“Stock Pile”

For Time:


500m Row

50 Push-Ups (Hands Release at the Bottom)

50 Pull-Ups (C2B)

500m Run


Post results to comments.


930am Crew
If you're in any of the pictures above, post to comments.

57 Responses to ““Stock Pile””

  1. Julia

    12:53 (Thin White CTB)
    Learned a valuable lesson at 6 a.m. this morning…. remove foot from band before taking hands off bar. Nothing like a bruised rump to start the day.
    Great workout with the Loud Crowd (he he) at 5:30 a.m.

  2. dianna

    those are my quads in the first picture. my face is just a blur of pure speed.

  3. Bonnie B

    14:05 i think…(green band)
    diggin the socks this morning julia!

  4. Macho Ranger

    12.18 rx. Yesterday’s second WOD squats came home to roost on pushups????? and rope climb on pull-ups. Strange how the quads burn on push-ups. Especially after a hard row 😉
    Great work FPR…and the rest of the Thundercats!

  5. heatherd

    Macho Ranger and the Thundercats…what’s going on here!?!?! And a late night appearance last night too. Don’t screw with our heads….just when we have your schedule figured out, you go and mix it up!!! 🙂

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:39 rx. Mobility issues on C2B..did about 70 but only 50 touched my chest.
    G – thanks for counting C2B and encouraging full range of motion.

  7. dianna

    i don’t remember my time. 12:38?
    1/2 jumping 3″band, 25RRs, about 10KPU’s
    trying to run faster. thanks Zen and Holly L for the PUSH.

  8. Freakin' PR

    Thanks Jim! This week has been good to me… 🙂
    10:34 (Rx)
    Great job Thundercats!
    Awesome job Katie!!! You’ll get your strength back in no time!! Great WOD to come back to…and thanks for counting my reps

  9. Freakin' PR

    oh yeah….and I think that’s me in the 2nd pic!

  10. Ralph

    14:18 (green band, most of it C2B according to Coach G)
    That’s me right there in the 2nd picture, blue shirt.

  11. ZEN Jen (jen m)

    12:25(1″C2B)awesome work 9:30 grp!
    Katie- didn’t get to say hi to you buy its really nice to see you back!
    Nice to meet you Ralph!

  12. G

    Coaches Class: Ramrod and G
    15:07 (Rx) – not my best performance, excuse is stuffed up airways. All I can say is that 1000/cubic meter of weed pollen in the air better stop or I will dance for a week’s worth of non-stop rain.
    You killed this one FPR!
    Have a good short trip Macho!
    Good to see Mike Breeden back in action!
    Easy Rider, you’re not the only one I was in doubt of 15 of my reps so I had some redo reps myself. You’ll be better in the long run. Glad we were able to cue you to tuck your elbows in a little to get the full contact to the bar.
    Good showing today Vegas!
    First time C2B Rx Milestones for Easy Rider, Logan, Marlon, Ninja and Peter; also Conor on a some of his reps. Fam, you have done C2Bs before and you kicked butt today giving Marlon a run for his money – hehe 🙂
    Awesome job Pacemakers, 830 and 930 crew! The band assist chest to bars will help your regular pull-ups!

  13. Marlon

    14:08 RX
    Thanks coach G for the push and counting my C2B.
    Welcome back Katie!

  14. Black'n'Blue

    This looks like fun. But rest days are fun too. 🙂 I’m in that second picture. WOO.

  15. FACE

    I’m in picture 2 back left. Can’t wait to get back to the box.

  16. FACE

    Thanks Arnold & Billdozer!!! Just made my day (actually night)

  17. Jack

    17:something (used a very thick green band);)
    Wow! My head was spinning this morning. Great to be back and it was so GREAT to see everyone! I am so out of shape!
    Daniel and G thanks for the awesome coaching and push. FPR and Fam thanks for running with the peg leg at the end! I couldn’t of finished without you two!

  18. Freakin' PR

    oh…sorry! I couldn’t remember my time for sure!
    I guess that means you kicked my butt!! Well….you didn’t really kicked it, but you got this one 🙂

  19. Ramrod

    Another good wod with G today. For once I actually pulled a decent time on the rower so that’s exciting. And Aida, Vegas is right but you guys both did awesome. Great job 830 930 and nooners.
    Special shout out to Katie for being back and CHIEF for doing this mother RX today!

  20. Freakin' PR

    Thanks Ramrod….I didn’t doubt Vegas for a second 🙂

  21. Vegas

    Sorry FPr, the only reason I know your time coz it was the fastest on the board which made you my target today

  22. t

    12:20 as rx’d + 20 lb vest and 600m run instead of 500m

  23. Gina

    13:37 (big honking purple band was big mistake)
    thanks Todd & Juan for trying to help with kip motion. I’m thinking too hard.

