“The Stroke”

3 Rounds For Time:


5 Mutant-Makers (135)(95)

15 GHD Sit-Ups

25 Pull-Ups

200m Sandbag Carry


Post results to comments.

Fred Subia
Happy Birthday Fred S., aka MasterG!  Fred is shown pictured with his wife, Alice.

Happy Birthday Rosie!

71 Responses to ““The Stroke””

  1. Bonnie B

    HBD fred and rosie!!!
    15:52 (75#, SLSU, green band)
    Great group this morning!

  2. Macho Ranger

    Only 10 Spots left for the CF Dallas Central All Cities Open (11 December 2010). Rx Only and some serious heavy hitters will be there!
    Let’s get our best on list and we can all go and cheer them on!

  3. Jen C

    18:37 (75#, slsu)
    I kipped ALL pull-ups…whoop! Great job goes out to everyone this morning!
    Happy birthday Fred and Rosie! Rosie, miss seeing you at 5:30a the box!

  4. Keith Fogle

    23:21 (105#, last round of pull-ups band assist)
    thanks to Easy Rider for the help on kipling pull-ups — I need way more practice for the kips, it was the slowest part of the wod today for me. Could have gone heavier on the mutant-makers..

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Fred and Rosie!
    18:25 RX Not crazy about my time, last set of pull-ups added about 2 minutes.

  6. Teach

    Huge crowd this morning!! Breathing was difficult with this one 🙂 Love me some Mutant Makers though!!
    Happy Bday Rosie and Fred!

  7. Teach

    Rocky Top – a Mutant Maker is a Squat Clean to a Thruster 🙂
    Lots of fun!!

  8. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    19:18 (85#)
    Kipping pull-ups are still a struggle for me but I got through them. One day, I’m gonna figure them out. Mutant Makers are actually kind of fun, I enjoyed them! Partially because I only had to do five at a time, I suspect… LOL 🙂

  9. SpeedyJ

    Happy Birthday Fred & Rosie! Will miss the Mutant makers, back in action tomorrow..one more day my back.

  10. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Fred and Rosie!!!!!!
    18:46 (55#,25 2″,50 RR,15 ghd, 30 slsu)
    Thanks Alice for the push……

  11. The Situation(Ruel)

    HBD..Fred and Rosie… have a good one you both…

  12. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    20:00 (95#, SLSU)
    Not scaling sandbag runs anymore! Kips slowly improves.
    HBD Fred & Rosie!

  13. Barbella

    Happy Birthday to you 2!
    18:46 (75#, SLSU, 2″ fatband..still)
    Lauren, great job on your unassisted pull ups!!
    FPR – 4th in WOD#2 & 6th over ALL!! – I am sooooo NOT surprised!!! Awesome girl!

  14. FPR

    Thanks Barbella!!!
    13:38 (Rx)
    Great noon class as always! Thanks JB, TI and Pat….great pacing with you guys!

  15. Bobo

    Happy birfday Rosie and Fred!
    14:35 RX.
    pretty much started shutting down on the last run.
    gotta figure out what happened to my pull ups. maybe i’ll finally try out the butterfly?

  16. mario c

    mario c 21:55 Scaled this way:
    3 rds
    3 MM 45#
    15 crunches – back not 100%
    15 green band pull ups
    Sandbag carry 25#

  17. CrazyCarl

    14:20 Rx
    Great competition at 4pm… good job keeping up the fast pace.
    HBD Fred and Rosie!

  18. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    18:29 (65#,BB) :((( so sad that I have to resort in using the band again. Need to practice on kipping! Great crowd @ 4pm – lots of FIREBREATHERS!
    JJooohhnnny BB!!! >:/ gggrrr! lol! Nice to work out with you again..i guess (joke)Thanks for being my partner!
    Special thanks to Dianna, Monte and Lopez!!!you guys are AWESOME! mmuuahh!

