“Kangaroo Court”


3 Rounds for time


800m Run

25 KB Swings (53)

20 Squats

15 Ring Push-ups


Post results to comments.

Sid kbs

Sid with a fully extended American Kettle Bell Swing.  (photo courtesy of JohnnyB)

50 Responses to ““Kangaroo Court””

  1. todd

    Been outta town for what feels like a week. Looking forward to getting back. I’ve been missing the box!

  2. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Really mad I’m still sick! Dosen’t look like I’ll be at the box much this week…maybe thursday? Hope everyone has a great week! Miss you all!

  3. Macho Ranger

    @ Carl
    Good thing there aren’t any ring hspus in this wod 😉

  4. Adam Longoria

    Good to be back in the swing of things. Thanks for having me Atomic.

  5. CrazyCarl

    @ macho… your right buddy, that’s my crossfit dyslexia kicking in when I’m reading these workouts first thing in the morning. Pushups I can deal with on the rings. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Mystery Blonde

    Todd – We certainly miss your musk around the box. Hurry back!

  7. Macho Ranger

    That’s no mystery. Anyone who uses the word “Musk” when referring to Toddzilla can only be….

  8. Bullhorn

    Jim, check out this video, i think we need you to come up with a weekend event ( in house) were we pay a fee and spend the weekend checking how much heart we have. what you think? Freeport is one place we could go.

  9. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    18:08 RX
    Nice (and unusual–weird) pacing with Ramrod and Billy this morning. (Usually they lap me). Good job 8:30.

  10. Billdozer

    Jim, someone has plagiarized my signature phrase to Todd. But yes, I do miss Todd’s Musk.
    18:54(RX) Legs were definitely feeling yesterday

  11. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    24:37 (40#KB, Paralette Push Ups)
    I think running and I are starting to get along better 🙂

  12. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Everyone should check out the nutrition blog today…good Thanksgiving meal ideas. G, I would really like to go to the the nutrition seminar in Jan, we should get a group together.

  13. ingrid

    rt. wrist and shoulder mobility much better.The KB swings very therapeutic,but could not do the required PU.
    Thanks G for my watch.It’ll not miss work I guess.
    Had fun runnin’ with the 0930H gals.

  14. dianna

    30:x (paralette pu, 35#)
    Khara, Ivannah, and my 0930 peeps thanks for sticking it out till I finished.

  15. Beetle Jules

    I like the new recipes on the nutrition blog too! Sledge is getting the stuff to make the sweet potatoes! Keep updating it G! 🙂

  16. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    24:25 (Rx)
    Don’t often get a crack doing a WOD @ Rx. I *wanted* this one!

  17. Andi

    I sure to miss everyone @ the box – wish I could’ve made it for this one!
    Gonna try & get in there tomorrow/if not see you all after Tgiving.

  18. Bitchy Eggroll

    20:11 (500 meter run, 35 kb, hand to whatever u call it push up)
    Really feel like a wuss for only running ( wait… Let’s me honest… Jogging/walking) 500 meters. Another should have..
    But on a good note! Congrats to my two Sienna buddies for getting their beanies. Fam and Aida, you guys deserve it! Yeah!

  19. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    G .. Nice nutrition blog page.. lots of great links.
    Thanks Fam.

  20. FPR

    Thanks Toe!!
    I wasn’t really feeling it today!!
    21:28 (Rx)…53lb KB slowed me down!!

  21. JohnnyB

    21:34 RX
    Fun WOD…
    A lot of road runners working out 4 pm class & perfect weather too!

  22. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    24:13 (35#) unbroken KB swings-thanks Coach G for the push. Thanks to Richard, Todd and Johnny B for cheering me on!
    * I too got my black beanie yesterday for accomplishing 10 unassisted kipping pull ups back in August. I know im not comparable to any of our topnotch athletes at Atomic but this is what I have accomplished so far and i’m proud of it. To our Coaches, i will continue to give my best everytime I step in our box as always, who knows maybe sometime in the future I can accomplish more than what i have accomplished now:) this is a BIG DEAL for me. Thank you!

  23. CrazyCarl

    Wasn’t able to make it out to Stafford today for this wod, but was able to drop in at NHB Crossfit in Katy to catch a wod on my way home from work.
    Strength: push press. 3-3-2-2-1-1
    (135-135-155-170-175 180) I went light
    5 rds for time of:
    5 Man makers (35# DB)
    20 parallel jumps over DB’s
    8:41 Rx

  24. Speedy J

    18:26 (Rx)..nice break from junior high basketball tryouts.

  25. toddsky

    17:50 RX Squeeked past Sledge.
    I missed your musk too, Silverback… 😉 You li’l rathcal…

  26. MLB

    19:09 (Rx)
    Had fun chasing the Wolverine around all night, he’s just to damn quick!!!

  27. TC

    man I feel like a bump on a log I just can get it going this week, but any week with my extended family is better that being a bumb at home!!

  28. Nisha

    25:56 (40#kb, PUs)
    Have been experiencing some hip flexor issues since last week so the squats and runs were interesting to say the least but I made it thru…and first time doing the 40#KB which is a lovely little beast..did all 3 sets unbroken though 🙂

  29. G

    22:58 (Rx) If I can only run like Speedy J and Bonnie…I could conquer the world!
    Great crew again at 5pm. Thanks for the push Bobo and Toddsky!

  30. G

    Way to be accountable Crazy Carl!
    Welcome on your first WOD Adam!
    Old Hickory’s first RX with the 53lb KB
    From yesterday, Will’s first WOD Rx
    ZenJen, very nice!
    Good to see HD, HeatherV, Tara, Marlon, Dr. Peter, Richard, Speedy J, Nick H and Regina back in action!
    Make sure you guys take the time to foam roll and use the lacrosse ball before and after the WOD. Please visit the Mobility WOD on the left side bar. Plenty of sequence on pnf and other applications are suggested by K-Star. Massage therapy, perhaps a visit to a chiropractor or take yoga…yes, I said it….yoga! And, don’t forget the recovery or unload cycle. We will repost an old article on recovery and more this weekend.
    Thanks for visiting the Nutrition Blog. We’ll keep it very informative and helpful especially during the holiday season.

  31. Will M

    Couldn’t Rx this one (pulled a calf the night before @ my soccer game) but the row 800m was tough just the same. 21:50 sore back