“Automatic Drip”

3 Rounds For Time:


20 WallBall (20)

20 KTEs

200m Sandbag Run (70)


Post results to comments.

Wolverine USMC PullUp acf shirt
Wolverine USMC Pullup contest
Wolverine at the Texans Footbal game won a USMC shirt for 20 consecutive 'full range of motion" pull-ups.

Best of Luck to the following ACF athletes competing at the CrossFit Beaumont Showdown tomorrow, Saturday, October 23rd.  Let's go on a day trip to cheer them on.

Billy "Billdozer" Nash

Callum "Bullhorn" Bishop

Juan "BB4" Garza

Jim "Macho" Kelly

Summer Thompson

"Crazy Carl" Melendez

Judy Trent

Thomas "TC" Webb

Daniel "Ramrod" Ward

Pat "Wolverine" Deiss

Grace "G" Patenaude

(Photos to come….)

42 Responses to ““Automatic Drip””

  1. T-REX

    Congrats Wolverine! Let’s Go ACF Tribe! Looking fwd to the rush again! Anyone driving up and back from Beaumont Saturday, let me know – I need a ride 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Bonnie B

    Good Luck this weekend!!! Kick some a$$
    12:59 (14#, 50# bag)
    so slow on KTE’s!
    Glad to have you here Jenn H! 🙂

  3. dub

    Good luck everyone, wish I could be there competing with you guys. Show my hometown area what ACF is all about!

  4. Silverback

    ACF Competitors – Take over this weekend’s competition just like you did at Katy’s Bring The Heat! Wish I could be there competing alongside with you guys & gals.

  5. Bullhorn

    “A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It’s all a matter of pride.”
    See yall tomorrow!!

  6. Johnny B

    13:40 RX
    Easy Rider- thanks for the push! Hahaha
    Thanks CoachG!

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    ACF competitors – ‘Good luck’? I don’t think you need it. ‘knock’em dead’ sounds a little brutal. Have fun and do your best … the results will take care of themselves.
    13:42 Fun WOD. Nice competition with JohnnyB and the rest of 8:30..those pull up bars were so full.

  8. Julia

    13:46 (10#, Knees to Whateva, 40#)
    Nice working out with everyone at 8:30!
    Thanks for the “encouragement” Toe!!
    Good Luck ACF tribe tomorrow! Wish I would be there to cheer you on!!

  9. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    14:04 (14#WB, 40#SB)
    Show ’em how it’s done, ACF competitors! Good job, 9:30. Nice to have Bob back!

  10. Will

    13:32 almost Rx… damned KTE’s… I did KTUpper arm/armpit. Would’ve been the 1st Rx for me, too.
    KICK @$$ ACF!!!

  11. ingrid

    15:5something,I forgot
    10#WB,Knees to air-I couldn’t touch yet,40#sandbag.
    Very glad about my perseverance this week.
    Looking forward next week.I’m not tired anymore.Thanks G for just being there and for believing in our capacity/strengh to do it.
    Goodluck to everyone competing tomorrow.Be safe.

  12. dianna

    14#,40#, KTAirx20, V-upx40
    ACF rules in Beaumont!!!
    wish I could be there.

  13. The Situation(Rue)l

    Big group for 0830…good job everyone..
    To all going to compete Tomorrow….Goodluck,
    wish I could be there to cheer on u guys…we know you all gonna do great and you all gonna make our tribe proud……. ACF…whoorah!! see u next week and have a great weekend!!!

  14. Ralph

    18:59 RX’ ish
    That stupid sandbag was compressing my lungs.
    Thanks for staying by Ruel .
    Fam and John for the tips on the KTE’s.
    To the ACF hardcores competing tomorrow, all the best!!!

  15. Shelly

    Good luck to those competing tomorrow! 
    15:30 (10#, KT?, 25#) too much resting. 1st sandbag run! Kinda liked it. 🙂

  16. Jackrabbit

    Good Luck to you all this weekend!!!
    Forgot to post yesterday…9:43 (35#) and I did push press instead of OHS. Great to see you all.

  17. Barbella

    (14#WB,KTE’s scaled 1 at a time,50#bag of lead)
    Beaumont is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
    Go get ’em ACF’ers!!

  18. mario c

    mario c 10:15 Scaled to 7 reps per rd and 50m unweighted walks. WB – 6# 2 rds; lacrosse ball 3 rd! Some KTE!

  19. sharon

    Good luck tomorrow competitors – sorry I won’t be there to cheer you on.

  20. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Way to go Wolverine!
    Goodluck to our athletes tomorrow. Show them what ACF is all about!
    Taking a day off to rest my beat up hands

  21. Kari

    Good luck to everyone competing in Beaumont, (my hometown)!

  22. Summer

    Juan if u still need volunteers for hammer and chisel I am ur girl.

  23. Vegas

    Good luck to all of you competitors tom. I wish I can join you.

  24. Maricel

    Good luck ACF.. Take all the awards!
    16:11 (6#, V-ups, 25#) terrible breathing… 1st time doing sandbags!
    Tony B 16:46 (14#, 20 KTE, 40 KTAir, 40#)
    G – sorry for missing the 5:30 class… Set the alarm but forgot to turn it on! Duh! Made it to 4 pm class instead!
    Thanks Ramrod and Ate Chi for pushing!

  25. Peter

    Great workout today. Thought I was going to hurl carrying that damn sand bag!
    Good luck to all tomorrow! Wish I could be there.
    10:30 RX

  26. Bravo

    Good luck to every ody tommorow I know you will kick major butt and take names!!!

  27. Freakin' PR

    Good Luck everyone tomorrow!! Wish I could be there…
    11:45 (14# WB)
    I thought I could keep up with Ian, but couldn’t quite catch him…
    Awesome 830 class once again!!

  28. The Nomad

    14:17 Rx – wasn’t feeling it today.
    Way to own it Peter, Fight Club, & Austen.
    Good luck to all of this weekend’s competitors!

  29. Tyler

    Made up a missed CF total today.
    Squat – 345
    Shoulder Press – 210 (pr by 5)
    Deadlift – 485 (pr by 20)
    Added bench also – 315
    Everyone good luck at Beaumont!

  30. Natalie

    15:20 (10#, 25#)
    Could have done 40# SB
    Thanks for the push Ramrod!
    Had fun on the Prowler with Heather D and Lauren. 🙂 I can tell I will be hurting tomorrow!
    60 sit-ups

  31. Alice S.

    Goodluck to all ACF competing tom!!! Wish we could be there to cheer…. Enjoy! Be Safe! And Try Your BEST!!!
    16:26 ( #6/10 WB, KT?, #25 SB)
    Really felt sluggish today…
    Have a good weekend to all!!