Benchmark WOD: “Diane”

"Diane" – HSPU Rx only
Rounds of 21-15-9 Reps For Time:
Deadlift (225) (155)
HSPU (no scaling)

Compare to 100413.

Alternate WOD (if no HSPU as Rx'd):
5 Rounds for time

10 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
10 Push Press (65% BW)

Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Kendra!  Hope your birthday cruise was fun!

62 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Diane””

  1. Jen C

    Happy Birthday Kendra!
    I hope to get back to the box this week…this cold is lasting a lot longer than I want! Go away already!

  2. Teach

    Happy Birthday Kendra!
    Sorry I missed this one this morning with the Pacemakers! I woke up at 5:30, so as punishment for oversleeping I made myself run 3 miles in the cold. I actually ran the fastest 3 miles that I’ve run in a while!
    Just an FYI – Junior and I are trying to go grain-free & low sugar the month of December (and hopefully beyond). You can read our blog and make fun of our poor writing skills if you want some entertainment 🙂

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:28 RX
    HBD Kendra! Good 8:30 class.

  4. Silverback

    11:24 Rx
    The wall & I became good friends this morning as I spent a fair amount of time with it.

  5. dianna aka dianne

    Sooo wishin I could make it today-tho it would be hella scaled.

  6. Keith Fogle

    Alt Wod: 13:14
    DL 171# (BW+5)
    PP 105# (63% BW)
    Thanks to G and Silverback for the push & encouragement!
    HBD Kendra!

  7. Alice S.

    Happy Birthday Kendra!!!
    6:38 -Alt 105#, 35#
    Thanks Ramrod!!!
    You are awesome with “Diane”
    Thanks G!!!
    Good job 0830 peeps!!!

  8. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy Birthday, Kendra!
    8:34 (Alt Workout 135#DL, 85#PP)
    Awesome Monday workout. Great job, 9:30!

  9. Billdozer

    5:40(205,135) Alternate WOD for me today, but that one was no laughing matter. Did the first two in 1:10 then it got tiring.
    Happy Birthday Kendra!

  10. MasterG

    8:11- Alt – 165#, 85#
    DL is being friendly with me now…. Feels better!!!
    A short but a good one for a chilly Monday morning!!!!
    Good job 0830 and 0930 peeps!!!
    Welcome back Slim!!!

  11. Ralph/Slim

    10:08 ALT WOD (DL-155;PP-85)
    First WOD after 2 weeks, not fun. First 2 rounds was fast, and then PP started slowing things down. Good to be back.
    Have a great day Kendra!

  12. Will

    Alt WOD (225/135) 9:38… Hellacious alternate, can’t wait to get to the Rx for everyday WODs.

  13. Bullhorn

    Billy i am very upset you are avoiding me today. BFF’s dont ignore each other.

  14. heatherd

    HBD Kendra.
    Sorry to miss another WOD…still nursing my back and it cannot handle these deadlifts…blah:(

  15. ingrid

    No Diane for me today.
    Looks like the flu virus has won in the long struggle.
    No box is worse than having the virus.
    I heard G’s voice saying “tight core” and “go heavy today” in my sleep.
    See ya’ll in the future

  16. SpeedyJ

    HBD Kendra!
    7:39 (155/95)..did 21-15-9..oops Skip tried to tell me but I was to deep into a zone, wonder what the 5 extra reps would have done with less rest required?? What is the theory on the 5rds, 10 rep? Tempted to do it over to see my time…
    Impressed by you Rx’ers…maybe someday..

  17. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Kendra!
    9:06 rx.
    still working that nasty habit of pulling my right foot off the wall too soon.

  18. Gab

    happy birthday Kendra
    7:53 rx
    Good WOD and nice job guys.

  19. Barbella

    KENDRA – Happy Bithday Girl!
    9:48 (115#,70#)
    These are not BW calcs…puhlease.

  20. FPR

    5:39 (Rx)….great battle with Ramrod…even though I was in my zone today
    about 3:30 faster than last time in April!
    Great job Thundercats!!!

  21. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    8:37(alt WOD – BW DL 120,50%PP @ 60)
    thank so much G!!!
    Johnny B – thanks for keeping me in line:)

  22. CrazyCarl

    11:38 Rx “diane”
    HSPU’s served me up. Great to workout with T.I. and The Wolverine… both of whom kicked my ass at this wod. Thanks G for the coaches push.

  23. T.I. (Kenny)

    6:43 RX
    I blew out my arms/shoulders doing the first 21 HSPU unbroken. Oh well. I know not to do that next time. Thanks for keeping me moving T-Rex. Same here Crazy Carl.
    Happy Birthday Kendra!

  24. Kendra

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.  After celebrating the big 3-0 (perhaps a bit too much), I got a nice welcome-back-slap-in-the-face workout…………14:06 alternate wod (115, 65). Cheers to another decade!

