Hammer and Chisel Announcment

Surprise Event Announcement!

In addition to the 2 WODs, "Hammer" and "Chisel", athletes have one more task to accomplish.

All athletes will have as many attempts as they wish, all day (until cutoff)….to establish a max ground to overhead.  This weight will be entered in the Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer Calculator for a score based on weight lifted, body weight and age (If you are 31 or older). Yes, you will be weighing in!

This is a full event score and will factor into the final results.


7 Responses to “Hammer and Chisel Announcment”

  1. Miguel

    Ooooh Man, awesome, I like this…Good one Grace, now I am even more excited. RLTW…Let’s do this!!

  2. G

    ACF is looking forward to watching you guys compete!

  3. SpeedyJ

    Hopefully there is a credit given for age…I got weight and form working against me…