“Walking The Dog”

3 Rounds of 250m Row Sprints

3 Rounds For Time (12 Minute Cut-Off)*

5 Muscle-ups
10 HSPU  (scale to 6 reps for female Rx)
5 Squat Cleans (175)(115)

* 2 Minute Bonus Work for "DNFs"


Muscle-up Scaling (A) 1MU = (2 – C2B Pull-Ups/2 Shoulder-to-knuckle deep Ring Dips)
Muscle-up Scaling (B) 1MU = (3 Pull-ups/3 Ring Dips)

HSPU Scale A 1HSPU = Strict Full ROM Pike Push-ups
HSPU Scale B 1HSPU = Elevated feet hand release Push-ups


Post results to comments.


There are two kinds of hip drives; watch and learn (video courtesy of CrossFit Invictus).

Congrats again to the following ACF athletes who competed at the Hammer & Chisel event!  Way to leave everything out there!  We are proud of you.

H&C Aida FPR H&C Aimee Dl
            Aida, aka FPR                                              Aimee

H&C Crazy Carl H&C Janet Speedy J 1RM C&J
                 Crazy Carl                                        Janet, aka Speedy J

H&C Judy TRex H&C Kyle MLB
                Judy, aka T-Rex                                  Kyle, aka MLB

    H&C Logan       H&C Richard D

                     Logan                                               Richard

36 Responses to ““Walking The Dog””

  1. Todd

    Aw, man, what happened to the sprints?!
    Did yoga this morning…so, that was interesting. See yall at 830.
    Good lookin athletes!

  2. Bullhorn

    if it aint one thing its another, i was worried about hspu, then i screw up on MU. like i forgot how to do them. good wod. just could not put it together this morning.
    DNF 🙁

  3. MLB

    Silverback- I tried calling you yesterday but you were no where to be found, Call me when you get a chance, 713.805.3868

  4. Bobo

    and for a demonstration of how to put that new found hip drive to work for you….

    courtesy of H the Barbarian.

  5. Bonnie B

    5 rounds of 3 p/u’s (1/2 inch band), 3 para dips)
    10 decline push-ups
    15 sc’s @ 85
    cant remember times on Warm up..

  6. Wolverine

    Is anyone planning on running the Sugar Land Turkey run Thanksgiving morning?

  7. Keith Fogle

    DNF (120#, “scale A” for MU’s and HSPU’s)
    2 rounds and about 3 “scale A” MU’s
    great wod!
    rowing: :50, :51, 1:14

  8. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Row– :53, :53, 1:23
    11:47 (Scale B for MUs, 1 AbMat, 95#)
    Still did the extra work with the DNFers though, haha, that was fun! Great work 9:30! Welcome to the ACF family, Aysha and James!

  9. ingrid

    11:53 65# scale B on MU w/ box assisted para PU and pike PU plus extra fun work with the DNFers.
    Huge difference with proper mobility and warm up pre and post wod.Glad that my rt arm/wrist could do 65#.
    Welcome to the exciting world of Crossfit James and Aysha.It’s addicting.

  10. dianna

    row: 1:02(the rower started before I did)
    11:42 85#,scaleB 2″band, para dips, c to g PU
    Welcome James and Aysha!
    Good Luck this w/e Daniel.

  11. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    My name is Robert, and I’m a crossfit addict.
    Row 46, 47, 1:08
    WOD.. DNF (Scale A, 1 Abmat) 2 1/2 rounds. Those 175# squats cleans were heavy, but more mentally challenging, flexing biceps helped.
    NEXT WEEK: UNLOADING with Fam (aka Crossfit Addict?) All scaled lighter weights, faster WODs. A long overdue break for us.
    Fantastic Class 8:30! Crazy full, great efforts.

  12. G

    =) Right on Easy Rider, flexing the biceps is key after you’ve pulled yourself under bar.

  13. Flying Fred Curry

    I flex my biceps as much as I can throughout the entire day…

  14. Loco

    My Biceps actually flex me on a regular basis…I’m just sayn’

  15. Teach

    Sprints: :51, :50, 1:18
    11:02 (1 Ab Mat)
    Thought I would be tackling this one Rx until the 12 min cut-off was announced…then I made Juan get me an Ab Mat. I didn’t realize how trashed my shoulders were from last night until I started the muscle ups!
    Great fun with the Pacemakers this morning! The row sprints were no joke! My legs blew up on the last row, not really sure what happened 🙂

  16. mario c

    mario c : row: 1:06 – 1:05 – 1:27
    Metcon: DNF Scale (B) – 2 rds + 3; #45

  17. Bobo

    11:51 RX
    no turn out on mus.
    that was tough.
    had fun with the extra two minute drill also.

