Black Friday Recap

Tim H, owner of Sea City CrossFit, dropped in to catch a WOD.

Above, we took a priceless "mug shot" of DJ Montiehl, athlete from CF Beaumont, who dropped in twice this week.


Our very own Kristina "SheRah",who relocated to Colorado, came back home for the holidays.

It was a packed house this morning and we managed to take a group photo of the later class.

Front Row (Left to Right):  Ben C "RHABd", Natalie C, Michael "Flex", TC, Jen C, Robert "Easy Rider", Ivannah "Black n' Blue", Dianna and Summer "OMG"

Back Row (Left to Right):  Janet B "Speedy J", Coach Daniel, Holly L, Stephanie L "Arnold", Logan, DJ, Juan "BB4", JP "SOS", Coach Billy, Kristina "SheRa" and Crazy Carl

Check out our Flickr Album under Pix N' Vids for more photos.

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