“Hulk Hogan”

5 rounds for time

Run 200m
5 Power Cleans (Body Weight)
20 Box Jumps (24)
20 Pull-ups
10 Deadlifts (Body weight)
20 Push-ups (Hand release at bottom)
20 Squats

Scale A – 4 Rounds@ 75% BW
Scale B – 3 Rounds@ 50% BW

Post results to comments.



(video courtesy of Beast)

44 Responses to ““Hulk Hogan””

  1. Fight Club

    HALLOWEEN PARTY – Thanks to all who helped coordinate and set up the Halloween party and to those who were able to make it on Saturday night. Special thanks to Heather D., Doug and April Mena, Julia, Summer, Sharon, Daniel, and Ray who all helped in some way over the last few weeks. We didn’t have a chance to announce the costume contest winners. Best Guy = Todd Crosswhite (who came as man in a kissing booth), Best Girl = Julia Morris (Who came as Beetle Jules), Best Couple = Hernan (who came as Silverback) and Kenny (who came as Grace). Todd, Hernan and Kenny – we have a bottle of “Vampire” Pinot Noir for you all. We only had one bottle for the “couple” not expecting such an unlikely pair to win. Like a normal couple, you guys can fight it out to determine who gets the prize.
    Fight Club and Dub

  2. Fight Club

    Thanks to Aida too who helped the first night we began decorating several weeks ago! If we forgot to thank anyone, our apologies but we appreciated the help nonetheless.
    Fight Club and Dub

  3. Bonnie B

    5:30 came way too soon this morning.
    sorry to have missed this one! 🙁

  4. T-REX

    Congrats Bonnie for placing 1st in your age group on the Jailbreak Run 10K!

  5. RayRay

    29:15 (75% BW = 155#, 3 Rds)
    would have been easier if i didn’t weigh so much… fun working out with the 830 crew
    great times at the halloween party… doug, sorry for drinking your prop

  6. Keith Fogle

    39:16 (75% BW = 135#, 4 rds, band assist last round of pull-ups).

  7. ingrid

    33:42 75#,6″PU,18″BJ
    Glad I made it today.
    As always ,had fun working out side by side with the 0830H athletes.

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    40:00 ((RX+ bw = 183 / used 185) 4 rnds + 38 reps)

  9. Billdozer

    29:18(3 rds@RX-205) Had to call it a day after 3, just had nothing left. I think three days off and winning so many beer pong matchups with Doug on Saturday took its toll.

  10. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    35:42 I think… (4 rds @ 95#)
    I didn’t look at this before I went to the Box. Good thing I didn’t, otherwise I’m not sure I would have made it. Haha. But I definitely needed a good kick in the ass after the weekend debauchery so I’m glad I got through it. 9:30 was a fun group, way to work hard, y’all. Nice to meet you, Freddy, and great job cranking out those last squats before cut off, Steph!

  11. dianna

    at first look, aimed for three rounds. made it four by scaling some stuff. always a challenge for me: keep moving.
    4rds 75#, rr’s, 20″ step.
    Welcome, Freddy.

  12. Bitchy Eggroll

    31:23 (75%, 75, step ups, ) 4 rds
    what a way to start the week. very pukie…
    Scott and Billy: Sorry for the look… 🙂

  13. Alice S.

    A tough WOD…. Specially after 2 days of too much eating and drinking… Just glad i finished it…in one piece!!
    32:44(60-50%bw, 20″step/jump, yband asst PU)
    Good job 0830 peeps!!!
    Thanks G!!!

  14. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    36:04 (Scale A: 4R @ 125#)
    Practicing clean & jerk yesterday @ Open Gym was a nice setup for power cleans today!

  15. Barbella

    Punishment for the Halloween weekend-sahweet!
    40:34 – had to finish
    (4RDS, 85#, 2″ band)
    Red face @ work until about…just now!
    Missed ya Ramrod – get well.

  16. mario c

    mario c 20:35 Scale X, hehe!
    3 rounds
    100 meter run
    5 PC 75#
    10 step ups 16#
    15 pulls ups – green band
    no deadlifts
    15 hand release pushups
    5 wall squats

  17. todd

    Tapped out also after 4 rounds at JUST 155. Not a good to come back to after a week off.
    Thank you for the costume love. It was fun. For those if you who got some kissy-face, pony up that 5 cents.
    P.s post pics!

  18. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    way to go T-rex and Wolverine!
    Nice to see you again April!

  19. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    31:25 scale a (135# bw=175)

  20. FPR

    23:36 (4 rds @ 95) Trying to scale this week!
    Can’t wait for Saturday!!!!! Even if I get my ass kicked… 🙂
    Thanks Fight Club…
    Awesome job nooners!! Way to hang in there Barbella!!

  21. T-REX

    40:14 @ 75% BW and all KPUs, yeah! Thx 4 pushing me G, my lovely heavy bones couldn’t sprint this one. Shout out to all that made the Halloween party a success, me and Rev Run says thx =) Whooo’s house?!

  22. Julia or now know as Beetle Jules :)

    33:30 (4 rds at 75%, 20″, bb)
    + 800m after WOD with MLB
    My time was slow due to being on the loosing end of several beer pong matches (Including one game against Billy!)
    Fight Club, I don’t think I really contributed to decorating for your party as I was responsible for all the pumpkin seeds on your floor! 😉
    It was a great party!
    I’ve even earned a nickname: Beetle Jules… I guess until next Halloween any ways.

  23. chrissy c

    34:03 (75#, 20″, Thin White Band)
    3 Full Rounds plus
    Round 4: 100 m run/5PC/10BJ/10PU/10DL/10PU/10Squats

  24. dub

    40:00(4 rds(rx – 165) 5th round through 10 pullups then I hit the cut off time). I agree with Billy on this one, rough coming back to this after the weekend. Good workout Jim but you are one sick man! Nice work Cal, Juan and Fight Club for going Rx and finishing.

  25. Khara

    37:57 4 rounds (75 #,band pull ups,kpu)
    Great WOD and a great 0930 group, i’m not sure what percentage of my body weight is, but certainly not wanting to discuss it. 🙂
    See y’all tomorrow.

  26. Teach

    21:42 (3 rounds @ 115#)
    Due to time constraints, I had to stop after 3 rounds. My sitter doesn’t really care if I’m in the middle of a WOD, she just needs Ansley to be picked up by 5:00 🙂
    Not a bad 3 rounds… Tried to stay with Wolverine the whole time! Thanks for the push G!

  27. Dar

    34:05 4rds @ 80#,20#
    great wod to come back to after some time off.
    new vamps tonight. nice meeting all of you.

  28. G

    22:11 (3 Rds @ BW, 115#) – Managed to swing in some butterfly kips on first 3-5 reps each set and that just about gassed me! Thanks for the awesome coaching on the cleans Billy!

  29. G

    Good job on your baseline tonight John Dao!
    Good to see 007, Rossi, Jacky, Freddie M, Breeden, Monte, Teach, April K, Kathy M, Monique, Dub, Brandy M and Dar back in action!
    Thanks for hosting this past weekend’s Halloween party Fight Club and Dub. We need pictures, especially of the group and the costume winners. Please email them to me. Thanks.

  30. 007

    I am glad I did not see the WOD until I showed up. This will help jumpstart my gas tank.
    29:05 Scale A @ 135#