“Sex Panther”

For Time:

500m Run

50 Double-Unders

10 OHS (135)(95)

50 GHD Situps

10 OHS (135)(95)

50 Double-Unders

500m Run


Post results to comments.

Check out the results, picutres and videos from Oktoberfest Obliteration II.


Babs Seldgehammer
Happy Birthday Babs!  Back in the day, we would warm up to Babs birthday burpees!
  This is her third birthday celebration with us.  In her 26 months of crossfitting, Bab's has accomplished gains in strength, stamina and work capacity, while defying aging.  She also incorporated the Paleo nutrition program last year.  You look marvelous Babs!!

61 Responses to ““Sex Panther””

  1. chrissy c

    Sorry to miss your BD WOD Babs – but I’m out of town. Of course, had I been there, I’m sure you would have crushed my time!!!

  2. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    HBD babs!
    19:20 (115)

  3. Billdozer

    12:21(RX) Great WOD, great group at 5:30. GHD’s were slow for some reason, but this is my kind of WOD. Cal, way to keep working. Juan, no more double under tips for you my friend. I don’t like it when Jim works out in the other room, I have to keep checking to make sure he’s not on my ass.

  4. Andrea G. Moore

    Happy Birthday Babs! I so remember your first day! You have accomplished so much and you look lovely my friend!! Keep up the great work and may you be blessed with many more birthdays to come!

  5. T-REX

    HBD Babs! Congrats Silverback, and to all the Mudrunners, I loved/hated it, and will do it again!
    Does anyone have a woman’s PINK ACF Tank L that I can sweat out for this weekend’s “Amazing Grace”??

  6. dub

    Happy birthday babs….Mud run was awesome, thanks to my fellow teammates for joining in on the run

  7. Jim

    Great Job 5:30 crew! Dozer don’t worry about me. I start fast but then it all goes to crap. Especially OHS! You owned this WOD even though no one was there to push you.
    17.36 (115)
    Happy B-day Babs. You truly exemplify what a life-long pursuit of fitness yields. I am proud that you workout with us, and in the midst of all the competitions, ego, smack talk, PRs, MudRuns, Warrior Dashs’,and all the other SH*t that most of us use for motivation, I watch you show up work hard and continue to be healthier and stronger with the best CAN DO attitude in the box.
    Now go Crush some 3rd graders with a tough Math Test 😉

  8. Shelly

    Happy birthday Babs! Looking forward to wod at 7:00 tonight. Really pushing me with all this running!

  9. dub

    Silverback, give me a call or shoot me an email. I do not have your email saved from the other day. I have idea about our portion of the competiton.

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    24:20 (135 3reps/115 17reps) Slooowww. I felt slow and weak going in, and seemed a lot slower working out next to Sledge on this one. Sledge, way to kill it.
    Jim, I know what your talking about on starting fast and fading. I usually feel like the race horse that shots out of the gate and leads the first half of the race, then all the other horses pass him on the back stretch.

  11. Silverback

    Dub – Just shot you an email. My cell is 281-222-6928 if you need it.

  12. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy birthday, Babs! Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend!
    20:44 (95# for 8 OHS, 85# for the rest)
    Damn that was a lot of weight, bummed I had to go down to 85# but belly breaths were just not happening after the run and double unders. C’est la vie. This workout got rid of any lingering soreness from Friday and Saturday’s WODs though so I’m looking forward to whatever tomorrow has to bring. Thanks for pushing me to sprint at the end of the second 500m run, Steph, I always love having you around to bully* me around even if I throw a temper tantrum on occasion.
    Awesome job, 9:30!
    ( *read: “gently encourage” 🙂 )

  13. Bobo

    a WOD named Sex Panther, on Bab’s birfday… coincidence? i think not. Freudian slip? prolly.
    no really… you look maaavelous.
    Happy Birfday!

  14. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Babs, I have yet to meet you even though I’ve been at the box for about 2 years now, and you’ve been here 3 years. But, I feel like I know you just from the blog and your reputation(hard work, perseverance, fun).

  15. Bitchy Eggroll

    Happy Bday, Babs!!
    20:51 (35#)
    Still very sore from Friday’s WOD. I was a turtle today. I can’t do another WOD like Friday’s and go to Galveston. Having my mother-in-law tell me, “This is not right!” all weekend was worse than WOD!

  16. Maricel

    16:52 (35#) felt like the weakling in the 5:30 class! Thanks Coach G for giving me a break on OHS.. Really scared my back and knees will give in.
    Silverback, congrats and I got my contract so back to work… Yay!
    Happy birthday Babs!

  17. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    To all my Filipino friends at ACF…Not sure if you’ve seen this one. WARNING! It’s not paleo.

  18. Silverback

    13:49 (Rx + 100 lb sandbag for DUs).
    OK, so I didn’t have the sandbag on my shoulders for DUs, it just felt like it. Good pace Nooners!
    JB, thanks for taking your time on the DUs so I could catch up to you 🙂

  19. Bobo

    14:57 RX.
    second set of double unders killed me.
    Well played Silverback. finally had you in my sights, but let the opportunity slip away.

  20. Lauren

    20:35 (lat hops, 65#) Calves were still tight, I blame combat boots. Only the will to get away from the cat-calling construction workers made me run faster.
    Happy bday Babs!

  21. Freakin' PR

    12:24 (Rx)
    If I would have known Billy’s time before the WOD I probably would have pushed a little bit harder… 🙂
    This is my kind of WOD too!!! but the run always slows me down…
    Great job noon class!

  22. dianna

    45#, 1/2GHD, 1/2 situps, lat steps.
    my greater victory was showing up today!
    Happy Birthday Babs, we haven’t met, but props to ya, Babs for your rep.

