Team up in pairs preferably with someone lifting the weight as you.

For time complete the following:


750m Row (Team Member #1)


3 Rounds:

50 Team alternating Box Jumps (24")(20") – one box per team

40 Team alternating WallBall (20)(14) – one ball per team

30 Team alternating Power Cleans (135)(95) – one bar per team

20 Team alternating Burpees


750m Row (Team Member #2)


*Team alternating means reps must alternate between athletes using one piece of equipment.


Skip Back Squat
Happy Birthday Noel G, aka "Skip" !!

8 Responses to ““Hav-A-Tampa””

  1. Speedy J

    Between a bad shoulder, ankle, foot and potential migrane…we made the best of it. Fun WOD!!

  2. Logan

    Aforementioned tickets are free – hanging out at a football game with me is the only (yet some might say significant) cost of admission.

  3. Gab

    I Made this WOD alone and I substitute the rowing by helyptical (2 times 0.46mi). Hard, but fun workout. Though, I did a disapointing 63:14 Rx.

  4. Noel (SKIP or SNIPER)

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes. It sucks that I had to work on my Birthday, but that how life works.