“Sealfit – Bomber”


(WOD courtesy of SealFit)


50 x Dead Lift (135# / 95#), run 400M

50 x Power Clean (135# / 95#), run 400M

50 x Front Squat (135# / 95#), run 400M


Post results to comments.

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45 Responses to ““Sealfit – Bomber””

  1. Bonnie B

    Is anyone doing the Warrior Dash Central this weekend? Let me know!
    Jenn H and I are signed up for Sunday.

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Nice pacing with RayRay..good job Fam and rest of 8:30.

  3. Khara

    19:25 (#65)
    That dry air was not fun to run with, but a great WOD to get moving to this am. Good job 0830.

  4. HeMan

    17:19 (95#)
    I don’t think my legs have ever been this trashed. Nice job Billy, staying right next to me with 40 more pounds than I had was quite impressive.
    Also – to all the ACF fantasy football players – I am currently accepting offers for Mike Vick…

  5. Chase

    Thanks for the blog pic shout out guys! See you all in December!

  6. Speedy J

    Man, missing another great WOD – love that running..last night of bball tryouts.

  7. Billdozer

    17:20(RX) Love that WOD, couldn’t resist a battle from the good ol’ days with Lord Terminator, we had the face off going and everything. Those Front Squats at the end are no joke, 5 at a time was difficult.
    I think Matt has the record for most epic comeback in fantasy football history, down 43 points with 1 player left, and wins by 6.

  8. Teach

    19:30 (Rx)
    Not happy 🙁 I somehow lost a lot of time on the Power cleans…I guess I wasn’t focused on stringing together more at a time.
    I didn’t feel this workout until I went to pick Ansley up from the floor and my legs almost gave out!
    Huge group of Pacemakers this morning. Great energy and hustle from everyone!

  9. Gina

    Bummer, missing another great WOD but still too sick…hopefully tomorrow!

  10. Bobo

    17:04 (115)
    felt i was going to be staring at the bar way too much if i went for 135 today.

  11. FPR

    17:44 (Rx)…front squats were brutal. Thanks Jim for the coaching! Really helped me get through the last 20 reps. The last run was more like a shuffle at first. I know I’m going to feel this one tomorrow.
    Great noon class!!

  12. Silverback

    21:03 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push Daniel & Jim. Like Bobo said, it would’ve been easy to stare at the bar for long periods of time today. The best (i.e. most challenging) part of the WOD was the first 50 meters of the last run (after the front squats). I must’ve looked like I was chasing down a short yellow bus.

  13. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    26:26 (RX)
    I got along with the deadlifts, power cleans and even the running today. But those squats were definitely not my friends. At all. I was shooting for 5 at a time and got a few sets of those in but then had to go down to sets of 2 and 3. Personal mini goal today was to run every single meter, no walking. Success! Thanks to G and Lauren for the push and G, additionally, for insisting on the 95# weight 🙂
    Got my first set of 10 kipping pull-ups in a row post WOD too so thanks JohnnyB for the encouragement and for recording it! So many little victories today, I love it!

  14. wolverine

    20:06(rx) Nice conversation w/ Hernan midway thru front squats.Flexibility is maybe finally getting a little better.

  15. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    22:22 (65#) Midst of the WOD I was thinking maybe I could have done heavier like what Bonnie and Barbella said till I got to the front squat then I said “I’m glad I did 65#” 🙂
    Good job Ivannah for doing RX and the pull-ups!

  16. The Nomad

    24:40 (115) Hamstrings are tight. Just hope I can move tomorrow…

  17. dub

    21:57(115)…as jim said it was a little slow, good work though and small group of us at 6pm.

  18. G

    21:41 (Rx) – I can come up with many excuses why I didn’t hit my goal of sub 20. It is what it is!
    Nice to working alongside our hardworking Prego “Snash” and TC who was hacking away and still managed to beat me 🙂
    Fun crowd at 5pm.

  19. Babs

    16:35 (35#) only did 30 power cleans due to injury in arm/got ice on it right now.
    Thanks Steve for the pacing on our last 400m run.

  20. TC

    G sorry if the lung I hacked up slowed you down…. I feel good I just cant seem to shake this cough!!!! It sure is nice to be back though!!!
    19.42 Rx the weight wasnt bad I just couldnt stop hacking!!!

  21. G

    Good job on your baseline Vanessa W!
    Way to go on your first WOD Suniel, Courtney and Anthony W!
    Welcome Craig, who is visiting from CF Memphis! Glad you could join us especially with today’s SealFit WOD.
    Good to see Bullhorn, Chalkman, Josh P, Rene F, NateChurch, Ox, Lopez, L.A., Eli, JDS, Becky, Steve W and Kaylynn back in action!
    007, good work on this WOD since you’ve been mentioning SealFit for a year now.
    Milestone: Black N Blue got her ten consecutive kipping pull-ups. I didn’t see the entire set but JohnnyB recorded it. All legit! Congrats Ivannah!
    Going forward:
    (MEN) A beanie is awarded to those who are able to finish LINDA as RX in or under 20 minutes and have competed in an event.
    (WOMEN) A beanie is awarded to those who are able to do 10 consecutive unassisted pull-ups and have competed in an event. In addition, the athlete will not be able to use band assisted pull-ups thereafter.

  22. G

    Chase, thanks for chiming in! We’ll definitely see you in December.

  23. G

    TC, your hacking didn’t slow me down. As a matter of fact it made me go faster, LOL, just kidding. Good to see you push through. Keep drinking lots of fluids!

  24. G

    And btw, Kendra…you’re running a lot faster nowadays. Send Dracula my regards and hope to see the bandaid on your neck go away soon.
    Gina and Abbye, feel better soon!

  25. Beetle Jules

    20:28 (65#)
    Thanks for the pointers Nate!
    Nice to meet all the Newbies at 6p.m. Hope to see you again soon!

  26. JohnnyB

    DL-135 + 10 PC & end up cutting my weights to 115# afterwards.
    Congratulations Black&Blue!!
    ” Doing the right form, It hinders injury.” a wise Coach kept reiterating that on her class & I inculcated that on my concious mind. Thanks a lot Coach G for that matter.
    Thanks Joe, Lauren & Coach G for the push!

  27. Sarah

    Prego wod
    Push press (35#)
    Paralet push-ups
    400m brisk walk 🙂 after each round
    Thanks Grace! I was very worn out from yesterday’s wod, but had to come today to get in my workouts!
    TC, you sounded like you were going to gag on that lung you coughed up! I almost gagged hearing you!
    So, I see there are specific qualifications for a black beanie now…
    Jim, does that mean my options of Fran RX under 9min or bench press my body weight 10 times to earn a beanie has changed??!!

  28. Anthony Woods

    I believe this class is what I’ve been looking for a long time! Great workout last night & thank you group for showing us how things are done around there!

  29. Silverback

    Anthony, thanks for posting. Get on Sunhil and Courtney to do same.

  30. Will M

    1ST Rx FOR ME(24:33)!!! AND IT KICKED MY ASS!!! Sorry it’s taken so long to post, but I been BUSY! A buddy of mine in Combat ATC training said they use this particular workout to “turn people over.” Good job all who did it.