“Broken Beast”


10 Rounds For Time:


  • 30 Squats
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • 10 Pull-Ups


*If you have done Murph with a 20# Vest, wear it today.

**If you have not done…Tough SH*T…..do Murph with the vest first.  Earn your weight!

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"The Disposable Heroes WOD" with Brad Mckee, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

41 Responses to ““Broken Beast””

  1. Bonnie B

    25:54 (knee pu’s/green band)
    push ups are not my friend

  2. T.I.(Kenny)

    16:04 (RX)
    Great job 8:30 class. Aida, awesome job. 8-6.

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    23:25 rx
    Way to kill it T.I. and Aida. Great job on the PUs Zen Jen and Logan.
    Makes me want to do murph, …I calculated that I would probably beat my last time by about 20 minutes, which is strong improvement.

  4. Billdozer

    31:27(RX) Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Today I was the bug. Kudos to Daniel for workin with the vest today. Way to work 9:30, and Carl wins the award for best cone kick!
    Special thanks to Toe and Fam and everyone else for yelling at me for 30 minutes. And also, Grace for distracting me.

  5. ZEN Jen (jen m)

    32:04 Great job Ramrod you distracted me with your super fast pull ups:) Great job 8:30 and 9:30 group! Thanks to Fam, Toe, Robert and to the rest of the peanut gallery for the cheer! Way to stick with the pull ups Khara:)
    Thanks G!!!!

  6. SpeedyJ

    18:53 Rx..thought I had a good time until I saw TI’s..wow, good job!

  7. Beast (aka JA)

    Is this WOD named after me? :o(
    I’m on the way to feeling better, I promise.
    Miss ya’ll!

  8. Khara

    Great job everyone, pull ups are a slow process, got half with the band and had to finish with RR’s.
    Thanks Jen and G!!

  9. Barbella

    31:10 (C2G/knees – fatband)
    I really think I forgot to flip a coin after one of my rds….or maybe not….haha.

  10. Lauren

    Hernan and I (almost) accurately predicted this WOD. We were thinking Murph. I could kick myself for practicing kips last night.

  11. Gab

    T.I. you’re awsome buddy.
    I made it in 24:57Rx without the 20 pounds vest. Another great WOD thank you ACF.

  12. Freakin' PR

    16:19 (Rx)
    I thought I had this one!
    Thanks TI for pushing me!!
    Great job Thundercats!!!

  13. Bitchy Eggroll

    26:14 (pretty purple band and knee push ups)
    Aida: You had this one, TI just couldn’t let you beat him.
    Awesome job, TI. I know how to push you now.
    It was fun watching the 9:30 crew today. Danielle was awesome. Carl kicked a field goal in btw sets. And Billy…. just wiggle it!

  14. Ramrod

    bitchy eggroll, thankyou, but there is no need for name calling lol

  15. Johnny B

    26:20 RX
    I detest Push-up…!!
    Good to see you 007. Work out with us quite often, will yah?!
    Good JOB my 4 peemers!!
    Thank you CoachG.. :o)

  16. Johnny B

    The Situation, do at least 100m row post WOD. As what CoachG’s advised.

  17. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    T, who are you? aka?… anyone know?

  18. 007

    26:25 RX
    After about 3 months away from the box, I realized how far I have to catch up to the pack. Great to be back. Missed ya G!

  19. Lauren

    38:56 (78 kips, 22 black band) Slowww, but the most kips I’ve done so far… almost had RX. Thanks for keeping me moving the last two rounds, G.

  20. T

    Sorry – Aimee’s boyfriend. I visited ACF and did a wod when she moved to Houston. She works out at with the 6 pm class. I usually follow the main site wods, but really enjoy ACF’s programming.

  21. Ramrod

    T! What’s up brotha! Hope all is well man – Daniel

  22. Julia

    26:23 (thin white band)
    It was great to be back at Club Atomic!! Great job 6:00! Thanks for yelling at me Summer when I started knee pushups. Way to push to the finish Rocky Top and Jenn!
    T, Aimee is a badass athlete! She certainly makes me want to be a better athlete!

  23. ruel

    push ups really killed me on this one…. been having left shoulder pain lately.. i hope nothing serious…awesome WOD!!!
    did squats and pull ups unbroken every sets..
    thanks for the Push G… good job 4 Pmers..
    I’ll do ur advice JohnnyB…

  24. Natalie

    30:44 (kpu,2″band)
    Thanks to Grace and Johnny B for keeping me moving! Good Job 4:00ers!

  25. Sarah

    15 rounds 15-10-5 (paralet pu’s, rr)
    Quite proud about doing this one modified like non-prego people! I could kinda sorta compare my time! And I started the 3rd trimester today 🙂

  26. G

    Good work on your intro today Trish!
    Welcome back 007! You were missed for sure! 😀
    Good to see Barbella, RHABd, Natalie, Sean, Bravo, Nisha, Mohammed and Snash back in action! Same with Mikey from yesterday.
    Good job to all who worked hard on their kips today. Awesome hard work by all.

  27. Teach

    Great work tonight everyone! Sorry for the minor audio issue during Club Atomic at 6pm! FYI, issues are now resolved for next week!

  28. Teach

    Great pacing with wolverine today! Need to work on push ups.

  29. T-REX

    27:20 RX. I’m officially part of the Rip Club, first time. Great pushing through Nisha!

  30. sharon

    21:17 for 12 rounds of 15,10,5 knee push ups
    shoulder was hurting so I stopped at 12 rounds.

  31. Bobo

    24 or 25 something? i completely spaced on my time. was pretty dizzy after the wod. took about fifteen minutes to come back to earth. hehe.

  32. Jen C

    34:15 (70 kips, 30 thin black band)
    Woohoo! First time to do a WOD attempting kips without band! Ripped hands are a small price to pay for finally getting to this point!

  33. Steve

    20:22 used thin black band for pull-ups
    This was a killer workout. Still need to learn the kipping thing.