  23. mario c

    mario c – 16:20 scaled the DU’s to 12 per round; abmat sit ups; 35#

  24. Ramrod

    13:08 (115) Few reps at rx. Gotta love doing what you suck at.

  25. Nicol disco d

    Oh PLEASE Fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You did a great job……….
    Happpy Birthday Babs!!!

  26. Speedy J

    Missed another good one..not feeling well. Happy B-Day Babs!

  27. Ace

    Happy Birthday Babs!
    Like Speedy J I’m not feeling up to par right now. I might be taking the week off. Gotta be outta town later this week and have Dr.’s appt tomorrow. Y’all have a good week and I’ll catch ya on Sunday or so.

  28. Gina

    20:47 (75, 10DU & rest lat jumps)
    First time to get a DU!!! Thanks Billy & Todd for DU advice & making me practice till I got one, then two…
    Happy Birthday Babs!!

  29. Billdozer

    Couldn’t live with Sledge beating me on this one, so I did it again at 4.
    Great job to all the evening classes, I’m proud of you all for practicing and a lot of you for even finishing the wod with all or some double unders. Just a few minutes a day working on a skill can go a long way.

  30. TC

    The GHDS really sneak up on you, on the second run!!!!
    13.01Rx I think I am getting double unders.

  31. Babs

    Thanks everyone for all the Birthday wishes. I am so glad I found crossfit and have made it a part of my life. It sure has made getting older, better. If that is even possible.
    Everyone, be glad, be very glad we don’t do birthday burpees cause 59 is not fun for a warm-up.(or any time)
    Had to even workout on my birthday cause too much celebrating catches up too fast on the body.
    !5:27 (lat. jumps, 25#, straight-leg sit-ups)
    Thanks, again everyone!

  32. dar

    14:07 (65#) ghd’s were tough!
    Great job tonight Vamps! And thanks Billdozer for challenging us to work on our du’s.

  33. Barbella

    don’t think I have missed a Monday WOD in months…not feeling well….ugh.

  34. Julia

    16:07 or 16:09 I can’t read Billy’s handwriting in my photo of the board! (25DU/25PJ, 65#, 30GHD/30 Straight-leg sit-ups) I messed up my count.
    Thanks for all the pointers tonight Billy! I love doing awesome at DUs before the WOD and becoming a complete train wreck during! I wasted all my good DUs on skill building, go figure!
    Happy Bday Babs and Congrats Gina on your DUs!!

  35. Keith Fogle

    14:33 45#, 25 GHDs, 25 SLSUs, a few DU’s and the rest lat jumps..
    Thanks Billy for challenging us to get some DU’s, just the few that I got tonight have me wanting more…
    Gradually working out the soreness from Friday’s workout 🙂

  36. Kaylynn

    45#, SLSUs, mix of DUs and lat jumps
    Happy Birthday Babs!

  37. ingrid

    16;23 (35#OHS,parra jump,straight leg SU)
    I couldn’t miss todays wod.Starting to like OHS-Thanks Billy.
    Dar,Thanks for the tips.I hope to run the marathon next year.
    Great job 7pmers.Love running without the sun in my face.
    Happy Birthday Babs.I always think of you when the going gets rough.
    A.O. that made me laugh…so much good stuff…bad for my arteries and my pancreas.
    That made me think of going on vacation …only w/o all that food.Blue skies,coconut trees,nice warm wind,mild sun and clear shallow water to play.

  38. mario

    Out of town WOD – Ok – it started with going down 47 flights of stairs (in flats, mind you – I would have gotten extra credit if I had heals on) because I was faced with either the stairs or the clear elevator… (the stairs, understandably would never scare a true crossfitter – because we are f*ck&ng elite). After waiting about 5 minutes for the inside elevator to arrive (which it never did), knowing I would be late for my 2:00 meeting if I waited any longer, and knowing that my heart would beat uncontrollably hard, I would have the cold sweats, and would most likely vomit my lunch onto everybody in the clear elevator if I got on it – I chose the steps. About 7 minutes later, I ran into my meeting – 6 minutes late. Good thing I warned my boss last week about my fear of clear elevators!
    1 mile run
    75 squats
    75 weighted lunges
    .5 mile run
    13 steps x 47 flights of stairs.
    I have absolutely no idea how long it took me to do any of the above, except for the steps!

  39. G

    17:11 (Rx) – 10 reps each set on the OHS was just the right challenge!
    Babs, it seems like it was just yesterday when you rolled around the green grass at our outdoor classes back in our earlier days. You have come a long way! Such a delight to witness your progress and what you have become! Happy B-day!
    Maricel, keep working hard on the squats.
    Agent O, the video is too hilarious! Thank you. Btw, Lechon is Paleo.

  40. G

    Chrissy, wow! That’s just as evil as last Friday’s leg blowout WOD.
    Good to see Gary B, Gatekeeper and Schubert back in action.
    Hope you feel better Speedy J, Ace and Barbella.
    Awesome milestone Gina!

  41. Summer

    Happy Birthday Babs!!!
    16:58(65#, PJ) thanks for the push Jim.

  42. Jackrabbit

    Happy Late birthday Babs!! You’re one strong chick!

  43. T-REX

    21:18? 85#, GHD, DUs. Need to work on DUs and OHS form. Another mental fight!
    Oh Puleease Fam! If your # sux, what does that say about the rest of us?

  44. sharon

    22:21 65# – those DU mixed with a run were not a good mix for me
    Great work 5:00 class
    Happy B-Day Babs!!

  45. mikey

    18:13 (85#)
    50 GHDs is a lot tougher than I thought! Definitely feeling it today.
    …This has to be the most tardy posting ever… I’d be shocked if anyone actually reads this.