“The Boat”



Row 5000m For Time






Happy Birthday Will M!

Happy Birthday Deric, aka "Tank"!

USMC flag

69 Responses to ““The Boat””

  1. Jen C

    Great job morning crew!
    G, I left my black under armor jacket on the table by the sofa…will come by tomorrow afternoon to pick it up!

  2. Coach Jim

    Arnold, we will begin a new ACF Team League series after the first of the year. The teams will be assigned by coaches (consensus) from all names submitted (RX) (Scaled).
    As for the workouts, study Tahoe well. Although you may not see anything like it all πŸ˜‰ You never know…..

  3. Bullhorn

    EVERYONE should come tomorrow to pay respect for the men and women that gave us our our FREEDOM, Just sayin πŸ™‚

  4. MasterG

    Too early to rock the Boat!!!
    Row, row, row your BOAT JohnnyB!!
    Happy Birthday Guys!!!

  5. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Happy Birthday Tank and Will!
    24:33 (RX… LOL)
    Thanks for the rowing tips, Vegas, they really helped!

  6. Billdozer

    20:01- Sprinted the last 300 but couldn’t quite get it under 20. But its good that i’m letting my protege Cal gain some confidence.
    Happy Birthday Gentlemen!

  7. Bullhorn

    WOW BILLY, Come @ 5:30 and put that talk to work, but really with out billy as my Taco Hut partner i would not be where i am know. but i know one thing you could beat me at every WOD from now on but you will never look as good as me even with the Paloe πŸ™‚

  8. Billdozer

    Cal, I can’t remember, which size box were you on in Beaumont and which one was I on?
    All kidding aside, it’s nice to have you working in the Taco Stand with me, it makes me better. If only 5:30 was 8:30 I would join you more often. Snatch time at the Taco Stand tonight.

  9. Bullhorn

    you are correct that snatch will be flying tonight, All are welcome to join.

  10. heatherd

    HBD Will and Deric…Tank where have you been?!?!?!
    Every class should be full at the box tomorrow!!!!!Show your support!

  11. Ramrod

    Dozer, bullhorn, I’m jealous of you two having eachother. And cal, don’t you dare try to steal my teammate. Ohh what if we can have 3 guys. Just wet myself

  12. Teach

    Plus there will be some FANTASTIC music at the box tomorrow…submit your requests today πŸ˜‰

  13. Bullhorn

    Ramrod i beat you to it he has already signed the deal i have the text to prove it, free agency is a bitch πŸ™‚

  14. RHABd (Ben C)

    Couldn’t feel my feet afterwards!
    Today is also the 235th Marine Corps Birthday! Devil Dogs!

  15. Loco Moco

    This link is dedicated to Bullhorn, Dozer, and RamRod. NSFW. Potty Mouths.

  16. G

    One song request on REPLAY mode the entire hour at 5pm, s’il vous plait πŸ™‚
    Cowboys From Hell, Pantera

  17. Bullhorn

    Damn Beth you going to take that, lame ass Ipod is a strong statment

  18. Bullhorn

    Grace knows whats up, pantera and slayer that is Crossfit. wild like a wilderbeast

  19. G

    Well Bullhorn, either that or THE real ghetto rap, east coast or Taco’s fav selection from DJ Screw.
    Thursday will have a few Keisha for sure because it’s ladies night at 6pm, right Jules?

  20. Bullhorn

    well i am not there at night and thank goodness, so acid metal. and yes stacey (Master Taco) is a little thugish in his music. watch it he might cap you.

  21. Ramrod

    Oh and to whoever is Dairy Queen, my point about the grain thing last night was simply that i read an article saying they found traces of it, in case your doing the whole paleo thing and think you cant eat any whatsoever. I dont paleo, so it doesnt involve me

  22. Billdozer

    Ramrod is feisty today, I don’t know if Cal filled out the waiver request, so I might still be available.
    Sensei Taco is a student of all genre’s of music and he’s the only guy I know that models for the Eddie Bauer Fall Catalog and listens to DJ Screw.
    I’m just gonna throw it out there that Born in the USA by the greatest artist of all time Bruce Springsteen must without a doubt be #1 on the playlist for each class.

