“Kill Switch’


Back Squat

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

AMRAP 8 minutes

7 Push-press (115)(75)
7 Power Clean (115)(75)
7 Double-push Burpees

Scale weights and reps a necessary. Post results to comments.

Fred Subia photo
(photo courtesy of MasterG, aka Fred S)

40 Responses to ““Kill Switch’”

  1. T-REX

    kendra, great vid! i gotta check out this “new” craze! 😉

  2. T.I.(Kenny)

    225-245-265-285(PR)-300(1): Good working with you Vegas.

  3. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    3 rounds + 8 reps
    I love strength workout days. It’s been at least a month since I’ve done back squats and I’ve jumped up 20 pounds from my last 3 rep max. I’m not sure my form was entirely perfect but I know that I got the depth requirement. Woo! Always a pleasure sharing a bar with you, Khara!

  4. Teach

    5+1rds (rx)
    Committed to working low bar back squats today and managed to get 3 reps, full ROM only 5lbs off of my 1rep max, not a bad day at all! Thanks Macho for the coaching this morning and for keeping me legit on my ROM! I can definitely feel the difference in the squat by doing the low bar – can explode up from the bottom much easier!
    Thanks for unloading my bar Cal!! I actually made it to work on time 🙂

  5. Teach

    Speedy J – I need to do some tank work with you!! You going at 5:30 tomorrow?

  6. ingrid

    3 rds (Rx)
    Back squat 150max.
    Last documented PR was 145#.After back squat,I had more mobility on my rt wrist and I was able to carry 75# later.
    Thanks Fam for checking my back squats.It help me grip better.
    Hasta manana.

  7. Billdozer

    Back Squat
    5rds+3reps(RX) Good day today, hadn’t done 3rep back squats in a while and they felt pretty good. Good work 9:30

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    5rds+5 (95*) (* & first 2 rounds hang power cleans–accident)
    UNLOADING CONTINUES..actually seems to be helping with much needed rest. Also, was able to focus on and improve my back squat form. Thx Daniel, Billy and Carl for the eyes and tips.

  9. CrazyCarl

    4rds +15reps.
    Those push presses got heavy on that 4th rd.
    And, someday when I grow up, I want to be able to back squat 325 lbs 3 times like Dozer did on his 5th set today. I would feel like a cool kid then. ; )

  10. dianna

    3rds+11 65#
    shoulda gone rx…couldn’t have been that much slower.

  11. Bitchy Eggroll

    4 rounds (45#)
    Happy happy Dance! Noon class was a blast. I think I will be visiting more often.
    Heather: thank u for pushing me at the end.
    Daniel: ANGRY BIRDS!!! we will play again tomorrow!

  12. Barbella

    I just LOVE the name “Bitchy Eggroll” & it makes me hungry. You sure showed your partner how to Back Squat girl! WOW
    3+17 @ 65#

  13. Bobo

    Metcon: 4 rounds RX.
    first round felt good, after that i was toast.
    prolly shoulda gone lighter.

  14. Bitchy Eggroll

    Barbells: I will make you egg rolls anytime. The bitchy way…. Lololololol!
    ian: thank u for being my partner and putting up with my midgetism.

  15. Bitchy Eggroll

    Barbells: I will make you egg rolls anytime. Thank you for making me try 170. At least I got 1.
    Ian: thank u for being my partner.

  16. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    No PR here. Not feeling it today:(
    Metco: 3+19 (60#)

  17. Gina

    175-180(2)-175 the rest.
    Not sure how I ever got my PR, because today felt heavy! Thanks Jim & Bill for the low bar pointers. Could feel the diff on the last set.
    4+4 (65)

  18. T-REX

    170 BS. AMRAP 5+8 @ 65. Glad to share the bar w/ Kate and Jen. G – Thx for making me focus on AMRAP and not RX. I get it =)

  19. FPR

    Great sharing the bar with you Fam!!
    Not a great day at back squats…
    5+5 (Rx)

  20. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)


  21. Nisha

    3000m row instead of Back Squats due to irritated hip flexors 🙁
    4 Rounds (65)
    Thank goodness Jim had the insight and wisdom to give me a quick “negative” when I set my bar up with 75…those push-presses got real heavy real quick….

  22. chrissy c

    Wow – bad night!
    Thanks for all your help Nate – my left knee and my right hip just didn’t want to work together tonight! I’ll check out the stretches.
    4 rounds even (45#)

  23. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    3rds+17 (85#)
    Thanks to Jim and Grace for not letting me put 135 on the Push Press Barbell (unintentional. I’m bad at math). That might have really hurt.

  24. G

    BS 5×3: 135-155-160(1)-155-155
    MetCon: 5 + 7 (60#)
    Great push 5pm crew!

  25. G

    Awesome job on your baseline WOD Andrew C, Sheri and Tom G!
    Good to see Will M, Patti, Dawn, Bill G, Monte and Nisha back in action!
    Great job for those who got their PR!
    ZenJen chin up! You don’t have to break your PR every time you do strength work. The training effect is there as long as you get your full range of motion on your reps. Keep up the good work!
    T-Rex, right on!
    Johnny B, what the??? no hands???!! no can do next time!
    TMac and AO way to get legit on the depth!
    Thanks for the cabinet Toe. I think all the 8:30 and 9:30 class binders will fit in there.

  26. TC

    WOW….I was really feeling the total tonight!
    315-335 the last 4 rounds
    4+20 Rx couldnt finish the last burpee!! Who would have thought 2 little push ups would make that much of a difference!!!
    PS I know I have said it before, but given the time of year, I would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone at ACF for allowing me to be a part of your lives!!! You all are my family, I would do anything for any of you!!! A really big THANKS to G, Jim, Silverback, and JB for make all of this possible, as well as the rest of the coaches for working with me day in and day out!!! I LOVE this place!!!!

  27. JohnnyB

    5+14 (65#)
    LOL Coach G! that’s was funny! hahaha
    Coach Jim, Thank you! Coach G, initially asked me to load 95#. I’d rather have a perfect form than hurting myself.. Trust me.! 🙂

  28. dub

    5+14(75)…tried to not injure my shoulder any further, plus I wanted to see what an rx girl workout was like! I believe I prefer them