“Mohawk Madness”

10x50m Sprints (Every minute on the minute do a 50m sprint for 10 minutes)

CF Beaumont "Showdown" Event #3

For Time  10 – 15 – 20 Reps of:

Deadlifts (225)(155)
KB Swings (53)(35)


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Cody, aka Dble D!

67 Responses to ““Mohawk Madness””

  1. dianna

    Happy Birthday Cody and Belated Wishes to Rosie and MasterG! Holla! I know you’re still celebrating.

  2. Macho Ranger

    Happy B-day Cody! I read Lone Survivor on the plane back from Dubai. Spectacular. Look for a WOD called “Roger that Sir, thank you” very soon.

  3. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    11:54 (165#, 44KB)
    Too ambitious w/ the deadlifts. G, many thanks for advising future scaling.
    HBD Cody!

  4. heatherd

    Call me Crazy, but I’m actually going to try this one with no skin left on my hands:)
    Billy, Paleo challenge??? Is this an exclusive invite? Details?!?!?

  5. Billdozer

    6:51(RX) Slower than in Beaumont by about 15 seconds, probably cause I didn’t have Cal right next to me, I kept looking over and he wasn’t there. Good work Thundercats, sprints were fun!

  6. Billdozer

    HD, no getting healthy is not exclusive, anybody that wants to do it with us can. I wanted to go Paleo to get ready for the next competition and doug, julia and abbye wanted to try it too. We figured we would stay more motivated with all of us doing it.

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    I’m curious to see, if we did this WOD in reverse on a Tuesday 3 or 4 weeks from now, would times be slower or faster. Macho, if you are reading this… I’m not that curious.

  8. Teach

    Might be interested in the Paleo Challenge – more of the accountability ๐Ÿ™‚
    HBD Cody!!

  9. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)๎…

    11:45 (125#) short workout but it lingers….

  10. SpeedyJ

    I am very interested in the Paleo Challenge…curious to feel the effects, performance etc…

  11. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    HBD Cody! God bless you brother.

  12. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    HBD Cody! God bless you brother.

  13. Ramrod

    How about this, we have a box wide paleo challenge. Whoever wants to do it can do it. We will have a baseline wod and a before picture, then after a month we do testing again. Person with the best results wins the challenge.
    What do y’all think?

  14. G

    Speedy J,
    check out The Paleo Diet For Athletes by Loren Cordain and Joel Friel. I think Barnes & Nobles have it.

  15. G

    Ramrod, I actually am planning one already but not until Jan 1st unless you all want me to get it going now. Admiral started two weeks ago the day after we attended Robb Wolf’s seminar
    at CFWH. Let me know you guys.

  16. ingrid

    G,I’m in on this Paleo thing whenever you start.
    Love this WOD but I’m stuck with work.I’ll just run on my own.
    HBD Cody.Wishing you Life.

  17. Barbella

    Interested in the Paleo – whenever.
    13:29 (125#) This one did me wrong….
    Loved the sprints! When they were done.

  18. mario c

    mario c 10:24 scaled
    Scaled the DL’s to 5 per round 65#
    did push ups instead of burpees
    KB 19#
    I would have been even faster on the sprints than I was if I had only remembered to chalk up before we started. Rookie mistake, next time!

  19. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Just started ‘strict paleo zone’ yesterday.. for 30 days. Love the ideas G, Ramrod and Billy…although their bad eating was my hope for beating younger athletes ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. FPR

    8:16 (Rx)
    Great job nooners!! Great pacing with JB…
    Back is still quite sore from Saturday….might need an off day tomorrow

  21. Ramrod

    G, you are so wise ๐Ÿ™‚
    I zone my food 5 blocks breakfast lunch and dinner, 3 block early snack, 2 block late snack, not including post wod nutrition.. So I’ll be a helper for everyone participating

  22. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    HBD Cody! God bless you brother.

  23. CrazyCarl

    8:28 Rx.
    No paleo here. That diet is complicated as Hell. And wtf is a block Ramrod? whatever happened to good old fashioned organic meat and vegetables, and portion control?

  24. Teach

    I was trying to keep up with Crazy Carl and I managed To pass him on the last set of dead lifts. Thanks for working hard Carl and way to do the RX version of this WOD!

  25. CrazyCarl

    Beth, just say it… you kicked my ass once again. Lol. 225# DL’s once again get the best of me. Damnit!

  26. The Nomad

    8:57 (185) – Thanks for the rec. on weight H the B!
    G, thanks for pushing me on the sprints! It was fun!

  27. Speedy J

    7:56 (135#)..smart weight for my back. Had fun with sprints, its been I while…high hamstrings just told me.