  23. Ramrod

    Na I just think what I said got taken differently than how I meant it. In all honesty dairy queen is quite delicious

  24. Bullhorn

    Damn, is eddie bauer still in buisness, i see tha master as more of a brooks brother type of guy. Billy i have already sent the waiver to the legue office and i have some endorsment deals coming your way πŸ™‚

  25. Beetle Jules

    G- Kesha, Lady Gaga are regulars at Lady’s night!!
    Teach- you need to add Joan Jett, “I Hate Myself for Loving You” cause that’s how I feel about Crossfit! πŸ˜‰ And if you are going to add Joan Jett you might need to add some Pat Benatar.. but she may be too slow.
    All though I feel like we need to play something patriotic before tomorrow’s WOD I don’t know if “Born in the USA” is the best choice. But, I perfer it over Todd’s Neil Diamond. What about Toby Keith’s Red, White, and Blue???

  26. Beetle Jules

    Bullhorn, You sure?? I see some pretty psychadelic stuff after WODS.

  27. Gina

    kept staring at the wall, trying to figure out if the fish had already eaten the
    mermaid or if it was drooling at the thought. We need a big scren with lots of action to keep the mind off the realization that you can’t breath during this WOD!

  28. T-REX

    22:28. Great time Gina! HBD guys! Paleo participants, I weighed in w/ G. Again, I have heavy bones

  29. Speedy J

    HBD guys! 21:34 I think…working on that balance of speed and big pull. Enjoyed the distance.

  30. G

    23:34.3 Love-Hate relationship with the C2 rower will never end!
    Thanks for putting up with me and pushing me Coach JB! You are a great motivator! Bullhorn, as usual your timing was good with the yelling as I was about to fade away. And, Billdozer your tips helped a lot!
    Hammies were very sore all day but after rowing 5000m the soreness is gone!
    Gina, nice time!
    Bullhorn holds the record on this one and as the white board says, “above reproach”.

  31. Maricel

    28:00 – thanks G and Jen C for the push and staying with me to the end. This wod’s terrible if you’re wearing heels all day afterwards!
    Tony B – 22:45
    Todd… Who’s Neil Diamond?! JK πŸ™‚
    Great job morning crew!

  32. Nisha

    23:08 PR
    Dang Gina, crazy fast time..must have been the residual effect from yesterday’s burpees πŸ™‚
    Great job T’Rex, I tried to catch your time but couldn’t do it..but I did manage a PR so I am happy with that!!

  33. G

    Welcome on your intros today, Angel, Keith and Althia
    Good job on your first WOD Chris P (aka CP)!
    Good to see Pena, Dawn, O’Malley, Contra and Princess Slaya back in action!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  34. G

    Jen C, your black jacket is on the brown couch. See you.
    Hope you had a good celebration Will and Tank.

  35. G

    Gina, btw, i’m saddened that you think that was a fish. It was supposed to be a shark with blood in its mouth, meaning too full to eat the mermaid in the middle of the ocean. Although I’m glad that the drawing helped you and other peeps row 5k this pm.

  36. Gina

    G, my bad. Must have been the lack of oxygen. Of course it’s 1,000,000 x better than I could have drawn!

  37. Teach

    Okay- so I just now get to check the board tonight and I’ve got Macho calling me out like that?!!? WTH? Just because we don’t all get our jubblies off to death metal does not make us inferior. I honestly think that the mighty Macho likes to belt out Lady Gaga and Kesha in the safety and comfort of his happy place….it’s okay to admit that you know πŸ™‚

  38. mikey

    I actually like Lady Gaga. Ke$ha… not so much. I’m gonna try and make tomorrow for the WoD and the music selection!