  25. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Again Happy Birthday Kendra!
    500m run pre WOD with Johmny B
    800m run post WOD with T-Rex
    (sorry Gina:( next time ill look for u)

  26. T-REX

    11:37? (RX) Alt WOD. thx TI, nice strategy on the things you said to motivate me! Thx G! +800m run w/ ZenJen (we need to do this everytime!)

  27. Bitchy Eggroll

    Happy Bday Kendra.
    6:40 alternate WOD (durhhhh) (115 dl, 55 pp)
    Fam: thanks for the push…
    My dead lift was not looking pretty toasted the end.
    Had a lot of fun with the Thundercats as always.
    Danielle: we promise to leave the coaching to u for now on. Lolololol

  28. TC

    HBD Kendra!!!
    Alt WOD
    Push Press: 95 (hurt my shoulder)

  29. G

    28:08 (Rx) – A definite OFF day, although the DLs were unbroken and they felt really good! Somehow, I managed to get greedy on the first round on HSPUs and pretty much wiped my shoulders for the second and third rounds.
    Special thanks to The Nomad, Wolverine and Crazy Carl for being there…Toddsky for encouraging from afar….and the rest of the class on the last rep. Thanks Coach Billy!
    Diane is a humbling experience!

  30. mario c

    During the pre WOD warm up, Ramrod overheard me telling Flex that I had just taken a couple long pulls of my Geritol tonic out in my turck and that I was now thinking about doing the HSPU’s double vested! He said that he would rather I not since it would make too many of the elite athletes look bad. Not wanting to make anybody look bad I naturally decided to stand down and instead I scaled the scaled WOD, hehe!
    mario c 9:30 scaled the Dead lifts to 5 per per round at #95; PP #75;

  31. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Blake R and welcome back Zamora on your 2nd WOD (you seem so into it today yelling at the barbell already, haha!
    Good to see Young Blood, Cody, Jason C, Rene F, Kate O, Gary B, HeatherV, Agent O, Gina, Contra, Joe F, Tank back in action!
    Ben K, I like CAPT better than the other P.T., however, El Capitan suits you best =)
    Way to kill your time FPR!
    TC and Speedy J, you guys should unload this week and ease back slowly next week.

  32. Lauren

    Happy bday Kendra!
    13:(15??) – (alt wod; 110lb, 55lb) Lucky for me my bodyweight isn’t much to deadlift. Went down to half bw push presses though, it kept me moving.

  33. G

    Slim, good to see you back in action!
    TI, Wolverine and Crazy Carl had a good battle with Diane today. Way to stick with the hspu, Hernan The Barbarian! Same goes for Macho! Nice!

  34. Noel (SKIP or SNIPER)

    12:?? (185/95) It was fun. Thank-you Speedy J for hanging about to cheer me on, hopefully I didn’t make you late.
    I see that my Romaleos have caused an uproar in the box. Maybe we should find someone that’ll do a group buy.

  35. Ramrod

    I also wanted to give a shout out to logAn for doing his level 1 in San Antonio. Congrats man.

  36. HTB

    13:45 Diane
    Thanks for the help G. Agent O thanks for keeping me moving.

  37. Wolverine

    9:??(rx) hspu got very challenging after round one.Good job all @ 4:00!No way to keep up w/ Kenny on this one.Grace you still finished each and every rep!You are a DL machine Gina. HBD Kendra!

  38. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    8:28 (225#, 95#)
    Right back at you HTB. I would have been 4 minutes slower without you howling at me. So, thanks. I think.

  39. dub

    5:55(rx)…thanks for the pointers durdy and g. really helped me save my shoulders.

  40. The Nomad

    Happy birthday Kendra!
    14:06 (Rx) Diane
    Wow,I beat Bullhorn, Easy Rider, and Jim! That will never happen again….but, I’m enjoying it now.

  41. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Nomad, congrats,..and you also beat Billy and Todd today as well.

  42. Billdozer

    Good hard work tonight by all! It’s nice to see all our newbies coming in and making nice progress. Diane is a tough Benchmark, congrats to everyone who got the RX today.
    Easy Rider, thanks for pointing that out, Todd and I appreciate it. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure double unders will come around sometime soon for Toddzilla and I.

  43. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Billy, no offense meant to you and Todd. It was more about beefing up the amazement level on Nomad’s WOD performance, and that in a given WOD, depending on strength and weaknesses, anybody can beat anybody, which can often be mind blowing.
    I was trying to increase the ‘mind blowing’ effect:) Having said that, I can also understand that might feel like a sting to you, despite my intentions. Many pardons and I’ll be more aware of that in the future.

  44. Billdozer

    Easy Rider, no worries, It takes a lot to offend me. You are correct, any given day, anything can happen. That’s the fun part about working out at ACF, there’s always a new challenge. I love me some good message board banter, so no need to apologize. Todd on the other hand, Although gruff and muscular on the outside is a big softie, someone might need to check on him today.