“SealFit – Destructo”

(WOD courtesy of SealFit)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making ACF a community that everyone of us is proud to be a part of.

4 Rounds for time:

10 x Burpees
25 x Pull-ups
50 x Push-ups
75 x Squats

Wear a vest if your feeling festive! Rx = Vest (20)(15)

Scale weights and reps a necessary. Post results to comments.

Jason D Agent Orange

Happy Birthday J. Dolenga, aka A.O. or Agent Orange!

Leigh Ann LA
Happy Birthday Leigh Ann, aka L.A.!

25 Responses to ““SealFit – Destructo””

  1. ZEN JEN

    HAppy birthday Agent Orange and LA!

  2. Ralph/Slim

    HBD AO and LA!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!
    I wish I can do this WOD looks tough…I miss ACF already.
    Cheking in from Nashville, TN

  3. Keith Fogle

    32:30 (3 rds)
    band assist pullups last two rounds.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
    Happy Birthday to AO and LA !!

  4. G

    32:22 (Rx, half were C2G pushups)
    Fun times with the coaches’ class early this morning! Teach and Ramrod had the butterfly going on and got on the wagon and did 5-7 reps each round myself, haha! Way to crank it with the 20# vest Silverback, Billdozer, Ramrod and Juan! Love me some DJ Teach music =)
    8:30 and 9:30 classes are looking pretty full for the next two days.
    Welcome to ACF, Rick Church!

  5. FPR

    24:28 (Rx)
    Great energy this morning at 830am!!
    Happy Thanksgiving and HBD AO and LA!

  6. Aimee

    Thanksgiving driveway wod
    5 hand release burpees
    10 double unders
    15 kettle bell swings (53/35)
    ~40m 12-15% grade hill sprint
    Aimee 10’52”
    Tyler 12’26”
    Happy Thanksgiving ACF!! See you Monday.

  7. Billdozer

    44:36(RX+20# vest) I knew exactly what I was getting myself into with the 20# vest so i’m not too disappointed with the time. This is one where I was just glad to finish. We should do coach battle WODs more often, great job to my fellow coaches. Just lettin you know, I like tomorrow’s a whole lot more than today.

  8. Aimee

    5 rounds for time on the Thanksgiving driveway wod! Forgot that part…

  9. Nisha

    5 Mile Sugarland Turkey Trot
    54:18 clock time (am hoping chip time gets me a sub 54 as I was about mid/end of start pack)
    Happy Thanksgiving to all…

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    33:46 rx Wow..I thought I might not finish when I could barely get thru the first round. I think those extra 50 chest to bar pull ups I did yesterday had an affect on me. Fatigue.
    Great job Logan, Brant, Tara and everyone else who showed up for this one. Happy thanksgiving to everyone. I’m grateful for this box, the great coaching staff we have here, my fellow crossfitters and the wonderful community we have.

  11. mario c

    mario c 23: 33 Chief Scale – 4 rds of 10 – 10 – 25 – 5.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

  12. T.I. (Kenny)

    31:58(RX+20#Vest). Thanks for pushing me and counting every single one of my reps Juan!
    Happy Thanksgiving ACF and Happy Birthday L.A. and A.O. I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.

  13. Silverback

    39:02 (Rx + 20# Vest)
    Fun times with the other Coaches @ the crack of dawn.
    Also had fun coaching the 9:30 class. Everyone gave it their all for the entire WOD, as evidenced by visits from “pukie” to two of our athletes.

  14. Teach

    I think I paced myself a little too much…still had some in the tank when I was done…oh well, lesson learned!
    Good times with the coaches this morning! Billy needed some Kesha to get going so I was happy to oblige 🙂
    Happy Turkey day everyone!

  15. chrissy c

    (Chrissy Scale: 4 rounds – 10 burpees/15 thin white band pull ups/25 push ups/75 squats).
    Shouldn’t have waited for Playboy to start the last 75 squats – I could have majorly kicked his butt by like, ummm, uhhh, by like 2 seconds!
    Gobble, gobble, gobble!

  16. dianna

    HBD L.A. and A.O.
    I didn’t make the WOD today and everyone is glad they didn’t have to wait for me to finish.
    Went downtown to the parade instead.
    See ya’all in the a.m. for the BlackFriday WOD!

  17. Juan (BB4)

    34:58 (TX+ Vest)
    Great WOD …. nice to workout with all the coaches.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  18. A.O.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.
    Had to show up for the b-day wod. Glad I did. Scale A -19:55