) Good Job to all the nooners

  30. Julia

    Happy Bday Stacey and Marie!
    I wish I didn’t have to work today and could do OHS…they’re my favorite!

  31. Ramrod

    G and I did this one after the noon class. Thanks for talking me into doing it earlier 🙂 I have a feeling I won’t be feeling my triceps tomorrow. Thanks for counting reps and making sure I was full ROM on everything Juan and Arnold. As always way to kick ass nooners!

  32. Bobo

    12:36 rx.
    Ouch. all singles after rep 4 of the first round. had a few re-dos. all squats unbroken, and all bouncing box jumps!
    Happy Birfday Taco and Grim!

  33. Black'n'Blue

    Dar — I do seem to bleed a lot for and during CrossFit, don’t I? Seems like an appropriate addition. Haha.

  34. Barbella

    Oh darn…my day off and I missed OHS…darn darn…
    HBD to 2 good lookin’ peeps!

  35. Gina

    14:38 (65, ring dips!!!!, 20″)
    happy birthday Marie & Spec!!!

  36. Freakin' PR

    8:32 (Reg ring dips)
    I’m really liking the WODs this week better than last week!! 🙂
    Awesome 930 class!!
    Happy Birthday Marie and Spec!

  37. Freakin' PR

    oh yeah!! and thanks Ramrod for counting my ring dips…and Fam for pushing me!!!

  38. MLB

    14:04 (Rx) Thanks John and Ramrod for the push and keeping me honest on the OHS and dips…..

  39. Lauren

    14:something. Sub 30 seconds. (45, bard, 20″) First WOD on the rings. It killed. In a good way. Thanks for pushing me throughout, Coach Bobo.
    Jim, if you’re going to get all teary about it I can make you a pie. Pick a flavor.
    Thanks for the jump rope tips, Stacy, it definitely helped.

  40. TC

    My arms and shoulders are burning!!!
    Good work 6PM!!!
    Happy Birthday Spec and Marie I hope it was a good one!!!!

  41. Macho Ranger

    Open Gym
    For time:
    95 pound Back squat, 50 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
    115 pound Back squat, 40 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 4 ascents
    135 pound Back squat, 30 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 3 ascents
    155 pound Back squat, 20 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 2 ascents
    175 pound Back squat, 10 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    Thanks for the help with the bar Admiral.
    Not pretty. Cramped on my right side… which happens to be my dominant rope climb-pulling side . Interesting. (32.23 RX)

  42. A.O.

    16 something
    (65# ohs, regular ring dips)
    First time not using the box for ring dips in a wod. I guess that means I’m getting stronger.

  43. G

    11:10 (Rx) – last set of Ring Dips was slow but had to make sure shoulders were touching the rings and hips were actually moving down and up…Juanito was our RD patrol. Thanks for pushing me Arnold. It was fun dueling with RamRod today!
    Macho, that WOD looked nasty!
    HD, I like those red CrossFit shorties 🙂
    Wolverine, awesome ROM on the dips…I said shoulder touching the ring…not necessarily the bottom part of the ring!
    Arnold: You are now in one piece bionic woman…you can recruit the whole system to execute a good OHS!
    Big Pacemakers crowd!
    Will, you are Coach Tim Swords’ apprentice by the looks of your OHS!
    Good to see Rosie, Wingman, LA, Ben K, Chalkman and Contra back in action.
    Bullhorn, you are hilarious!

  44. T

    Hello all! I wish I could be there to do the wod’s with you all. It’s almost impossible to keep the intensity high when doing these workouts alone!
    10:32 as rx’d
    box jumps suck.