Hammer & Chisel Coverage Series III

Standard Men Podium

Standard Men's Division Winners (left to right):

Aryan Barto (2nd Place), Aja Barto (1st place) and Chase Ingraham (3rd place)

Standard Women Podium
Standard Women's Division Winners (left to right):

Chardonnay Poole (2nd Place), Lindsey Smith (1st place) and Ingrid Kantola (3rd place)

Scaled Men Podium
Scaled Men's Division Winners (left to right):

Jim Pelzl (2nd place), Daniel Solano (1st place) and Stefan Salinas (3rd place)

Scaled Women Podium
Scaled Women's Division as announced on Saturday

Yari Salinas (2nd place), Eva Park (1st place) and  Sara Urban (3rd place)

Sara Urban
Tracy Goins Amy Omessi
Upon further review, we actually have a new ranking on the Scaled Women's Division.  First place goes Sarah Urban, second place goes to Tracy Goins and third place goes to Amy Omessi.  ACF will be mailing prizes to Sarah Urban for 1st place, Tracy Goins for winning second and Amy Omessi for winning third place. 

Congratulations to all the winners and the rest of the participants.  We are honored to have you compete in our very first competition.  You are all amazing crossfitters, taking on anything that's thrown your way.  We saw a lot of hard work, strength, heart, sweat and tears.

Many thanks to the garage crossfitters and following affiliates who were able to come out to our competition.

CrossFit 1525
Bayou City CrossFit
CrossFit Bay Area
CrossFit Beaumont
CrossFit Central/ SicFit
CrossFit Champions

CrossFit Dallas Central

CrossFit Houston

CrossFit H-Town

CrossFit Katy
CrossFit Silverback
CrossFit Unity
CrossFit Victorious
CrossFit West Houston
Elite CrossFit
Hybrid Performance Lab
Mission CrossFit
NHB CrossFit
P3 CrossFit

Ranger CrossFit

Universal CrossFit

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