“War Face”

Phase 1

three rounds:

  • 3 Wall Hopovers (each teammate)
  • 1 Rope Ascent (each teammate)


Phase 2

four rounds (out and back twice, both teammates working at the same time)

  • One teammate pushes the Prowler 20 m (100/50)
  • One teammate pulls Small Sled backwards 20 m (70/45)


Phase 3

  • 20 Mutant Makers cumulative (115/75) (one person working at a time)


Phase 4

one round (each teammate out and back, one teammate working at a time)

  • Each teammate runs the hose out its full length and then pulls the full length to them.


Phase 5

  • Team big tire flip 20m out and back.
Juanito Intense WarFace


3 Responses to ““War Face””

  1. Todd

    Matt and i did two rounds today. Why? Why not?
    Good fun group this crisp morning.
    Good luck today, competitors.

  2. T-REX

    Beaumont Showdown: Wod 1 – 3:51:88, Wod 2 – PR’d @ 125, Wod 3 – 6:41:84. Great time w/ the tribe, thanks G again for the ride! Proud to be a part of such a great box =)

  3. Bonnie B

    this wod was crazy…
    thought i was in training to become a firefighter or something.
    good times though!