  19. T.I. (Kenny)

    13:44 (SLSU). Great noon class. Aida, I just couldn’t catch you today!! Good job JB and Wolverine. Dennis, thanks for keeping me moving.
    Happy Birthday Fred and Rosie!

  20. T-REX

    18:01 (85, SLSU, prpl silly band, 50# bag). Arms are still shot from H&C. wanted to do GHD, but Rx took priority. April, thx for yelling at me, and way to push through the wod! HBD Fred & Rosie. Rosie, I never see you, come in the PM sometimes!!! =)

  21. Monte

    18:29 (95#, SLSU)
    Lots of encouragement…thanks everyone.
    HBD Fred & Rosie!

  22. G

    16:11 (Rx) Sandbags are no friends of mine! Just trying to catch up with TC and Gina on the runs. Thanks for the push Lopez!
    Gina, you were blazing fast with the 50# sandbags!
    HD, hope the painless liquid bandage helps.
    I’m signed up for CF Dallas Central’s ACO under the Masters Division 🙂 Glad that they brought down the age range to 40 so I don’t have to wait 5.5 years to be in the usual Masters category. But there will probably be some chicks in their low 40’s who’ll give me some whoppin, haha!

  23. G

    Just noticed on our blog stats that we have a total of 23,100 comments since inception to date. Keep them coming.
    Great job on your baseline WOD today, Nancy S and Emil!
    Welcome back Fredie and Jason (aka Dble J)!
    Good to see Sarah M, Rossi, Church, Marlon, Ox, Skip, Tony B, Sledge, Kari, Tara, April K, Monte, Dub, Nomad, Kaylynn and Melessa back in action!

  24. MasterG aka Fred

    Thanks for all the greetings! I feel so special.

  25. Sarah

    Happy Birthday!
    10-15-25 (12#db Mutant-makers, step-ups, rr)
    200m shuffle
    Decided to do an extra round so I could do 20 min of work. Great job to the 5pm crew! Work pass the pain of those hands HeatherD!

  26. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    17 something (75#, SLSU, kipping pu, 50# sb)
    will may hands ever stop ripping…dang!

  27. dub

    18:20(rx)…great to be back from a long weekend at the deer camp. I was just happy to finish this bastard, see you guys manana

  28. chrissy c

    20:56 (65#, Thin White Band; 40#SB)
    Pull ups are KILLING me! Got to get them down!!!

  29. Beast (aka JA)

    The competition inspired me to start easing myself into working out again. 29:3? felt like forever :o( 75#, SLSU, kips and 44# KB runs. The pull-ups slowed me down–no chalk, no tape and no gloves equal mean rips. I sure didn’t miss those.
    Thanks Gatekeeper.

  30. Billdozer

    15:09(RX) Slowed way down at the end. Good times at 4. Happy Birthday Fred and Rosie!
    Paleo Challenge starts tomorrow. So far its Me, Doug, Julia and Abbye. $20 buy in, winner of percentage of body weigt lost wins the pot plus a bottle of liquor to be determined later. Remember to get an offical weigh in 2moro and lets hold each other accountable.

  31. Gatekepeer < -III--------III-

    HBD! God bless you both on your special day.
    Gatekeeper and Beast

  32. Gatekepeer < -III--------III-

    HBD! God bless you both on your special day.
    Gatekeeper and Beast

  33. mikey

    21:30 (95#,SLSU)
    Pull-ups suck…
    It was good to see everyone again- lots of familiar faces making an appearance. Thanks for the encouragement to get through those f’ing pull-ups.
    I don’t believe it… G entered into the “Masters Division”? You’ll crush the competition.
    HBD Fred & Rosie!

  34. Gatekepeer < -III--------III-

    HBD! God bless you both on your special day.
    Gatekeeper and Beast

  35. T-REX

    Billy, didn’t know about your Paleo challenge, is it too late? Im interested.

  36. Andrea G. Moore

    22:31 (75#,straight leg sit-ups, 40#(2)50#(1))