“Hold The Bacon?”

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes perform:

Row (150m)(100m)
5 OHS (115)(75)
12 Sit-ups


Post results to comments.


HeatherD beach bash 2010
Happy Birthday HeatherD, aka "HD"! Check out her amazing transformation (Download BeforeAfter_HD).

Chad M rower
Happy Birthday Chad M!

Billdozer clean4
Happy Birthday Coach Billy, aka "Billdozer"!  Check this out (Download Billdozer Clean).

52 Responses to ““Hold The Bacon?””

  1. B Jules

    Happy Happy Bday HD, Chad, and Billy!!!!
    Amazing photos Heather! You are truly an inspiration!

  2. Silverback

    HBD HD, Billy & Chad!!
    What can I say, I want to be just like you when I get to be your age Billy.

  3. Bullhorn

    happy birthday to my taco stand BFF, also happy birthday to heather, if i could i would take you to riverbend in your home town of matagorda.

  4. Lauren

    Happy birthday Heather, Billy and Chad!!
    Hoping to be back in the box today.

  5. T.I. (Kenny)

    Happy Birthday HD, Chad and Billy. I hope each of you have an awesome day!

  6. Billdozer

    10rds(135#) Good WOD, took a while to warm up today. Thank you all for the bday wishes, and happy birthday to chad and heather. The only bonus about being so old now is that I get to use the Silverback method of counting reps, masters division here I come.
    Cal, my only wish for my bday is you, me and the taco stand tomorrow night.

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HD, Billy & Chad!
    10 rds (95#)
    Post WOD 5 sets of 5 OHS(115#)
    1st MUSCLE UP!!! Yes!
    Much thanks to Coach Daniel for the instruction and encouragement.

  8. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    HBD everyone. Heather, you look hot. Billy, not so much…

  9. Khara

    Happy Birhtday ya’ll!!!
    10 RDS (65#)
    Great to be back after the holiday!!

  10. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Birthday celebrants!!!!
    10rnds (45)
    That’s awesome Easy Rider! Congrats!
    800 m run post WOD with Khara:)

  11. SpeedyJ

    HBD all, enjoy your day! Heather, nice photos – good job!

  12. Bullhorn

    Billy, tomorows tacos stand is going to be extra spicy. stacey bring your best ugk for the radio please!!

  13. Shelly

    Happy birthday everyone!
    Robert, sorry, I didn’t realize that was your 1st one. I caught part of it. Congrats!
    Thank you Nicole for keeping me company while waiting on my bro.
    10 rounds, 35#.
    PS – someone was a peppy eggroll today! Enjoy your treats!

  14. Barbella

    10 rds 45# (too heavy, U-G-L-Y OHS, will work on these)
    Happy Birthday’s!!

  15. mario c

    mario c – 10 rds – scaled: 100 row; 2 OHS (#15); crunches

  16. Jen C

    Happy Birthday Heather, Chad and Billy! Have a fabulous day!
    Wish I could have made it this morning but I have finally come down with the seasonal cold that has been going around. Hope to be back by the end of the week…

  17. Ralph/Slim

    HBD guys…more years to all of you!!!
    Can’t wait to go back at the BOX…feels like I have been away forever.

  18. Ramrod

    Happy birthday guys!
    Nice work easy rider all it takes is a little practice.
    10rds @ 125

  19. Bitchy Eggroll

    HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!
    10 rds at 45.
    I should have listened to Billy. 45 was light. I underestimated myself. I thought the row and sit ups were going to slow me down, but it didn’t. Or maybe I just had special powers today because of the coffee.
    Billy: You are should not doing OHS like an old guy. Dude, you rocked it! But you did look like leap frog doing it though. Good thing you had plenty of room!

  20. The Nomad

    Happy B-day Heather, Chad, & Billy.
    10 Rds (75) – Good to partner with 007 today.

  21. FPR

    Happy Birthday HD, Billy and Chad!
    Awesome job on the Muscle Up, Robert!!
    10 Rds (Rx)

  22. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Philip!
    Good job on your baseline tonight Matt H!
    Congrats on your milestone Easy Rider! It’s very inspiring!
    Good to see Old Hickory, Macho, Will M, Logan, Dawn, Justin, 007, LA, Rocky Top, Vanessa, Kaylynn and Patti back in action!
    HTB, the prescribed weight looked really good until your right wrist gave out on you. Next time taping it will help.
    Hope your knee feels better Aimee.
    Mimi, aren’t you glad you came back tonight to work the kink out?!
    Will M, the towel drill will be making it’s way to the box =)
    TC, I will be there on Saturday for the tacky sweater and going away get together for Aimee. Probably coming late.
    One more, ACF’s Christmas Party is on Friday, Dec. 17th, Please RSVP via the link on the gift icon on the right side bar. We will need a head count by the Wednesday before. Thanks everyone!

  23. TC

    I really like this one i think I could have done 5 maybe 10 more rounds!!!
    10 rounds 135#
    Happy Birthday guys!!!!
    Saturday night 830 or 9 pm at my house tacky sweater / c you later Aimee P party!!! ( by the way Aimee needs a nickname to take back to ATL). Bring whatever or whomever you would like, and byob!!! Let send Aimee off right!!!

  24. Natalie

    Happy Birthday Heather, Chad and Billy!
    10 rds (40#)
    Great work Brant! Thanks for the motivation!

  25. Gab

    Happy birthday guys…
    10 rds and I had always a 30 seconds to rest between them. I’ll try it later with 135# load.

  26. Alice S.

    Happy Birthday Billy, Chad and Heather…Hope you all had a great one..More to come!!!