“Kill Zone”

For Time:

500m Run


25 SDHP (95)(65)

15 OHS (95)(65)

500m Run


Post results to comments.

Above is a group photo of one of Coach Beth's (Teach's) Thursday night classes.

Front Row (left to right):  Marie (aka Grim Reaper), Lauren, Gina, Coach Beth, Sharon, HeatherV, Vanessa, Kathy M and Tim (aka TMac1)

Back Row (left to right):  Reagan (aka Contra), Chad (aka The Nomad), Andrew J (aka Old Hickory), David M (aka Sledge), Janet (aka Speedy J) and RayRay.

32 Responses to ““Kill Zone””

  1. Julia

    12:19 (1abmat/1 blue mat)
    Thanks G!
    Time would have been faster with 2 ab mats. I had to do 1 hspu at a time with about 10-20 secs in between. I’m getting stronger… slowly… but I am! Now I just need to get faster. Loved SDHP and OHS!!
    I want to be Speedy J 2.0 by next summers team league! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. T-REX

    Crossfit Beaumont Wods posted!!!http://crossfitbeaumont.com/
    WOD #1
    5 Rounds:
    5 Ground To Overhead (135/115 men 85 women)
    25 meter Overhead Carry (135/115 men 85 women)
    WOD #2
    Max Clean
    Max Pull-Ups
    WOD #3
    Deadlift (225/185 men 135 women)
    Kettlebell Swings (53/35 men 35 women)

  3. ingrid

    10:47 15#DBPU,45#
    My mind was willing but my flesh says no.
    I was glad I came and practiced my OHS. Second time I did Sumo DHP.It cured my sore shoulders and broken wings.
    Toe,I forgot to grab my shirts.I knew I had to do something but did not figure it out until I got home.2morrow again.
    I used the wrong shoes for Coach Ramrod’s sprints,now I’m hurting.
    Glad I persevered,I feel awesome today(I actually have some discipline,now I have to keep this up).

  4. dianna

    30#dbsp, 65#
    no range of motion on the pike, went back to dbp.
    Holly L: next time I’m drinkin what you’re drinkin.

  5. ZEN Jen (Jen m)

    11:35(2abmats,45#) OHS still sucked! ๐Ÿ™
    Daniel E. you did awesome on you first WOD!
    Great job 0930 peeps! Thanks Fam and Easy Rider as always:)
    Thank you Coach Daniel

  6. Barbella

    10:38 (PIKE,45#)
    feeling slow & weak this week….there is always next week!

  7. heatherd

    9:45 (1.5 abmats, 65#)
    I’m sick of being sick…soooooo ready to be back in action!!!
    Thanks Coach Daniel!!

  8. Bitchy Eggroll

    Only had time to warm up, do high-knee (pretend I was a Telly-Tubby, and 10 minuted row.
    If you ordered a tank top, Grace has them in their office.

  9. Freakin' PR

    7:34(Rx)….Awesome sprint WOD!! even though I dislike SDHP. This was supposed to be my off day…Thanks Katie!! And awesome job today!
    Awesome class Thundercats!!

  10. Tyler

    8:50 rx’d, 600’s instead of 500’s
    fran lungs hit in the middle of the second run.

  11. Speedy J

    10:21 (Rx)..HSPU took any speed I may have..glad I did not use the blue matt, thanks G and Beth.

  12. Ace

    10:35 (1 AM)
    Really enjoyed this workout for some reason. And as always its good have Teach’s rap music bumpin in the background.
    Good luck to all the competitors this weekend in Beaumont. Ya’ll are gonna tear that competition up!

  13. Ruel

    ohs really slowed me … Thanks g and jonhnnyb for the pointers … I did a few more after WOD and I think I’m getting it…. Thanks Disco for the push.. Good job 4 peemers…

  14. Lesley Ann Mago

    11:11(35# pike) I will, I will, I’m determined to master these frick’n squats!!! Thanks G for the tips.

  15. Teach

    Great job tonight everyone!!
    Monique and Regina – great to see you gals again!!!! Not so long next time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Melessa – way to work on those OHS, with a little squat therapy you’ll be crankin’ them out in no time!
    Sid – nice meeting you tonight! Great job on your first official WOD.
    Babs – Playboy and I were wondering where you were?!!? FDB…..
    Ace – I hope you asked your wife where she was tonight…I missed her ๐Ÿ™

  16. Teach

    9:06 (Rx)
    Speedy J and I were debating on using ab mats or blue mats and then G saw us thinking and just took everything away…problem solved!
    Way to push through Speedy!!!
    Thanks G for making me go Rx ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Jen C

    12:slow (2 abmats)
    I apologize to those that heard me spouting four letter words while doing OHS. They are not my friend…

  18. Babs

    Got stuck at a very late meeting at work, so had to miss the WOD.
    Guess I have to do double time at home!

  19. Jen C

    Think I was half asleep when I posted my time…it was 14:very slow.

  20. G

    Late post here…..
    Jen C, no apologies needed; you fought hard. Your torso was so upright during the OHS that even if you thought you were slow it was still a very good day.
    Welcome on your first WOD Traci, Daniel E and Sid!
    Also, welcome Andrew S, who did his baseline with Coach Jim on Thursday night.
    Julia, next goal is no blue mat on HSPUs.
    Teach and Speedy J, at 15 reps of HSPU, there was no room for negotiations ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good to see Surfer and T post.
    Jack Rabbit, welcome back!!
    Ruel, just widen up that grip and you’re good to go!
    Good to see Lesley, JDS, Tmac2, April K and Young Blood back in action.
    Conor hit his milestone on doing 95# OHS!
    Jen W and Kathy were testing the waters on OHS. Good job ladies!

  21. T-REX

    Beaumont Wod 1 – practiced C&J @ 85, and walking w/ 85 but didn’t do the whole wod. I saw they lowered the weight to 75, should be ok, just worried about turning w/ the weight overhead. Wod 2- Tried my Max Cleans, PRd @ 120. I have to make up for it here bc my PUs are so-so. Wod 3 – 7:28, hopefully @ comp I can do it unbroken. Thanks Teach for the encouragement and tips, REALLY appreciate it!