Five Rounds of:


Bear Crawl 100 feet

Standing Broad-Jumps, 100 feet


Do three Burpees every five broad-jumps.  If you've got a twenty pound vest or bordy armor, wear it.


Scale (A)  75 feet of each with 2 Burpees every 7 Broad Jumps

Scale (B)  50 feet of each with 1 Burpee every 7 Broad Jumps


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Jared "Rossi" !!


Below is the sequel of our ACF Shirtspotting

TC was in Ohio for his state winning football team reunion this past weekend.

27 Responses to ““Brenton””

  1. Babs

    I’m sorry, this WOD is really not fair for short legged people as opposed to jolly green long legged people.It’s a good thing we all love burpees(ha, ha).

  2. Ralph Wiggum

    Find the shape of the curve down which a bead sliding from rest and accelerated by gravity will slip (without friction) from one point to another in the least time

  3. Dawn

    16:16 scale B (couldn’t take a deep breath without coughing for an hour afterward)

  4. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    500 m run warm up
    13:15 Scale A
    1000m Row warm down
    Happy Bday Jared!
    Rest up ACF competitors and dominate Saturday!!!
    See you!!!

  5. Jen C

    I think this was my time!? Good luck to those competing Saturday!

  6. Mike B

    16:35 Scale A followed by 1000m row.
    Need to fix my tank.

  7. ingrid

    10 something,scale A 1 rd,4rds scale B.
    Glad I’m not a bear or Tigger.Standing on two legs is still the best.
    BB4,I hope you received my email.

  8. Speedy J

    Thanks for the WOD, Beth and G. Got pretty frustrated with the cleans…have never gone heavy.. Thanks for helping me Carl, Billy and Beth…thanks for your patience..gotta fix it!

  9. Beetle Jules

    Too long (rx)
    Still coughing and my ears are still cold!

  10. TC

    Yes that is touchdown Jesus on Notre Dame campus!!!
    Happy Birthday Jared!!!!
    I think the vest made a big difference in this one 17+(Rx plus 20 lb vest)
    Billy thanks for working with me on muscle ups!!!!!

  11. G

    12:52 (Rx) – This WOD was fun only after it was over! It was difficult to get the distance on the jumps standing up with me short legs but good thing it was paired up with only 3 burpees 🙂 Thanks for the tips Teach!
    Good to see Brandy!
    Way to go on the 20# vest on some of you! Whisky actually brought his body armor.
    Hope you had a good bday Rossi!!!

  12. Teach

    Fun stuff tonight everyone!
    Brandy- way to fight for that one!!
    Abbye- one of these days you’ll get more coordinated 🙂 great job today!
    Beatle Jules- great to see you!!
    Whiskey – thanks for letting me wear your body armor! Next week you have to bring the grenades!

  13. Teach

    Then SOS and I put on Whiskey’s body armor and did one more round…he still beat me 🙂
    Then did pull ups with the body armor on 🙂

  14. T-REX

    16:26(Rx) – rested too much in between. Thx for the tips Teach & G on the G2OH, fun w/ Abbye, TC, and Aimee practicing dbl unders -not dbl dutch Abbye! Hi Beetle Jules & Lauren =)