“One World Order”

(WOD courtesy of CrossFit One World)

(FYI: A round of "Cindy" is equal to 5 pull-ups/10 push-ups/15 air squats)

Complete the following for time:

10 Power Clean & Jerk (135)(95)
    1 round of Cindy
9 Power Clean & Jerk
    1 round of Cindy
8 Power Clean & Jerk
   1 round of Cindy
7 Power Clean & Jerk
    1 round of Cindy
6 Power Clean & Jerk
   1 round of Cindy
5 Power Clean & Jerk
   1 round of Cindy
4 Power Clean & Jerk
   1 round of Cindy
3 Power Clean & Jerk
  1 round of Cindy
2 Power Clean & Jerk
  1 round of Cindy
1 Power Clean & Jerk
  1 round of Cindy

Post results to comments.

Here's another episode from our favorite Mobility SME, K-Star.

Rad roller
Try the Rad Roller  or you can always make your own out of two lacrosse balls.

48 Responses to ““One World Order””

  1. Teach

    16:52 (Rx)
    Nice morning with the Pacemakers today! It was so nice and humid 🙂
    Way to work hard Skip and finish.
    Juan – thanks for pacing with me!! You kept me going 🙂 I thought you were going to beat me…

  2. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Fun times with the Thundercats!!!
    23:16 (65#)
    800 m run post WOD with the power couple Famelicious and Marlon:)

  3. Billdozer

    19:02(RX-C2G) Felt good until the rounds of Cindy started coming at me faster.

  4. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    23:49 (85#)
    Felt lethargic coming into the WOD but that quickly went away. Hahaha. Great workout, tough to keep picking that bar up but that was half the fun. Did all the sets of pull-ups unbroken too. 🙂 Awesome job, 9:30!

  5. Noel (SKIP or SNIPER)

    40:00 (105#, Green Band, KPU) – I cried, I pouted, and even kicked and screamed; but y’all didn’t let me give up. Thanks for the support, the yelling, and counting.

  6. dianna

    75#, 2″band for 2rds then RR. KPU x7rds.
    thanks Coach Daniel and assorted sympathetic onlookers.

  7. Junior

    band pull ups
    Thanks Juan for being my personal encourager! Thank Beth for not telling me to fix my ROM and making Juan do it because I would have given you the look of death! Love ya sister!! 🙂

  8. Teach

    Ramrod you just had to go and beat me by 3 seconds!
    Junior – it’s like an unwritten rule…you can’t correct family members. They lack the moral restraint to not slap you in the face 🙂

  9. Silverback

    18:59 (Rx)
    Trying to remember what I liked about this one. Oh yeah, I liked the sound my barbell made when it hit the ground after every single rep…

  10. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    28:43 (95)
    Partly paying for post-Thanksgiving partying; partly throttling back to concentrate on technique.
    Ramrod, many thanks for keeping an open eye and suggesting adjustments!

  11. Bobo

    20:15 RX.
    choosing to do the thanksgiving wod yesterday wasn’t very wise. came home to roost on this one. hehe.

  12. Chrissy C

    24:32 (50#, thin white band)
    One day, push ups will be my friend.
    Good WOD!

  13. mario c

    mario c 28:07 SCALED the rounds to 7 – 1; Also scaled Cindy 5/10/5
    65# C&J
    static pull ups
    hand release pushups
    wall squats

  14. FPR

    16:52 (Rx)
    Nice competition with Ramrod!!
    Beth, I was really trying to beat him!! haha…
    Awesome job Thundercats!!

  15. Nicole Disco D:)

    20:11 (45,purple band, kpu)
    I was able to do a whole wod pullup with band asst.

  16. Ramrod

    FPR – it’s always a pleasure doing battle 🙂
    Teach – 🙂

  17. Bitchy Eggroll

    22:59 (55,kpu,white band)
    Man.. I felt pukie wookie today! I think I was thinking about all the food I ate this weekend.
    Thundercats looked great!
    Billy… Billy.. Billy…Billy…. Your hair… Never do that again… 🙂

  18. Alice S.

    24:29- #45, kpu-9 rds, white band
    Great job thundercats!!!
    Thanks G and Ramrod!!

  19. Speedy J

    15:01 (Rx) good WOD…felt like I was running from Carl and TC the way we started..thanks guys!!

  20. CrazyCarl

    18:30 (Rx) C2G
    Speedy J is sooo fast. Impossible to keep up with.
    Thanks for the big push Hernan. It wouldn’t have been so painful without a bearded man forcing me to keep moving.

  21. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    28:27 (95#, Black Band)
    Felt like someone punched me in the stomach in round 6. No wind. Sleepy time. Thanks for the push G.

  22. Gina

    23:38 (76, knee, gr band)
    set a goal beforehand to do all reps of Cindy unbroken, & I did it. Also tried to break rounds 10-5 in 1/2. Didn’t always work, but definitly less rest stops than last week!
    G, thanks for muscle help – the knee feels better

  23. B Jules

    24:15 (75#, thin white band)
    Thanks for pushing me to go heavier G!!
    Great job tonight Nisha with 85#!!!!

  24. HTB

    22:25 (105)
    Weather was great and so was the crowd. Way to keep moving on those last rounds Carl.

  25. T-REX

    19:48(Rx) +500m run post wod, 30GHD, and practiced DUs. I loved this wod =)

  26. Nisha

    29:53 (85#, green band)
    That was one of those WODs that I wish I could get a redo on since my form felt so much better at the end than it did at the beginning..but guess that doing only 1 clean/jerk at the end versus the 10 in the beginning was probably the key for feeling better 🙂
    Thanks Jules..can’t wait until I can attack the PU bar like you do 🙂

  27. TC

    Speedy J and Crazy Carl were just to much to night!!!
    Ok so Saturday Dec, 4th Jen and I will be hosting a tacky christmas sweater party to say good bye to one of our own Aimee P. as she will be heading back to Atl soon. The party will start around 830 or 900 pm we will snack, some beer, and some hard alcohol. We ask that you BYOB, but feel free to bring whatever or whomever you would like!!! Please note that there will be a prise for the tackiest sweater. If you need directions or have questions feel free to call me 281-889-0140.

  28. Ruel

    good work out.. Nice group 0930… Thanks for 0830 peeps that hang around to cheer on us….

  29. G

    22:07 (Rx, C2G except for last 2 rounds). Fun battle in the back room amongst the aarp gangsta at 5pm! Great working out next to you again Arnold! Our group tonight most certainly skew the fitness curve of our age group, haha!

  30. G

    Good to see Gary B, Schubert, Lopez, Ami D, Fred D, Tara, Breeden, Chi, HD, Vanessa, Bill G, Aimee, Nisha, Joe F, Monique back in action!
    Skip, nice new Nike lift shoes!
    Gina, muscle tightness can lead to lots of issues. Glad you talked to me about it and good to know you got it worked out.
    AO, your gas tank is improving.
    B-Jules, you are getting stronger and the way to get even stronger is going heavy without compromising the time too much. Keep up the good work!
    Good push till the end Drew!
    All classes tonight worked hard!

  31. Steve

    22:33 85# first time to do kips! Enjoyed this workout. Thanks to Grace for helping with form on the clean and jerk.

  32. G

    Steve, yes I saw those single kips. They were all legit starting from a dead hang and not a push off the ground and your chin clearly over the bar. Congrats on the milestone! It’s about time =)