"FDB" – in honor of Playboy

Bryan G aka Playboy

(WOD courtesy of Teach/Macho)
5 Rounds for time

20 KB Swings (53/35)
40 Double-unders
2   Unbroken Atomic Bear Complex (95/65)
 Atomic Bear Complex =
               Hanging Power Clean
               Front Squat
               Push Press
               Back Squat
           *Bar does not touch the ground or you begin at the hanging clean again.
            2 complete series of the movement unbroken for Rx!

Scale weights and reps a necessary. Post results to comments.

Holly L Holly OH Lunge

             Today is Holly L's birthday.  Happy Birthday Holly!

43 Responses to ““FDB””

  1. ingrid

    Happy Bday Holly L.
    I was gonna ask what FDP means,Bryan just spelled it out.
    I won’t be able to get to the box ’till this afternoon…dangerous for my routine- holidaying might just run me over among other stuff.
    Atomic Bear Complex is very,very interesting.

  2. Speedy J

    HBD Holly!
    10:56 (Rx)..loved the complex, could not catch Beth on the DU’s..great am group. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Back for more on Friday.

  3. Billdozer

    12:59(RX) Great group at 5:30! Janet, I must say, I had a vision of a team standing on a podium when I saw you working out side by side with Beth, wouldn’t you like to see what the two of you could do in competition along with Cal and I. We will give you a day to think about it.

  4. B Jules

    13:53 (45#, PJ) Could not get my du’s this morning turns out the jump rope I had was too short. Next time. I really liked the complex!
    After watching Cal this morning and hearing his sounds I stand by my previous comparison of him to a mother Gorilla! Cal= Pissed Off Gorilla.

  5. Teach

    Love me a FDB!
    Fun group at 5:30 this morning! Speedy J it was great pacing next to you, thanks for the push. I second Billy’s offer 😉
    Jen W- way to push through that last round!

  6. Bullhorn

    Yes i might even be able to get a signing bonus for you Janet. So think about it and we can talk numbers on Friday at the box. great workout DBL unders are getting better.
    15:15 RX

  7. dianna

    Happy Happy Birthday Holly!!!
    May you enjoy some FDB today.

  8. Bonnie B

    HBD Holly!
    16:56 (55#) – could not get those du’s this morning. switched to a longer rope and got a better rhythm finally.
    thanks for the push at the end Teach!

  9. Shelly

    Happy birthday Holly!
    Can’t get rid of kids today so no FDB for me . Thanks for having class tomorrow so I can feel less guilty about all the crap I plan on eating later    …

  10. Ramrod

    Can’t seem to shake this respiratory infection it’s been 8 damn days now. Very irritated. However just being able to finish a workout is improvement.

  11. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    12:31 (75#, 44 KB, LJ)
    50 C2B Pullups.. Muscle Up strength work
    50 GHD situps
    50 GHD back extentions

  12. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy bday Holly.
    Great class 8:30 as always.

  13. Todd

    12:50 at RX
    Did all movements unbroken and STILL only got 12:50. :-/
    Thanks for sticking around, bill-cat, and keeping me moving. It was good to see you, brother.
    Good 9:30 group.
    I was watching H the B and Sledge in my peripheral just hoping to stay a tad ahead.
    Happy Thanksgiving, friends, for we are all blessed.

  14. Teach

    No problem Bonnie! You were rockin those double unders on that last round!

  15. Speedy J

    Ran 3 miles…8 days in a row, body wants a day off. Beth..have always wanted to workout with you – even back in the Powerhouse Gym days :)…whatever is best for Atomic, is best for me…POW Ramrod asked me first..although, I am interested in UA sponsorship you offered Cal..

  16. todd

    oops, happy birthday, holly.
    Is there a team wod coming up?? Anyone wanna be on a “tweener” team with me?

  17. OMG (Summer)

    Happy Birthday Holly!!!
    13:29(LJ) Great Job Nooners!!

  18. Bitchy Eggroll

    Happy Bday Holly!
    15:47 (26kb, 35#)
    Dude! I was spool afraid to drop the bar!
    Way to push it through Nach with Jalepanos on Top!

  19. Stacy

    There will be no open gym tonight. Sorry, Callum. Back on schedule next week. Thanks

  20. Barbella

    24:?? (55#)
    EVERYthing took forever today…
    hmmm…maybe I did 6RDs – maybe not
    The HIGHLIGHT was seeing 2 of the ‘Last’ Boys get a MU!! (post WOD). I think their first? Ramrod, that should make up for the call u have to make with that “other” client.

  21. Silverback

    11:44 (Rx)
    Happy B-Day Holly!
    Had great fun with the Pacemakers this morning. It’s been awhile for me to workout with Cal & Juan.

  22. FPR

    13:51 (Rx)
    So mad!!…Missed the OHS on the second round and of course had to repeat the whole bear complex series…Fam, you got this one today!!
    Awesome energy at 830!

  23. kari

    Happy Birthday Holly!
    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Holly

    Thanks for all of the Happy Birthday wishes from everyone.
    Can I claim I did RX in say, 10:00, since it’s
    my bday? Thank you for the jacket, Ida. : )

  25. Kendra

    First reason to give thanks today – 18:00 RX (first RX ever). Second reason to give thanks – I lived to tell about it. Thanks for the kettle bell and bar Judy!

  26. chrissy c

    Way to go Kendra!!
    19:24 (45#, LJs)
    Gotta learn how to do double unders!!

  27. Jen C

    16:53 (55#)
    Could not get going on double unders.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Had to cancel tomorrow b/c I tweaked my back doing today’s kb swings. Giving it a rest for a day…
    HBD Holly!

  28. G

    13:44 (Rx) – Last round was slow on transition and DU sets were broken. Thanks for the push JB!

  29. G

    Bry, way to dig deep tonight going solo! You’re no FDB after all!
    It was good to see DJ Monteilh, athlete from CF Beaumont, join us tonight at 5pm and this coming Friday.
    Jen C, rest is best!
    Jen W did a 12hour on us by showing up with the pacemakers this morning. Nice Jen!
    The pacemaker crew today was just as big as the thundercats! Glad B-Jules could join us.
    Bullhorn, FYI, I am redoing the playlist on my iPod this weekend now that we have the tower speakers and the subwoofer installed.
    Good to see Boycel, Kelli, SOF, SOA and Joe F back in action!
    Arnold, congrats on the boys’ accomplishment today! That’s definitely a Milestone! Way to go Kyle and Robert! I heard Logan almost got one, too. Great job to our Coach Daniel!
    Kendra, awesome Milestone!
    Fam, you had a great time today!
    It is interesting how the teams are organizing for next year.
    TC, very cool post today.
    Toddsky, very cool post the other day, btw =)
    Have a safe trip for those who are traveling through the holidays.
    Hope you are still enjoying your day Holly!

  30. The Situation(Ruel)

    16:57(35kb, 65 bear)
    Good to be back…i felt good..one more reason to be thankful for this Thanksgiving…
    HBD Holly..
    Gatekeeper…how was ur visit with ur MD?

  31. T-REX

    23:19(RX) – I used to hate KPUs, but I loathe DUs! This was def an “off” day for me. ZenJen, I need to do those “exercises” to ctrl those “checks”! hehe! 3rd day @ the box in a row, but can’t miss 2mrwm, holiday wods kick ars. Duck FbleUnders!
    oh yeah, Go Kendra! Go Kendra! =)