For Time:

5 Wall Hopovers (each team member)

Then the following to be completed in order cumulatively.  One team member working at a time:

5 Burpees for both teammates each time the sandbag hits the ground.


30 Sandbag Front Squat (70)(40)

30 Sandbag Back Squat

15 Heavy Dead Lifts (245)(165)

30 Box Jumps (24")(20")

1000m Row

15 Heavy Dead Lifts

30 Box Jumps

30 Sandbag Back Squat

30 Sangbag Front Squat


Staggered starts by 2 minutes.

Mud run

Good luck to ACF's MudRun Team Partcipants (information & directions).

Badasses:  Dub (Brandon W), Fight Club (Aaron D), G (Grace P), HD (Heather D) and Jules (Julia M)

Devil's Rejects:  BB4 (Juan G), Bobo (JB), Lauren, Macho Ranger (Jim K) and T-Rex (Judy T)



5 Responses to ““Corn-Fed””

  1. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    I’m between nicknames, this needs to be resolved. Verdict’s out as to whether Bloody should be added on to Black’n’Blue to make it Triple B.
    18:38 (RX)
    Awesome partnering with you, Bonnie, stoked I was part of your first RX! Way to crank it out! That wall and I are gonna need a few more dates before I decide whether this relationship will last or not…
    Great job to everyone this morning! Good luck to all competing today, show everyone how ACFers do it!

  2. G

    Oktoberfest obliteration update:
    silverback won 2nd (6 seconds from first) on his heat (1st heat of masters division)

  3. Bullhorn

    Good job Silverback. Summer great job this morning. The Wall is a new love of mine.

  4. Summer

    Great Job Silverback!!!
    Good luck to all doing the Mud Run today!
    Thanks Cal for throwing me over the wall. I like the nick name Party Girl it fits me maybe it will stick. 14:59(RX)