“Justice Served”

7 Rounds For Time:


10 Hand Release Push-Ups

10 C2B Pull-Ups

10 GHD Sit-Ups

10 DeadLifts (185)(115)


Post results to comments.

ACF Mudrun Women HSPU
ACF Mudrun Men HSPU

Group Badasses and Devil's Rejects
ACF's 2010 Team Mudrunners, Badasses and Devil's Rejects before the race.

Front Row (left to right):  Bobo, Julia and HD

Back Row (left to right):  Dub, T-Rex, G, Macho, Lauren, Fight Club and BB4

ACF Post MudRun Gruop
After the race…

38 Responses to ““Justice Served””

  1. Bullhorn

    Great workout leading into this weekend. awsome battle with Juan.

  2. G

    Welcome back Tony B, Red Byron and Jamie (aka Jr)!
    Fun huge classes at 530 and 830 this morning! Crazy crossfitters working really hard….taking on the “difficult difficult” task because “difficult easy” task ain’t enough.
    Great job early folks! As usual, we were hearing some vowels and odd consonants from our early pacemakers in the middle of the WOD!
    Ralph has a new nickname now….Lean Mean Machine!!
    Hope the folks who are down with the flu feel better soon!
    Way to fight it through JohnnyB, Rossi and Silverback!

  3. ingrid

    14:32 purple band assist,straight leg SU,110# DL
    Glad I came even with sore shoulders from yesterday.

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    21:42 RX
    Not crazy about my time, might have paced myself too much,.. but better range of motion on C2B Pull-Ups and GHD Sit-Ups, so definite progress. Lots of great work 8:30 and 9:30.

  5. Alice S.

    17:00(blk band knee assist PU, SLSU, #95DL)
    Excellent job to both 0830 & 0930!!!
    Nice to workout with you Ate Chi…
    Thanks G!!!

  6. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    23:30 (RX)
    C2B slowed me down so much. Boo. It was fun racing with you, Steph, as always. 🙂 Great job, 9:30, lots of hard work this morning!

  7. Silverback

    DNF – Hate not finishing a WOD I started. Could only get through 5 rounds before calling uncle. Tweaked my right knee yesterday somehow & couldn’t put any weight or pressure on it today. GHDs and DLs were rough.

  8. JohnnyB

    27:21 RX
    I think I did 8 Rounds! Thanks Ingrid for counting right!

  9. MasterG aka Fred

    18:21 SLSU, 135# DL
    I just went light today. My back, shoulders and arms are still hurting from Monday’s WOD. I know JohnnyB you already making a sigh and ready to offer that big cheese!!! BTW thanks a lot for yelling and barking at me just to correct my form, I really appreciate it big Boss!!!

  10. Ramrod

    Nice wod to end the week. FPR that was probably the best, most intense race we have had to date, very fun 🙂
    T. I thanks for the push big guy
    12:54 rx

  11. G

    19:18 (Rx) – crazy slow on C2Bs (half of the time was spent there) and had to redo 3 reps. However, I had a blast battling with the happy-nooners today.

  12. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    19:19 (SLSU, 135#)
    C2B range of motion a work in progress, but kips showing signs of life!

  13. CrazyCarl

    16:58 (165# DL, chin above bar PU’S, 6 Rds Ghd)
    Awesome work effort by everyone today in the High Nooner class. Look forward to seeing everyone in Beaumont this weekend… LET’S REPRESENT!

  14. Freakin' PR

    12:54 (Rx)
    Ramrod…you’re right!! That was pretty intense and fun in a crazy crossfit kind of way!! I didn’t think it was going to end like that….wooohooo!! 🙂
    Awesome job thundercats!

  15. Ralph

    20:21(4 rnds GHD/SLPU; green band assist; #135)
    Great 08:30 and 09:30 crowd!!!

  16. Bitchy Eggroll

    13: something. (95#DL, White Band, straight leg sit ups)
    I think i missed a round. The time is too fast for me.
    Ladies tanks will be at the box tomorrow morning at 8:30. The hot pinks looks awesome.
    By the way… what great shirts our team was wearing for the mudrun!!! 🙂

  17. ZEN Jen (jen m)

    22:15(chin above the bar) nice to workout with my 4pm Firebreathers! Nice to see you again G:)

  18. Gina

    21:16 (gr/wt band, ghd, 115)
    pull ups definitely felt better – all rounds unbroken!

  19. Billdozer

    19:10(RX) Pretty good pace throughout, not bad for me, but I’m no Daniel. Good battle at 6 pm.

  20. chrissy c

    24:52 (thin white band, 85#)
    Thanks for the push Kendra – you kicked butt on this one!

  21. Speedy J

    15:35 (Rx-ish) 75% ROM on GHD..low back was working to hard, need to practice that lock out. Thanks G for the stretch tips…Great photos!!

  22. TC

    Well you win some and you lose some and today just wasnt my day!!! My hands are ripped to pieces, my back is tight and my chest is on fire, but thats life in the box!!! i think I went 5 rounds rx but after that I fell apart!!! 26.26
    I did learn (well according to MLB)if you rip your hands, if you tea bag them or maybe it was put tea bags on them, it help them heal faster!!!!

  23. Aimee

    20’25” Rx-ish….C2B Pullups not quite there yet, I definitely needs some tea bags after attempting them…

  24. Nisha

    20:30 (green band, 3 rounds of GHD/4 rounds of SLSUs)
    Good WOD..Hand Release PUs were the worst for me…happy to be able to finally do a few rounds of GHD in a WOD!! Small 7pm class, good job Kelly, Robert and Jason!!

  25. The Situation

    I know that this one will tough for me but i never thought it would hit me the way it did today…I totally lost my core with the
    ghd-DL combi…thanks coach Daniel for pointing out my flaws on my DL..i will keep that in mind..and for the guys who gave me the pushed esp on my last few sets of DL that was really brutal, you guys were awesome…the good thing is I think I’m recovering just fine so I guess I see u all tomorrow…

  26. Nisha

    Nice haircut Cal…there seemed to be a TC/Abbye barbershop duo happening in the courtyard for those looking for a quick cut!!!

  27. Dolenga (agent orange)

    26:39 (blue skinny band pull ups, 40 ghds, 30 sl sit ups)
    Enjoyed that one. Last round was a special kind of tired. I was staggering from deadlifts to pull ups like a drunk.

  28. G

    Good to see Speedy J, HeatherV, Contra, Bill, Jen W, Spec and Dub back in action!
    Good to see you, too, ZenJen!

  29. Vegas

    15:22 RX
    tried to keep up with FPR and Ramrod, who was I kidding

  30. dub

    17:03(rx)…it was a good battle with the six oclock crew, thanks for the push fight club, cal and coaches. haha, tc good luck with the tea bag idea…

  31. Maricel

    18:03 (knee PU, RR, SLSu, 65# DL) can’t believe I completed the WOD and my back doesn’t hurt…yay!
    Tony B is back 19:37 5 rds (band, SLSU, 115#) thanks G for pushing! Glad he’s back at the box so we can suffer … I mean have fun together!
    Great job 5:30 class!

  32. Steve

    17:09 135# dead lift, thin white band and straight leg situps
    Enjoyed this workout.