  28. Nisha

    10:43 (135#)
    Thanks to the afternoon classes’ evil twist, I was given the “opportunity” to do 40 extra burpees to make up for going over 8 minutes..thankfully Gina was gracious and kind enough to do half of mine along with me otherwise I might still be at the box…thanks Gina ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    8:49…this was NEW for me…pushing myself past where I usually rest and where I mentally think I need to stop. Honestly it was really hard and my form sucked and I was so dizzy I had trouble counting. This just shows me how much harder I need to work…but for some crazy reason I liked it; after I was done of course!
    Thanks Jim, HD and Nate for pushing me and not laughing at my scary KB swings!
    First day of our “mini” Paleo challenge = stressful bc I’m hungry! G I’ll be checking out your nutrition blog. I’ll take all the help I can get! Game on!

  30. chrissy c

    7:51 (80#, 26KB)
    Penalty Burpees sure are an inspiration!!!

  31. Gina

    8:49 (135)
    Nisha, least I could do after shaming you into doing heavy DL! half way through mine, I was wondering at my ‘brilliant’ strategy! I’ve decided to
    make burpees my friend, so doing more of them was good for me!
    I’m in on the Paleo. I’ve been mostly doing it the last year, but need some motivation & menu ideas to get me back on track.
    HeatherD, you are my hero – way to fight through it!

  32. Ramrod

    New research found traces of grain in the paleo diet.. Just sayin

  33. Beetle Jules aka Julia

    9:33 (95#)
    500m row before WOD
    400m run after
    Great programming today! This one bite me in the butt but I liked it.
    Billy, we posted our weights in G’s office. Nate observered our weigh in so it was legit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Where should we put the money?

  34. Ramrod

    7g protein = 1 block
    9g carb = 1 block
    1.5-3g fat = 1 block
    So 5 blocks would be 5 blocks of each

  35. Dairy Queen

    Ramrod, traces of grain that research is referring already known in the community as sorghum. The middle of the road proponents have a few thoughts when considering this information:
    * Palaeolithic eating patterns were diverse depending on the surroundings, and hence the availability of food. So “eating paleo” is very open to interpretation.
    * I don’t care what they continue to discover, our ancient ancestors didn’t eat Twinkies, donuts or muffins, end of discussion!
    * If you’re thinking you need to eat paleo ’cause, you know, that’s how our ancient ancestors ate, remember that circumstances were quite different back then.
    * While it certainly makes sense to steer clear of highly processed foods, such as cookies, cakes, pastries, bread etc. you can healthfully include whole grains in your diet. They aren’t detrimental in any way with daily consumption unless your body is constantly being bombarded with the “-itis” syndrome, then you avoid gluten in your completely.
    * On the flipside, be leery of conventional wisdom that you should strive for a certain amount of servings of grain per day.
    * The overall healthfulness of a diet is not dependent on either the inclusion or absence of grains.

  36. G

    Wo-ow, Dairy Queen….does that mean I can have blizzards every now and then? Good thing!
    Carl, check out zone discussion link on the right side bar of our nutrition blog (click on the nutrition topics on the left side).

  37. G

    6:33 (Rx) plus 20 burpees penalty.
    At the CF Beaumont Showdown my time was 5:53 as prescribed. Jim challenged me to not go beyond 6 minutes today or I owe him 20 burpees. Darn it! The sprints did me in. I gave it all on the sprints trying to beat The Nomad each time and on the first two set also Grim Reaper. Thanks for the push Chad! Then the right hamstrings were talking really loud during the WOD.
    Just glad I caught up with the likes of Ramrod by 3 seconds ๐Ÿ˜€ today.

  38. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD Chris P!
    Welcome on your first WOD Ami D!
    Good to see Mikey, Kelli, RHABd, Eli, Natalie, Becky, Admiral, L.A. and Regina back in action!
    We see a few new aliases on the board with the am clases – O.M.G. and Oinker. Nice!
    We can discuss the formal Paleo Challenge for the new year. The ones who are starting this week can join again later. It’s good; Billdozer needs all the support and challenge he can get for the next 30 days.

  39. G

    Nice try Teach but isn’t that some form of “Yoyo” diet?
    I’m curious to see how that guy will look and feel 5 or 10 years from now, just saying.

  40. mikey

    8:59 (135#,44#)
    I swear I thought I was going to do penalty burpees…
    Good luck to all who are taking on the paleo diet.

  41. G

    Billy, LOL! I’m most certainly not calling you that! I just know that when Thanksgiving comes around the group will certainly help with accountability.
    Abbye, we can chat some more later. We have something planned to embark the Paleo Challenge so that participants will know what to do such as a nutrition clinic, tools/guides and others.

  42. T-REX

    I thought I mentioned Paleo challenge a couple of months ago and I was told it’s too hard to measure? :\ hmmm…..Anyhoo, I started today w/ Doug (Ace)(1 day late from the Billy crew as agreed on FB). Can I use my weight from Saturday’s weigh in? Trust me, my weight has not changed at all in almost 2 years.

  43. Schubert

    Finished in just over 10 minutes. Damn those 40 burpees! Thanks Jim.. aka Mr. Customer Service.
    135# bar, 40# KB