  18. Booger

    the silverback bicep flex was once measured. the power output was exactly 1.21 jigawats.

  19. Silverback

    Dromedary camels are known to be jealous of my biceps…

  20. Barbella

    58? 54 119
    Scale B (green band/Para),Scale B,85#
    I actually miss the hot & sweaty days.

  21. T.I. (Kenny)

    Another great WOD even though I got a big fat DNF on it. The HSPU’s and Squat Cleans weren’t too bad, it was the Muscle-ups that got me today. Great job Ramrod! I hung in there with you for the first four muscle-ups, LOL! A great group at 8:30.

  22. Loco

    When Silverback was in Little League, he bunted a 480 foot home run.

  23. Bitchy Eggroll

    11:06 (B, B, 45#)
    My light week.
    Easy rider: I think we are Crossfit Addict!
    Ramrod: hope you feel better and have fun this weekend. Good luck! Take care of Hernan! Lololololol!
    Have a great weekend everyone. Eggrolls here I come!

  24. Tyler

    :46, :46, :46
    first round was under a minute! damn hspu’s on the 2nd and 3rd rounds killed me.
    i’ve been doing acf wods pretty regularly – along with the main site wods, but always forget to post. i also don’t think i’ve officially said congrats to all who competed either! so…CONGRATS! i wish i could’ve made the trip back!

  25. Booger

    you shouldn’t ask the silverback to flex his biceps. his mother asked him to flex them once. once.

  26. Speedy J

    Ran 3 miles..right shoulder said no thanks to this one. Hope to be in the box Sunday..

  27. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    DNF (scale B, 75#,2rnds,2abmat/pike) row=58s,59s,1:34s thanks Jen C!
    Fun times at 4pm:) thanks coach Jim on the pointers, Dustin good job! thanks for the push! Coach G- Graci!<3
    loved the 2min bonus!

  28. Dustin

    :50 :52 :54 for row
    8:36 155#,MU and HSPU RX
    should’ve done 165.

  29. Kendra

    Row – 53, 54, 1:25. As for everything else, it was ugly………probably more like fugly. Jen – thanks for letting my know I was doing things out of order before I wasted too much energy. Much appreciated. Didn’t quite hit it today but learned a few things for the next time.

  30. Billdozer

    DNF- 2 rounds + 1 muscle-up(2 abmats) That was an evil little WOD, was pumped when I did the first 5 MU’s consecutive, then realized my shoulders were shot for the HSPU’s.
    :42, :43, 1:03

  31. Dolenga (agent orange)

    Row :46 :47 1:11 beat Bobo by a second.
    Dnf on the other part of the wod, mainly because it’s impossible to be in two places at once. Not making excuses. Just sayin’

  32. G

    Went as far as 2 Rounds of Scale (A @ rx load with 1r of strict HSPU and 1r of half blue/half 1abm) + 1.5 sets of the C2B and knuckle deep ring push-ups that felt like they almost split my sternum in half.
    Fun group at 5pm especially with the bonus work.

  33. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Boycel, Aysha and James!
    Good to see Alice, The Situation, Tara, Nomad, Dustin and Agent Orange in action.
    Billy, 5 consecutive MUs was quite impressive in the battlefield!
    Chi, your homegrown organic oranges and lime (calamansi) are very tasty and sweet. Thank you!
    Ramrod and H The B best of luck on the level 1 test!
    Kendra, way to be a trooper on the 85# even for the first round!
    Have fun at the warrior dash in Austin Bonnie, Jennifer H and Vanessa.
    Hope your shoulders get a lot of rest Speedy J and Babs!
    Good to see Fight Club work up on his mobility.

  34. chrissy c

    3 Pull Ups/3 Ring Dips per MU/Pike-ish Push Ups/65# – a big DNF.
    Of course the DNF was planned just so I could do Jim’s 2 minutes of fun at the end! Yeah, right!