“Cape Fear”


For Time:

11 – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5

  • DeadLifts (245)(165)
  • X2 WallBall (20)(14)
  • 100m Run


Post results to comments.

Mudrun Badasses
This looks like fun in addition to our new 6' wall at Atomic!

46 Responses to ““Cape Fear””

  1. The Nomad

    In Orlando for meeting.
    Ran 3 miles
    75 Push Ups
    75 Sit ups
    75 Squats
    Missing Atomic.

  2. Billdozer

    13:45(RX) Another good one. the wall balls and the annoying little run catch up to you quickly. Good work 5:30, especially Juan. Ever since he got that new tatoo colored in, his times have been getting faster. Coincidence, I think not.

  3. Bullhorn

    12:56 RX great work this morning Juan and Billy. between Juan’s old man strength and me supplying Billy with fast calve sleeves the competion is getting real tough at 5:30.

  4. Jen C

    20:32 (125#)
    So Sloooow…Totally dragging butt this morning. Wall balls were killer.

  5. T-REX

    hey, can someone post the pics from the mud run? no one believes i did it!

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    18:23 RX Proud of finishing this one under 20min, that’s a lot of deadlifts, they started feeling heavy after the third round.
    Sledge, you said you couldn’t catch your breath… welcome to my world. I am amazed people can say things to each other during a wod, while it feels like I’m barely holding on to consciousness.
    Good job Logan, Loren, and the rest of 8:30.

  7. Lauren

    19:01 (95#, 10# wb) Good work 8:30. I felt slow, but this one loosened me up pretty nicely. Did a few clean and jerks and somewhere around 30 kips after the wod. Great coaching Daniel.

  8. Gab

    I’m not sure to understand the “X2 wall ball”. Is it that I must complete to times every rounds?

  9. Keith Fogle

    Not feeling well, I’m going to miss this wod, looks like fun though!

  10. mario c

    mario c 13:22 (scaled to rounds of 11-9-7-5; 100#; 10#)

  11. G

    T-Rex, I’m waiting for Mudrun photos from our camera people. I only have the one from my camera and from the internet (Bobo’s). The MudRun Houston site doesn’t have the Oct 9th event uploaded yet.
    Hope you feel better Keith.
    Good to see Josh Pipes back in action as well as Tank from yesterday!

  12. ZEN Jen (JenM.)

    21:22 (125#,10#) still sore from friday’s WOD!
    Good job nooners! fun to join your crew! Where were you Barbella??? I’m glad I came bec wall ball and I don’t get along:( Coach Daniel thanks for the watchful eye ..I know i miss some of the wall ball shots oooppss!

  13. Gab

    21:35 245# Deadlift + 25# wallball.
    Tought it would be easier than it really was. Almost met puky the clown at the end. Good WOD and good job everyone.

  14. Silverback

    19:59 (Rx)
    I’m frequently get outta breath during our WODs, but this was the first time in a long time, that I got so dizzy I had to kneel. Tough WO cuz of so many heavy DLs.
    Great job Nooner! Joe & Aida, way to go, couldn’t even stay in your neighborhood during this one.

  15. Julia

    Judy, I’ll try and upload the photos from my camera tomorrow… but it will most likely get done at the end of the week.

  16. Freakin' PR

    17:19 (Rx)…except for the run and the wall balls….I loved this WOD!!
    Thanks for the support Juan and Ramrod…wall balls and I have a rough relationship. Thanks for making sure I hit that orange line everytime. Still need to work on the technique…

  17. Speedy J

    Will do this one..someday! Ran 3 miles, been sick…tried some handstand push-ups in garage, door was not latched – fell to the ground! This one of many reasons CF should not be done at home…back to the box tomorrow!

  18. dub

    16:21(225)…I tried to keep up with TC but he was just to quick on the wall balls. We had a great group at 6 and I look forward to another great work out manana.

  19. TC

    14.22Rx nice work tonight 6pm good working out with you Dub!!!

  20. Julia

    21:55 (125#, 10#) heaviest weight for me so far in a metcon. My knee was troubling me during the deadlifts and was slowing me down.
    I really iced my knee Jim! 🙂

  21. Lesley Ann Mago

    21:05(65# 10#)Fun WOD. More plates are slooowly being added…i’ll be in the 3-digits soon!!

  22. ingrid

    My squats are better now and 6#WB is now comfortable.Now I can inch to 10.
    Thanks Jim.Nice to see you Genie

  23. Dar

    17:27 (135#, 10#) It’s been a while since I’ve done deadlifts. Felt good!

  24. Schubert

    That was “fun”.
    24:40(ish) 155lbs, first two rounds with 20lbs wall ball, then scaled to a 14lbs.
    Was it just me, or were other people having trouble moving their legs on the run? My mind said, “Move legs!!” My legs said, “HAHAHAHA… We think not!”
    Good group at 7pm, thanks for the support and thanks to whoever put up my bar as I attempted to recover.

  25. G

    15:47 (Rx) – My kinda WOD; loved it! Great push Ramrod. And, Juanito, thanks for pointing out that my time was still slower than yours!
    Hope you feel better Speedy J.
    Good to see Gary B, MLB, Lesley and Austen back in action. Also nice to see Gab posting again.

  26. mikey

    18:19 (175#,14#)
    wow- my entire midsection will be sore by tomorrow. abs from yesterday’s GHD’s and lower back from tonight’s DL’s… Thanks Jim!
    G- there’s a shower now? Obviously, I’m not the most observant. I have admired the new wall. It’s good practice for our LEOs or those running from them.

  27. Steve

    11:32 deadlift 135, wall ball – 14
    Went light – getting over lower back strain
    Great WOD – Jim kept us moving!

  28. Andrea G. Moore

    20:39 (155#,10#)
    I am with Schubert! When I would go out for the run, my lil legs could not lift my foot up from the ground. I could hear it scraping the pavement!
    It was great seeing you too Ingrid! Your looking great! Thanks Dar & Mike for the push! It’s always great to have Jim motiviating to keep up moving! Awesome night and even feel great this morning!

  29. sharon

    20:14 – 135/10
    Nice working out with the 4:00 class.
    Sorry I missed you Genie – haven’t seen you in forever