“Happy Hour”

2 person teams


6 Rounds For Time


Max reps pushups


100 M barbell carry in ‘port arms’ position (45/35)

Push press (45/35)

100 M barbell carry in ‘port arms’ position (45/35)

GHD situps

Weighted box step up (20")(50/40)


Deduct amount of pushups completed from 60 to determine reps to be accomplished on push press, GHD, and step ups.

One person working at a time.

Teammates alternate rounds on the pushups. All other exercises are divided up in any way between teammates.


"Port Arms" position – dedicated to all the women in the U.S. military.  Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our beloved country.

5 Responses to ““Happy Hour””

  1. Billdozer

    29:47(RX) Great working with Jim, I let us down on my second set of Push ups, on the plus side, I did break 30 twice. Nice large group this saturday, always fun.

  2. Macho

    Great working with the mighty Dozer today. He truely is a legend in the making.

  3. G

    29:55 (Rx) awesome partnering with FPR. 30 was my max pushups on all 3 rounds. Freakin’PR did 40,40 THEN 60!! Kaboom!!
    I can only imagine how our service men/women carry them, plus their mags, other weaponry, sacks, radios, boots and all and haul their arses in the line of duty. Thanks for the tips Whiskey!
    Great to see Arnold back in action!
    Welcome to ACF Jason Zamora!!!

  4. Silverback

    Don’t remember our time, although we finished 2nd to Whiskey & Jason. Had fun teaming up with Bryan.

  5. T-REX

    Forgot our time too, but once again partners w/ my girl April. We need to make sure we understand the rules before the wod, rather than figuring it out mid-wod! sorry abt my shady PUs