“Chipped Beef”

Run 400m
   20 Wall Ball (20)(14)
   20 Burpees
       40 KB Swings (53)(35)
Run 200m
  30 Wall Ball (20)(14)
  30 Box Jumps (24)(20)
       60 Double-Unders
Run 100m
   40 Wall Ball (20)(14)
   40 Jumping Lunges
      80 Slam Balls (20)

Scale (A): 1/2 reps full distance


Post results to comments.


We would like to wish Austen best of luck on his endeavor back to Breckenridge, Colorado!  We're glad that you became a part of our community.

40 Responses to ““Chipped Beef””

  1. Bullhorn

    Good luck austin, 24:10 with a mid WOD potty break. My stomach did not like slam balls. :0

  2. ingrid

    Best of luck Austen to your new endeavor in freezing Colorado.
    Come visit us warm Texans once in a while.
    25:27 10#WB,18″BJ,para,
    12″ 40 reps slam balls
    Just happy to be able to stay at 10#WB and 35#KB swings.Need to improve gass tank.This WOD is a lot of fun.It keeps me thinking too.
    Great,great job 0830H.

  3. Ralph

    25:25 (#10WB;#44KB;#18Box;#10Slam)
    I scaled myself big time today, still sore and tight from yesterday’s HERO WOD. Big 0830 crowd.

  4. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Good luck, Austen!
    16:21 (Scale A, RX weights)
    Great job to Khara and Dianna who toughed out every single rep in the full workout! Awesome job to all the 9:30ers, great to see you Monty!

  5. Khara

    29:49 (LJ’s, and #12 slam ball)
    Thanks to an awesome 0930 crew for pushing me through the end of this,especially to Diana for joining me, told you, you could do it!!
    Thanks Coach D for keeping me moving.

  6. CrazyCarl

    Good luck back in rocky mountainville Brother Austen. Keep in touch.

  7. Alice S.

    26:18- (#6WB, #26kb, #20boxj/s, 10slam 40reps)
    First time to do 4 day workout week… We survived!!!
    What a great way to end our week!!
    Have a good weekend to all!!!

  8. Beetle Jules

    Good Luck in Colorado Ghetto Smurf Austen! Come back and visit!

  9. T.I.(Kenny)

    19:54 (RX)
    Good luck Austen. Thanks for keeping me moving Ramrod. You almost got me FPR. Good job.

  10. dianna

    10#WB,20″step. lateral steps, 10#SB
    Thanks Khara for the inspiration and Ivannah for the push to make it through the whole WOD!

  11. mario c

    mario c 15:20 Scaled this way:
    200 m runs;
    10 reps each round
    35# KB;
    10#slam ball;
    18″ step ups;
    standing lunges.

  12. Mike B

    18:52 Scale A (14# WB, 35# KB, 20″ Box, Lat. Jumps, and 20# SB)
    Great job Khara and Dianna going RX reps, you two kicked butt.

  13. Austen D

    Thanks for the farewell wishes everyone. I’ll be going out tomorrow night. Not sure where we we’ll start, but feel free to come on out to join. You can call me at 7139076739 if you have any question.
    I have had an amazing time at atomic with everyone and will definitely come back and see everyone when i get back into town. Thanks for the awesome experience.

  14. Barbella

    Bye Austen!
    27:?? (12# SLAM BALL) +1 potty break =0)
    Shortly after this WOD I was leaving a message for someone to call me back & honestly could not remember the last 4 digits of my phone#. woWWW
    Good to c ya Kendra!

  15. Kendra

    15:48 (Scale A, RX weights)
    Barbella – Great job!! Wish I could have seen you finish that one………way to push through.

  16. Schubert

    30:49 — 14lbs Wall Ball, 40lbs KB, side jumps, 20lbs slam balls.
    Really felt all 19 rounds from yesterday.. Good times.

  17. FPR

    you’re funny Barbella…Awesome job noon class!!
    21:28 (Rx) Stupid slamballs slowed me way down at the end!! Oh yeah…and I hate wall balls too! Good pacing with TI and Lopez
    Two tough WODs two days in a row…time for a rest day!
    Good Luck Austen!!

  18. Noel (SKIP or SNIPER)

    24:41-Scale A (20#WB, 24″ box, lat. jumps, 20# slam ball)
    I cried a little inside.

  19. JohnnyB

    33:13 RX
    I was pretty delirious with my counting!
    Thank you Todd & Coach Daniel.
    Austen- visit us sometimes & goodluck!

  20. The Nomad

    29:05 – (LJ) I wanted RX. Maybe 1 day I will master double unders!

  21. Speedy J

    19:01 (Rx) Did not think that was possible with how sore I am…great week of WOD’s. Good luck Austen!

  22. G

    Good to see Traci back in action with the 530am crew!
    Also, we would like to welcome on Jon Bryan, who took his first WOD with the 530crew!
    I’ll see you crazy weekend warriors in the morning for some FUN !!!

  23. Billdozer

    20:36(RX) Great battle tonight at 6, a lot of fun but Daniel proved to be too much for me.

  24. Keith Fogle

    25:50 (14#WB, 44#KB, 20’Box, LJ, 12#SB)
    Fun wod!
    Good luck Austen!

  25. G

    Hey Guys/Gals,
    If you are joining Billdozer on the challenge for this month, check out our Nutrition Blog on the left side bar for more resources and tools.
    We will do an official challenge in January.

  26. Speedy J

    Billy, did you slow down??? Isn’t that what you asked me…thanks for sharing your meal ideas..meat and vegetables…

  27. dub

    21:17(rx) I just tried to keep up with the atomic allstars this evening, thanks for pushing me. Good luck austen, may need to come up and check it out.

  28. Teach

    Fast group at 6:00!! Tried to stay with Ramrod, Dozer and Dub but they got the best of me 🙂 Chrissy, way to go fast! Ben, great job fighting though to the end, you had a great time!
    Thanks Jim for the encouragement… I might have stared at the wall longer on wall balls if you hadn’t told me to get going! Also a big thanks to the peanut gallery cheering!

  29. chrissy c

    16:12 (Scale A – 10#WB/26#KB/20″BJ/20#SB)
    Thanks Jim for letting me count attempts on the DUs-still didn’t have it and had to do half lat jumps. Killer WODs this week!!