  24. mario c

    mario c 18:46 (Rx) – Hey I am as surprised as anyone, hehe!
    But then afterward while driving to the rock gym, I started daydreaming about how now that I am crushing these WODs, maybe I should ask G and Jimmy and them to get Juan to construct an open locker for me with a litte chair in front of it for me to sit on, like the pro football and baseball players have.
    Off in the corner where I can be alone contemplating how I am going to crush the upcoming WOD. A place where I can take questions from the print and photo media and The Crossfit Journal about what I was thinking about during the WOD and how I approach killing a WOD or do I think a human mind can devise a WOD I cannot dominate or will that task be left to a super computer? Quesitons like that.
    G and Jimmy, please give my request all the consideration you think it deserves, hehe!
    Hey, when you are a legend in your own mind these are the kinds of thoughts that come to you

  25. Speedy J

    10:13 (Rx)..thanks for the count Sharon..thanks Sledge for being on my heals, felt like I had glass in my throat – air is brutal!!

  26. The Nomad

    1st, Lauren, way to fight thru it! You did great! I know you wanted Rx, but chest to bar is hard!
    15:09 (kips) – didn’t have the strength for C to B. Thanks Teach! Great 5 PM class. And yes little brother (Contra) beat me!

  27. Lauren

    23:59 (regular kips) – Yikes. Thanks so so much Nomad, for counting and pushing me all the way through, and great job yourself knocking out the kips–you did at least half of them chest to bar. Also, big thanks to Beth for staying on me for the whole 12(?) minutes of pull ups, making me re-do like 15 of them, and grabbing me tape when I started bleeding.. twice. Also, thanks Speedy J for running with me. You all freaking rock.
    Rough, ripped hands are totally sexy, right?
    Great job 5 o’clock! Happy to hear you’re back with us Katie!

  28. Todd

    I gave Lauren a high-five and our dried calloused skin interlocked. Our hands were totally stuck together for about 3 minutes. Kewl!
    11:fitty today. I’m okay with that.
    Welcome back jack-rabbit.

  29. Ruel

    I thought I was ready for a cooler weather, but then it’s leaving my airway very dry and hard to breathe….i still have some cough and congestion but i think i’ll survive… good job 7p crew…Thanks teach for the push…

  30. MIke B

    Great to finally be back in the box after 4 months!!!!
    16:35 (1″band, then 1″x2, then RR, 15 reps of knee pu’s)
    Time to get working on that gas tank again!!
    Thanks for the push Khara and G

  31. Lauren

    Yeah. That was pretty hot, with the callus interlocking.

  32. RayRay

    18:17 Rx
    allergies and ripped hands made C2B pretty miserable. thanks for the count andrew
    welcome back katie!

  33. MLB

    Couldn’t make it to Atomic today, stuck on a conference call with Korea until 6:45pm. Did todays WOD though, wait for it………..at Globo Gym (Lifetime Fitness).
    12:35 (Rx)
    Looking forward to getting back to Atomic this weekend!!!

  34. TC

    This was an awesome WOD and and always a good time at happy hour!!!
    Always fun to go head to head with Dozer. I thought for a second I was home free, but just as I turned the last corner of the 500 through the blinding sun I see a Ryan Seacrest looking figure coming after me. Only to realize it was BillDozer. I gave it my all and edged him out!!! Way to push Dozer!!!

  35. Teach

    13:?? (42?)(Rx)
    Got slowed down on the pull ups because I ripped my OTHER hand. My hands look awesome now 🙂 I can feel my tank improving with the added runs I’ve done lately on my non-ACF days 🙂
    Thanks for the push G!

  36. Teach

    Awesome job by everyone tonight! It was packed all night long….love that!
    Melessa-great meeting you! Hopefully you’ll join us again on Thursday nights 🙂
    Jared- you KILLED this one! Fastest time on the board at 8:04!
    Lauren- way to push through and finish! You fought hard for it and should be very proud.
    Contra and Nomad- fun watching the sibling rivalry this evening….I could tell nomad wasn’t happy getting beat by brother 🙂
    Audry- fantastic seeing you again tonight!!
    Playboy- I hope the music was more to your liking, although I think you secretly belt out Lady Gaga when you are alone 🙂

  37. Barbella

    14:43 switched 3 times on the Pull Ups…green band,FAT band,RR. But I finally tried pull ups straight-legged =0)
    Fortunate to witness CHIEF Rx!!

  38. Steve

    12:53 – thin white band for pullups. Low on gas tonight, but a good workout

  39. sharon

    17:45 RX
    Great job 5 pm class. Thanks Speedy J for running that 500 w me. What did you end up running a mile and a half or something 🙂

  40. T-REX

    11:43?? thin black band, C2B. +800m run w/ Abbye-Mac, + GHD