‘Drag The Bag”

For Time:

100 Wall Ball (20)(14)

25 Back Squats (135)(115)

150 Double-Unders

800m Sandbag Carry (70)(50)


Post results to comments.

Megan T
Happy Birthday Megan T!

38 Responses to “‘Drag The Bag””

  1. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Megan.
    The world has fallen and is sitting on my head.’Got no time for this booger,it needs to take a hike.
    Got no bacon,put this bully in the bag.Let the frog croak as you drag.

  2. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    HBD Megan!
    Rest day for me 🙂
    Have a great workout everyone!!!!!

  3. Bullhorn

    my mind and dbl unders are in a battle with each other everytime.

  4. Silverback

    17:08 (Rx)
    Heated battle with Easy Rider, TI and Ramrod. Was able to sneak past Daniel on the SB run.

  5. Alice S.

    Another very tough WOD!!!
    I am not sure how I survived…
    23:23- #6WB, 65#, para… Long way to go for me….
    Good job 0830 peeps!!!
    Thanks G!!!
    Happy Birthday Megan!!! Enjoy your day!!!

  6. Bobo

    19:14 RX
    epic battle today with Logan.
    tough wod. contemplating curling up under my desk for the remainder of the day.
    Happy Birfday Megan.

  7. Bitchy Eggroll

    Happy Bday Megan!
    23:39 (6#wb, 75#, 25# sandbag)
    damn double unders! My thighs felt heavy after the wall ball and squats!

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    26:33 (DU attempts) Heated battle with Silverback, TI and Ramrod until the Double Unders, then I got left behind, even with the scaling. DU are my biggest weakness, but I will get better eventually.
    Thanks G for coming up with scaling, my heal seems ok, not as harsh as lateral jumps on the p*****itus.

  9. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy Birthday Megan!
    30:43 (14# WB, 95#BS, DU attempts)
    This one sucked. I’m not a fan of anything on this WOD. Perfect!

  10. JohnnyB

    27:42 RX
    Sandbag carry -just like I’m walking from San Antonio to Houston!!
    Thanks Coach G, Speedy J & Michael!!! LOL
    T-Rex- good job!!

  11. FPR

    19:36 (14# WB)…Sandbag run was more like a shuffle
    Couldn’t keep up with Silverback and Ramrod today!
    Great job thundercats!!

  12. Gina

    22:45 (10, 95, 50du attempts/150 lat jump)
    loved the WOD – needed to work on all of these and the run wasn’t as bad as I feared!
    Thanks Jim for the weight reality check!

  13. S'Nash

    Prego Wod per Jim
    15 weighted step ups (18in, 20#)
    25 Ring rows
    200m brisk walk
    Step-ups started at 25reps as well but Jim saw me struggling and the baby did not appreciate that move at all! Glad I got moving today!

  14. G

    22:34 (Rx) – Thanks Coach Daniel.
    Nice meeting our newest newbie, Philip, at noon today! He’s all drunk with the kool-aide. Yes, in CrossFit the weights become heavier than they would be in a regular gym because of the combination of our movements. Welcome aboard!
    Jim, I was seriously thinking of “Dragging the Bag” today per the WOD’s name.

  15. G

    Good to see Justin C, Wingman, Dble J and Schubert, Richard back in action!
    FPR and Famelicious, 14#WB is Rx’d
    4pm was very eventful when Schubert was shuffling through the alley until JohnnyB gave him a run for his money! That was a 70# sandbag 100m sprint between the two! Good job guys!
    Awesome to see everyone work hard on opening up their knees to track over the toes and not inside especially on the wallball shots!

  16. G

    Good to see S’Nash back in action! Baby is getting big but you still look fabulous =)
    Easy Rider, good to know your heal didn’t flare-up.

  17. T-REX

    29:41? – 14WB, 115BS, 150DU Attempts, 50SB. I finished WB and BS before the guys, but those frickin DUs and SB took prob close to 20mins. Thx Speedy J for running w/ me and G for that last push. DUs and SB run can suck it

  18. Billdozer

    17:10(RX) Tough and fun all at the same time, thought i had it under 17 min but that 800m was brutal.
    Good to be back at the taco stand tonight! I will be more energetic next week Cal.

  19. TC

    I didnt get to the box today, but Hernan and I did do the Memorial park trail today, and Hernan kept me moving through all three miles!!! Thanks H to the B!!! It was not fast but I did all of it without stopping.

  20. Speedy J

    19:19 (Rx)..was on 120 wall balls when Jim asked me how many I was doing..oops, mixed it up with DU’s. Sandbag beat me up..felt your pain Judy, dropped her a couple times..even walked a bit..as always, great WOD!

  21. chrissy c

    Had to work – really sorry I missed those 100 wallballs!! Ok, seriously, I did do work in my garage, supervised by the Chief (who, BTW is a tyrant!! LOL) – pull ups, push ups, front squats, cleans and the heavy bag. Now Chief knows just how uncoordinated I really am after watching me interact with that punching bag!! 🙂

  22. Ruel

    30:41(14wb,105bs, 50sb)
    This one really tough on my shoulder and back… Don’t worry G, I iced it right away… Good work out!!! Thanks Coach Daniel for the push.. Awesome job 0930 group ….
    Happy birthday Meagan!!!

  23. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    In a completely girly post, I’d just like to inform everyone that I’ve just gone jeans shopping. In my little sister’s closet. I’m down two jeans sizes and I’m not gonna lie, it’s ridiculously gratifying. Thanks CrossFit!
    Okay, I’m done. As you were. 🙂

  24. G

    Wow Ivannah!!! Awesome! Your consistent hard work is paying off! Now you know what I really mean when I say I’m seeing less and less of you nowadays, haha!