50m Prowler Push (120)(80)

50 Ring Push-ups

40 Box Jumps (24)(20)

30 Ball Slams (20)

20 Ground to Overhead (95)(65)



Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Chrissy!  This is her 2nd birthday celebration with us.

Tammy M and family
Happy Birthday Tammy M "TMac2"!   Tammy (right) was captured running with her daughter, Callie (left), and hubby, Tim "TMac1" (center) during a Saturday WOD.

62 Responses to ““KKMC””

  1. dar

    Happy birthday Chrissy and Tammy! Hope you ladies have an awesome day!

  2. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    NOOOO, prowler on my rest day. Boo.
    Happy birthday Chrissy and Tammy!

  3. Babs

    Happy birthday Chrissy & Tammy!!!!!
    Hope your day is extra special!!! (prowler and all)

  4. mario (the husband)

    Happy Birthday Chrissy! You are not getting older you are just getting better!

  5. Silverback

    HBD ladies! Hope your hubbies treat you extra special today.

  6. Bullhorn

    Tough one, nothing left in the shoulders, very disapointed that i used a shitty ab mat
    19:18 1 reg hspu then the rest with the mat

  7. TC

    Happy Birthday Chrissy and Tammy!!!! Have a good weekend everyone I will be back on Tuesday!!!! Happy Halloween, and fun at the ACF party if you are going!!!!!

  8. Bonnie B

    13:22 – had to scale the heck out of this wod unfortunately.
    (KPU’s, 12#Ball Slam, 1/2 pike, 1/2 DBPP 25#)
    Could not feel my legs after the Prowler! that thing is NUTS!
    HBD ladies!

  9. heatherd

    We are in need of 2-4 volunteers to assist with the Progenex booth and the food area. More volunteers would be better so we can switch people out and have shorter shifts–these will be needed all day. Please contact HeatherD or respond to this post if you can help!!

  10. Schubert

    First time with the 8:30 group. It was packed, but a lot of good energy in the box.
    19:53. Scaled

  11. Logan

    16:51 (2 abmats for HSPU)
    The air feels like burning…

  12. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    18:02 (too much scaling) went light on Prowler
    Shoulders quit after 5 ugly Hspu with 2 abmats. Pike took forever:(
    Welcome Dawn!
    Thanks Coach Daniel!

  13. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Opppsss – thanks 8:30 peeps for the cheer!
    Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!

  14. Billdozer

    12:53(2abmats) Daniel and I battled after the 9:30 class. We subbed 25 meter walking lunges with 53#KB’s for prowler push. Thank you logan and Crazy Carl for staying.

  15. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    19:14 (Vlad @ 80#, Para Push Up, 75#, Pike)
    HBD ladies!

  16. Dianna

    70#prowler,kpu,20″boxstep, 10#sb, 55#snatch,30#dbsp
    Thanks Daniel for not letting me just park that prowler.
    Happy BirthDay Tammy and Chrissy!

  17. Keith Fogle

    Happy Birthday to Chrissy and Tammy!! This one looks like fun — taking a rest day though.
    HeatherD (heatherd?) I’d be open to volunteer at the Progenex booth — the earlier the better..my email is:
    # 713-412-8063

  18. Barbella

    HBD you two fit girls!
    17:06 (Para on knees/24″ box/55#OH/Pike)

  19. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Thanks for counting my reps Barbella! I was delirious the whole time.
    Thanks for the push nooners!
    Coming back after a long rest is horrible.
    Vlad lived up to his name.

  20. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Thanks for counting my reps Barbella! I was delirious the whole time.
    Thanks for the push nooners!
    Coming back after a long rest is horrible.
    Vlad lived up to his name.

  21. chrissy c

    I still think the Prowler should be optional if it is your birthday…. That being said, can you say scaling???
    19:32 (30# on the prowler, Regular Pushups, 50# Overhead, Pike)
    Thanks for all the BD Wishes!!!

  22. Freakin' PR

    16:32 (Rx)
    Fam…I’m with you sister!!! I officially HATE the prowler. I know that’s a very strong word, but it really sums it all up!! I was ready to quit halfway through it. Thanks Daniel and TI for helping me through that one!!
    I also had a major encounter with the box jumps today. That one is going to leave a mark for a while!
    I believe this is the first time I was ready to quit a WOD…..TWICE!!! But of course I didn’t!
    Can’t wait for the competition next week!!!

  23. Ruel

    Thanks G for the push, I almost gave up on my hspu.
    Happy birthday to all celebrants!!

  24. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    HBD ladies! God bless you both 🙂

  25. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    HBD ladies! God bless you both 🙂

  26. Tyler

    subbed 16′ rope climb x3 for prowler – rx’d otherwise.

  27. Speedy J

    16:54 (abmat).. I will take a Powler any day over HSPU..life was good until I attempted 5 with no abmat, 2 with blue..tossed it, grabed the abmat and completed my 10 in about 5 minutes!! Felt defeated….

  28. Freakin' PR

    Janet…you can take the prowler and I’ll take the HSPU…any day
    you can also take the box jumps if you want!!

  29. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    Thanks for counting my reps Barbella! I was delirious the whole time.
    Thanks for the push nooners!
    Coming back after a long rest is horrible.
    Vlad lived up to his name.

  30. Speedy J

    Aida..wouldn’t that be nice..I had that cotton, metalic taste..heartrate saying slow down kind of feeling today..quiting is never an option…

  31. Babs

    11:35 (reg. push-ups,10# ball slams, 35#, DB press)
    Thanks Judy for the extra push.

  32. Ace

    Brutal workout. Just brutal.
    18 and change with lots of scaling…

  33. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    22:34 RX+ (20 Ground to Overhead + 13 pushpress) I know I don’t really get the “+” for this.
    Took forever on HSPUs. The extra 13 pushpresses I accidentally did instead of ground to bar might have burned out my shoulders, had to do HSPU one at a time.

  34. Johnny B

    19:58 RX
    First time doing PROWLER, Kick a$$ big time!!
    Thank you Coach G!

  35. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    HBD ladies! God bless you both 🙂

  36. FPR

    My feeling was more like my legs are numb and they don’t want to do anything kind of feeling….not good
    I would never quit, but the thought did float around for a while today 🙂
    Thanks Fam!! You are awesome too!!

  37. T-REX

    15:23. 1 1/2 abmats. need to work on ROM for the ring PUs. Throat hurts, but look fwd to the Jailbreak run this Sat, woohoo, cough!cough!

  38. T-REX

    oh yeah, hbd ladies! Also practices DUs, G – i like the black jumprope with handles that has your “G” on it. I was able to sting 10 with them =)