Active Recovery

Overtraining cartoon We’ve posted this before and feel like we need to post it again with a few additions as a reminder to all our athletes.

For the elitists, there may be no such thing as over-training but just under-recovery.  The majority of us will realize that they are over-training after it’s too late.  What does “Active Recovery” really mean?  Most would think that it consists of prolonged static stretching and just walking around the house.  You need to keep moving!  Activities that alleviate soreness accumulated through workout and practice include jogging, running, rowing, swimming and bike riding or any activity that elevates your heart rate at an extended period.
Some suggested formulas for our intermediate and advanced athletes:

  • Week 1-3 WOD as Rx’ed
  • Week 4 50% volume (either reps, time, distance, or weight or any combo that makes sense)
  • Repeat

Along with active recovery on days off, other tools such as sleeping 6-8 hours, proper nutrition, self moderation of stressors or life balance, fish oil and contrast hydrotherapy (5 rounds of 30 seconds hot/30 seconds cold) will help you get ready for the next WOD.  Other days off may be just that “A DAY OFF” so, take advantage of massage therapy and stretching drills.  We also need to make sure to incorporate mobility drills, stability drills and stretching/yoga on a regular basis.  There is so many sources out there now (i.e., Mobility WOD, ROMWOD, etc).

One Response to “Active Recovery”

  1. dianna

    Even though I’ve made 6thmonths, I still feel like a beginner when I look around me. When I make it to a certain level I guess I’ll know to de-load. I know I can’t expect to progress as fast as a 22 year-old, but I’ve never scaled a wod with anything in mind but finishing at the highest level at which I am capable. Not that my 53 year-old brain won’t try to protect me from a 19-round WOD :). I expect myself to go to the box every day I’m off (work 12hour day shift). but on a few days I read the WOD and just decide to take the dog for a run in the park because there is too much jumping that day. So I feel like my work schedule and my age keep me away from the box more than would be ideal for me to make progress. What is left for me to work on is DIET and SLEEP. I feel that ACF serves as a great de-stressor. Some days I ache with the wish that I had found CrossFit 30 years ago. But life is a journey and I am glad that the ACF community has become part of the path that I walk.